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A/N: Apparently no one has come up with this ship before. I got the idea for it from Fallen Shadow69 and doomzoom. This will be a modern AU with faunus. The main pairing is Punk Metal (Reese and Pyrrha), with others making appearances; such as Red Light District (Ruby and Neon) and Useless Lesbians (Weiss and May). Maybe. This is gonna be a one shot that could also be the start of a longer tale.

Fresh Start

Pyrrha Nikos is a name known all across Remnant. The reason is simple to explain, but as complex and misunderstood as the person herself. She is fighting prodigy, a natural martial artist. Ever since her first appearance on the Mixed Martial Arts scene at fourteen, the world has only seen 'Pyrrha Nikos the Invincible Girl.' Even her parents. They had seen her natural talent and sought, not to take advantage of it, but to encourage her to not waste it. They believed that because she was born with such a gift, doing anything else would be wrong. That is not to say they didn't love her, as they did, but more along the lines of not trying to see if Pyrrha herself wanted this kind of life. As she got older, she did get a bit more freedom – but it was usually if it was something her parents agreed with. At sixteen, however, Pyrrha began taking her life into her own hands. She deliberately chose not to attend a party with her sponsors, arousing her parents' ire. When they demanded an explanation, their daughter stunned them by saying she didn't want her life to be about fighting. She didn't like how all anyone saw, when looking at her, was The Invincible Girl. This disagreement would continue for the next two years, until Pyrrha was eighteen – and received a letter in the mail that she had been accepted into Beacon University's medical program.

Needless to say, her parents were beyond shocked and angry about this.

But Pyrrha was one step ahead of her parents. Using all the money from her MMA career, she had set up a place for herself in Vale City, where Beacon was located, and had scheduled a press conference where she then announced her official retirement from the sport as well as her intention to got to a college out of Mistral to pursue a medical degree and career. Needless to say, Mr and Mrs Nikos were not happy.

Punk Metal

"What is the meaning of this, Pyrrha Nikos?" her father demanded that evening, as the family sat around the table for the evening meal. Pyrrha's younger sister, Athyna, was staying silent; while she adored and admired her elder sibling, the last time she'd expressed support for Pyrrha's decision to follow her own path their parents had rather heatedly expressed their 'disapproval.'

"I'm sorry, father, but I had thought it to be rather obvious," Pyrrha politely replied, her gentle tone at odds with her condescending words.

"Respect your father, dear," her mother said, attempting to defuse the argument before it escalated – and failing.

"Respect him, mother? How can I respect him when he has no respect for me as an individual, as a person?" was the redhead's disbelieving reply. Mr Nikos's face reddened in anger, but she pressed on. "All my life, both of you have pushed me to be like this, to be 'The Invincible Girl' all forms of media portray me as! And while you don't see me as a tool for making wealth, you don't see me, either!"

"Sweetie," her mother said, "you were blessed with a gift. It would have been a crime for you to waste it. So, let us now discuss how we can manage the blunder you made with that press conference, as well as rectifying the mistake of deciding on a school out of Mistral and a 'career' that has nothing to do with your talents."

"'Blunder?'" Pyrrha echoed quietly, calmly. "'Mistake?'" The tone of voice, the absolute controlled calm, should have been warning signs. Athyna saw them, and she knew she wasn't exactly the most observant person. So it shocked her that their parents could be so oblivious to an imminent eruption of anger. Her older sister wasn't really one for eruptions of emotion, thanks to the forced politeness she had to maintain. So it was actually a bad sign when she began getting too calm.

"Yes, Pyrrha," her father agreed. "Perhaps we can chalk this up to the naïveté of youth."

"No," she replied, causing both of her parents to look at her sharply.

"Pardon me, young lady?" her father asked, his voice thick with anger.

"I said 'no!'" she snapped, getting sharply to her feet and slamming her palms onto the dining table. "I'm tired of you two deciding my future, placing your goals for my life in me, trying to control my future! And I am especially tired of both of you attempting to marry me off!"

"Now see here-" her mother began, only to get interrupted.

"No, you see here!" Pyrrha continued. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out. In a calmer mood and tone, she said, "You don't understand how I feel about all of this, about being forced to do something I don't really like just because I have a talent for it. These skills could have easily been applied to dance or theatre or even figure skating, not just fighting. I'm tired of doing it professionally, competitively, and at all, really. I am tired of hurting someone and being hurt, of spending hours or days or even weeks healing and recovering from a match or a tournament."

"What makes you think you can just walk away from all of this, Pyrrha?" the Nikos patriarch growled, incensed at his eldest daughter's words and attitude but unwilling to admit he'd lost the battle.

"It is rather simple, father," she told him. "Over the past month I've gotten enough of my winnings and royalties transferred to my name and in accounts only I will be able to access to live comfortably in Vale as well as cover my educational expenses, and my living expenses for the first sixty days while I gain employment." She looked both of her stunned parents in the eyes, making sure they understood she was absolutely serious. "And my romantic life is none of your concern, especially as I'm gay."

