The Harcesis Child

A/N: This is an attempt at Stargate. We all saw Shifu, Apoohis and Shar'e's harcesis, but what if there were others and not all of them have their memories from a Gouald as there are also Tok'Ra as well. And what if one particular Harcesis was raised by a member of SG-1.

Prologue and Chapter 1- Left and Taken Away

The mother felt tears stream down her face as she left her youngling on the steps of a building on the planet occupied by a race called the Taur'i. Norinna had been perfectly sedated and would quickly forget who she really was, but that wasn't any easier for Rosha or Jolinar as they left her behind. Jolinar told her it would be for the best as the Gouald would kill her as Norinna had the memory of Lantash. Of course the top concern was her and Jolinar telling their mates what they had done with their daughter. Martouf, Rosha's mate would understand, but Lantash, who was Jolinar's would not as all four of them claimed Norinna as their daughter.

Rosha touched her sleeping daughter's face, feeling a fresh well of tears slide down her cheeks. "Forgive me, Norinna. No matter what happens, know that me, Jolinar, Martouf, and Lantash love you. No matter what happens my love for you will never die. And you will find your way back to me, Jolinar, and your fathers," Rosha said, covering her sleeping daughter with a pink silk shawl and caressing her tiny face one last time, walked away.

Laura O'Neill sat on the roof with her father, Jack, looking at the stars. It had been over a year since Charlie, her brother had died by accidentally shooting himself with their father's gun. Her father was a lot better than he had been, but every now and then he was touched by melancholia when he was thinking of Charlie. Laura always liked looking at the stars. They looked so peaceful and perfect and if Laura could touch one she would. Laura looked down as some men came up the ladder that she and her father had put on the side of the house.

"Colonel Jack O'Neill?" A man with a high rank on his Air Force uniform asked as Jack looked through his telescope.

"Retired," Jack said as he twisted the knob to get a closer look at the constellation for Orion.

"I'm Major Samuels," the man said by way of an awkward introduction.

"Air Force?" Jack asked.

"Yes Sir. I'm the General's executive officer," Major Samuels said.

"Want a little piece of advice, Major? Get "Reassed" to NASA. That's where all the action's gonna be- out there," Jack said.

"I'm uh, under orders to bring you to see General Hammond, Sir," Samuels said.

"Never heard of him," Jack said.

"He replaced General West. He says it's important. Has to do with the Stargate," Major Samuels said ominously. The Stargate? Jack had told her about the mission to Abydos with Daniel Jackson over a year ago, but he had said that Dr. Jackson had buried the 'Gate after they had destroyed someone named Ra. But if Daniel had buried the 'Gate, why was it opened now? Apparently Jack wondered the same thing.

"Can I bring my kid? She knows about the Stargate. I never could lie to her about my missions and she has never told anyone what I do," Jack said, wrapping his arm around Laura's shoulders.

"If we can trust her, she can come," Samuels said as they got off the roof and drove to Cheyenne Mountain. Cheyenne Mountain was a hotspot of gossip and speculation in Colorado Springs. Only Laura and a handful of others knew what it really was. They drove past a guard with a machine gun and got on the elevator going to a lower level. Jack signed, followed by Laura. Laura's cursive was sloppy for a 12-year-old, but she hated writing her name in cursive.

"We have to take a second elevator the rest of the way, Sir. It's a long way down," the aide said as they went to the elevator.

"Yeah, I know. I've been here before," Jack said as they went in.

"Ah, of course," the aide said as the doors closed.

They then walked down a long carpeted hallway to where Samuels stood. "This way, Sir," Samuels said, leading them into an office where an older, balding man sat at a desk with a red phone beside him.

"General Hammond, Colonel Jack O'Neill and his daughter, Laura," Samuels introduced them.

"I didn't agree to bringing a little girl here. Sweetheart, how old are you?" Hammond asked, softening his tone to Laura.

"12 years old, Sir," Laura said respectfully. The man reminded her of Admiral Chegwidden on JAG, looked gruff, but firm.

"12 years old. The exact same age of one of my granddaughters," Hammond said incredulously.

"But I do know about the Stargate, Sir. My dad told me," Laura said.

"I'm retired, Sir," Jack said.

"I can see that. Me, I'm on my last tour. Time to start getting my thoughts together, maybe write a book. You ever think about writing a book about your exploits in the line of duty?" Hammond asked.

"I've thought about it, as I'd like to tell someone other than my daughter, but then I'd have to shoot anyone that actually read it. That's a joke, Sir," Jack said after a pregnant silence. "Most of my work the past ten years was classified."

"Yes, of course," Hammond said.

"Major Samuels mentioned something about the Stargate, Sir," Laura said, twisting a brownish-blonde braid in her hand.

"Down to business. I can do that. This way," Hammond said and they followed him out of his office.