"What?! No daughter of mine will be gay!" her father thundered.

"Then I'm no daughter of yours, Mister Nikos," was her quiet retort, the words finally silencing the stubborn and old-fashioned man. "That isn't something I can change, nor do I want to. Especially if my prospects are even remotely like that bigoted racist Cardin Winchester." Pyrrha stepped away from the table and began walking out of the dining room. She stopped in the doorway to look back at her parents. "I intend to follow my heart from now on. I have my stuff already packed, Mister Nikos, so I shall be gone shortly after the breakfast hour tomorrow morning." And then she walked out of the room completely, to go to her old room for one last night in the house she'd been raised in.

Behind her, in the dining room, she had left a proud yet heartbroken little sister and two confused parents who still had not realized the mistakes they had made.

Punk Metal

It had actually been another week before Pyrrha was able to leave Mistral, which she had spent staying with her only genuine friend from Sanctum Academy. Emerald Sustrai could be a bitch at times, and spoke in fluent sarcasm, but she had a low tolerance for bullshit and was honest in a very blunt way. It was something Pyrrha appreciated greatly. The reason she had to stay with Emerald for a week was because she had to wade through a fair bit of red tape to have her citizenship transferred from Mistral to Vale. The Valesean side of the matter was easily accomplished, as the Kingdom of Vale was fairly liberal and accepting society; it was the Mistralian government that was being difficult, as they were reluctant to 'give up' their most famous citizen. Pyrrha had anticipated this – actually, Emerald had and had 'advised' the redhead about it – so her papers and forms were beyond perfect and proper. The approval took so long because the bureaucrats were trying to find something they could object to, even meeting with her face-to-face multiple times, hoping they could talk her out of it. She knew, of course, that it was mainly self-interest that motivated them to make her stay; she also suspected her parents were calling in favors and influence in a vain hope that she'll give up because of the difficulties and delays.

But she didn't back down and now was waiting to board her flight to Vale. Emerald was there to see her off, hiding the fact that she was going to miss her best friend by acting gruff and uncaring about the departure. Pyrrha had made sure the majority of her stuff had been sent ahead to the apartment she had had set up and prepared for her. But in spite of her seeming confidence and unwavering desire to follow her dreams, Pyrrha Nikos was actually afraid. This a huge step for her, a completely unknown direction she was going in. Sure, she knew where she was going and what she was hoping to do, but this was the first thing she had ever done for herself in her own. Such a thing was both exhilarating and frightening.

"Relax, Pyrrha," Emerald said, breaking into her thoughts. "Or I'll kick your ass."

"I'm sorry," the (now) retired fighter replied.

"And would you stop apologizing all of the time?" the chocolate-skinned girl groaned. "I mean, c'mon, seriously? "

"I'm sorry," she said again, making her friend face palm. "Really, I can't help it. I've spent six years having to constantly be polite and absolutely respectful at all times. It's not an easy habit to break."

"You chose this, you know," Emerald reminded her. "You could've stayed in your rut, living with your parents, and being Pyrrha 'The Invincible Girl' Nikos. Stop being such a whiny bitch and woman up." Then the shorter woman slapped the redhead on the ass, making her jump while letting out a yelp. Rubbing the offended part, Pyrrha glared at her but just got a smirk in reply, the merriment in Emerald's red eyes showing she had no remorse for her action. The redhead's glare faded at the unrepentant look and she chuckled.

"What am I going to do without you, Em?" she asked with a smile.

"Get your virgin twat laid, for starters," Emerald replied, chuckling at her friend's blush. Before Pyrrha could make a comeback, the airport's public address system came on.

"Flight One-One-Seven to Vale International now boarding. All passengers please report to Gate H-Four."

"That's me," Pyrrha said, her nerves returning.

"Hey, relax," Emerald grouches. "You're making me uptight. Look, I'll come and visit on the next holiday, alright? Make sure you find at least a good night club or something, alright? Gotta unwind somehow."

"I'll call once I'm settled in," the taller girl promised, giving her best friend one last hug before heading towards her new, if uncertain, future.

Punk Metal

Vale is certainly different, was Pyrrha's first thought upon walking out of the terminal. The architecture was a noticeable difference, looking modern and high tech yet without the strict industrial and somewhat oppressive feel that Atlas, the capital of Mantel, did. It had an open and friendly feel to it, though she could also sense a faint undercurrent of tension in the air. She knew it was probably due to the Schnee Multinational Corporation attempting to make direct inroads into Vale; the article she'd read on the flight had further stated that the principle issue stalling negotiations was the SMC's policies toward and treatment of faunus. The Kingdom of Vale was the only nation in Remnant that made no segregation of, or distinction between, human and faunus. There were still bigots and racists on both sides, of course, but for the most part there weren't a lot of issues.

"Ex-excuse me?" came a timid, soft spoken voice. Brought out of her thoughts, Pyrrha looked to find the source and saw a girl just a little shorter than her – with rabbit ears on the top of her head. A faunus. She had no problems at all if a person was faunus or human, and a genuine smile brightening her face.

"Yes?" she asked, thankful she took Valiction as an elective during her tutoring, though her Mistralian accent still came through.

"Are you Pyrrha Nikos?" the girl asked. "I-I was supposed to meet her after she got of the plane but I was running late and almost forgot and-" Pyrrha stopped her with a hand, her smile still there.

"I'm Pyrrha Nikos," she said, amusement in her voice. "Don't worry about it, I was just my first real view of Vale."

"Are you….new to Vale?"

"In a manner of speaking, Miss….?"

"Oh, I'm sorry! I'm Ve-Velvet Scarletina."

"It's quite alright, Miss Scarletina," she said.

"You can call me Velvet, if you want," Velvet replied.

"Only if you call me Pyrrha. I apologize if I seem rude, but you said you were sent to meet me?" she asked.

"Oh! Right! Um, Professor Ozpin asked me to pick you up from the airport and show you around Vale after you get settled in," the brunette explained.

"That's very kind of him, and you," Pyrrha said. She felt uncomfortable, though, as it felt like she was getting special treatment. But Velvet was good at reading people and saw the other girl's discomfort, so she hurried to reassure her.

"It was actually my suggestion, since I know what it's like to move to a new kingdom and not know anyone," Velvet told her. Pyrrha's guilt slipped away.

"You accent does sound different from what I would expect from a native Valesean," she admitted. Southern Vacuo?"

"Yes, actually," the faunus confirmed, surprised and impressed.

"I did a lot of traveling growing up," Pyrrha said. "Not really by choice, though."

"I did watch some of your fights, but I always got the impression you weren't really happy."

"I wasn't, and immigrating here is the first thing that I've done for myself."

"Well, consider today the start of your life then, Pyrrha," Velvet told her with a smile. "So let's start it off with a basic tour of Vale, shall we?"

Punk Metal"

It had been a week since Pyrrha arrived in Vale City. The semester at Beacon didn't start for another two weeks, which gave the ex-champion more time to get used to the city. Her apartment had been exactly as she'd requested, and she had gotten her classes and financial situation with Beacon University finalized. She had been a bit busy trying to learn where things were, getting food and other items that had to wait until she was actually living in the apartment, and beginning her search for a job. She actually didn't have to have one, not with her current funds, but she needed one if only to keep herself occupied when not dealing with school. It was Friday, though, and she decided today she would follow Emerald's 'advice' and look for some sort of club. She didn't know anything about 'the scene' and hoped she wouldn't blunder.

Right now, Pyrrha was simply walking the streets of Vale and enjoying the rather cool air (Mistral's summer was much hotter than this, its winter more like Vale's fall). She had made sure to supplement her wardrobe, as she knew it would take time for her to adjust to the cooler temperatures. She was actually so deep in her thoughts, so absorbed in the views around her, that wasn't paying attention to what was going on around her. Her first clue that something was wrong was hearing someone shout, "Heads up, lady!" Snapping her head around, Pyrrha saw a girl who looked about her age hurtling towards her on a Dustboard. The other girl was wearing pink long sleeve shirt under a bluish-purple hooded shirt (both of them with their sleeves pushed up to her elbows, and a rather short pair of black shorts. Rounding out her punk-like appearance were a pair of fingerless gloves and a black mark under each eye in the fashion sports players do. A pair of oversized DJ-style headphones hung around her neck, too; what really caught her attention was the girl's teal-colored hair and eyes. All of this impressed itself upon her conscious mind in a heartbeat; adrenaline flooded her system as she and the other girl realized that the latter was too close to avoid her and had no time to swerve around. Right as the girl would have slammed into her and caused some pretty bad damage, Pyrrha avoided her and her board by bending over backwards at the knees. Her eyes were wide as the board passed over her face so closely that she could see every single detail of its lifting surface (she would always swear that it was so close she could see 'Made in Atlas' on the bolt heads). She snapped herself back upright as soon as it was gone.

"Oum's balls!" she heard shouted. Turning around, she saw the boarder swerving back around and dropping off the board. The grin on her face was huge and infectious, and Pyrrha found herself grinning, too. "That was fuckin' awesome! "

"Well, um, thank you," the redhead said humbly, rubbing the back of her neck shyly. "It's, you know, nothing special."

"Are you kidding?! That was beyond badass!" The teal-haired girl held out a hand and said, "Reese Chloris, nice to meet you!"

"Pyrrha Nikos, and same here," she replied, returning the handshake.

"Cool deal, hot stuff," Reese replied, making Pyrrha blush. She dropped her board and hopped on it, activating the Air Dust it was infused with. "Well, Red, I'd like to stay and chat but I've gotta get somewhere so I'll see ya around!" With that, she spun her board around and shot off, leaving Pyrrha standing there staring after her (unknowingly with a lovestruck expression on her face). Only one thought was on her mind right now: I have to see her again.

E/N: And that's my first RWBY fic. This will be either a one-shot (in which case I hope you enjoyed the story) or the start of a longer take (in that case, I hope y'all come back). Regardless, I hope y'all enjoyed reading it.