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Dust and Dance

Reese woke up that morning with a peculiar feeling. She lay on her mattress, staring at the ceiling, trying to figure out why this day felt so different from the others before it. With a groan, she sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. There were moments when she questioned herself about her life, but they weren't too often lately; late nights working in one club or another were par for the course for a popular DJ. It was actually a surprise for her, being that popular and sought after, since back home in Mistral no one had seemed to want her around. Deciding her current train of thought was to heavy for this early in the morning, Reese dragged herself to her feet and stumbled her way towards the kitchen. On her way, she passed by her roommate's open door. She knew she shouldn't, considering what the other did for a living, but morbid curiosity won out. Looking in, she saw the cat faunus was only half under her sheets (fortunately it was her bottom half), and she was curled around someone. Reese would swear it was a kid, except she knew Neon had better standards than to proposition anyone who was underage.

"Seems like this one isn't a client," the turquoise-haired girl softly commented to herself. In small number of years they'd known each other, she had never seen the orange-haired woman bring a client home (she always used a hotel or some other place for her business). Reese took a moment to study her roommate and friend's partner. The girl-looking young woman was slender, and seemed in decent shape. Her hair was black, though it faded into red at the tips. Seeing the way they lay together made the Mistralian smile as she continued to her destination. Finally getting to the kitchen, she went for the good stuff this time (Imported Atlesean Mountain Blend) rather than the cheap local brand. She decided on a full pot this morning, since they had a guest.

"I just hope she doesn't mind that it's a dump," she muttered as she looked around. She wasn't embarrassed that they lived in what was basically the slums, since it was convenient to where they both worked, but more that she wanted to make a good impression. Right as the rich and expensive coffee finished percolating, a thunk alerted Reese to the fact that she had company. Looking over to the doorway, she saw her roommate's guest staggering in. The girl was wearing a black tank top with a pink heart and a pair of white shorts (also with pink hearts).

"What's up?" Reese asked, making the girl squeak and jump in surprise. She chuckled as her guest blushed.

"H-Hello," she replied nervously.

"Relax, kid. I'm Reese, Neon's roomie," she said, extending her hand.

"R-Ruby," the girl replied, returning the handshake.

"How do you take your coffee?"


"Or do you not drink coffee?"

"I-I don't, sorry," Ruby replied; Reese just shrugged.

"Not a problem, kid," she said. "I think there's a carton of chocolate milk in the fridge; Neon likes the stuff."

"That sounds good!" the crimsonette exclaimed, then blushed. The DJ laughed.

"Help yourself," Ruby was told, which she did. After Reese had her coffee the way she liked it, she joined Ruby at the small, barely standing table in the kitchen. "So," she began, "how did you meet Neon?" Ruby did a spit take at the question, her face brighter than her namesakes.

"Wandered into the red light district, eh?" the turquoise-haired woman teased, deepening the girl's blush.

"I got lost, okay?" the crimsonette said defensively. "I've only lived here a few months now." Then she mumbled, "I was only getting cookies."

"That's pretty lost, kid," Reese commented. Then her expression got serious. "Are you dating Neon?" Yet another spit take from the girl.

"Wha-What?" she stammered.

"You are dating her." It wasn't a question this time.

"I-I think we are," was the response.

"You know what she does for a living, right?" Reese asked. The girl's blush was her answer. "Then you should know that this is her safe haven, the place where she isn't seen as a piece of meat for sexual gratification. So let's get one thing straight: she is the only family I have. I consider her a sister, and do my best to look out for her. You break her heart, I can guarantee no one will ever realize your death was not an accident. Understand?" Her only response was a squeak and several fast nods. "Great!" was the cheerful reply. "Now, it's only ten in the morning, and Neon never gets up before noon. You're welcome to explore the place if you wish."

"U-Um, thanks, I guess," Ruby replied.

"Relax, okay?" Reese told her. "We're cool now." She set her mug down, but left the pot on. "I've gotta go, so if you leave be safe heading back to wherever you're staying." With that, she headed back to her room to get dressed; she didn't comment about the scars she had seen on the girl's arms. After all, she knew better than anyone how a simple-looking situation can actually be exceptionally complicated.

Punk Metal

Reese was walking along the streets of Vale, her Dustboard gripped under one arm. She enjoyed walking almost as much as she did boarding. Her thoughts were occupied with Ruby and Neon, considering them. She knew her roommate pretty well by now, though that was an understatement considering how close they were; but she really didn't know anything about her friend's partner beyond her name, appearance, and that she may have had (or is still having) issues. But she obviously means something to Neon, or she wouldn't have brought her home, Reese considered. She let out a sigh and felt her shoulders slump a little. I've never had someone like that, she thought, someone to be with. Not like that. She'd had flings in the past, just a handful, and had been harshly judged for them. By her parents, especially. They had sent her to Haven Academy, one of the top schools in Mistral, and had subsequently been furious with after a few years when she began cutting classes to do 'immature, irresponsible, reckless stupidity,' as they'd put it. They didn't understand, had never understood, the feelings she got from boarding. The knowledge that one mistake would, at best, leave her scraped and bruised.

"Which still felt a lot better than the beatings," she muttered to herself. Attempting to shake off her dark thoughts, Reese looked around and saw she had wandered into one of the ritzier areas of Vale City. Well, to her it was pretty ritzy. One of the reasons she loved Vale was the city's character. Sure, it had 'low-rent' sections, a red light district (seriously, what city doesn't have one of those?), and moderate crime, but it was also a pretty liberal place. Deciding to do something reckless, she ran forward and threw her Dustboard ahead before leaping onto it. The motion, combined with the instant her weight touched the board, activated the Air Dust in it and got it hovering in the air while surging it forward. The shouts and expletives she got only caused her to laugh more as she shot over the sidewalk and dodged around the pedestrians. Nothing felt better than this, not even sex (though admittedly that was a very close call). She was surging along, darting out into the road before slipping back onto the sidewalk, when her scroll rang. She slipped it out of her hoodie's pouch, flicked it up and said, "Yo, it's Reese Time!"

"Do you always have to answer your scroll like that?" asked Arslan Altan, Reese's semi-agent and friend.

"Sure do!" she answered, prompting a groan from the older woman. "So what's up, Lion Queen?" That prompted a growl from the lion faunus, which only made the turquoise-haired girl giggle.

"You have a gig tonight," she replied, making Reese whoop loudly in excitement. "It's at Dust again, so you definitely made a good impression on the owner last night."

"He was there?!" she squealed as she swerved around a businessman before grinding along a parked car.

"Yes, she was and- Wait. Are you boarding through crowds again?"

"Mmmmmaaaayybee," Reese hedged, laughing at the longsuffering groan she got in response.

"You're going to end up in jail again if you keep doing that, Chloris," Arslan told her. "I don't want you relapsing again."

"I'm fine, Arslan," she replied softly, her good mood gone. "I promise."

"I'm glad to hear that, kid. Now, there's another reason I called: the club's owner got in touch with me, and asked to meet with you before the club opens."

"Seriously?! Rad!" she exclaimed. "How about now? I can be there in half an hour on my board!" Then she hung up before the faunus could reply and whipped her board around in a 520 soon before shooting back the way she'd come.

Punk Metal

Reese was shooting along the boardwalk, riding high on her emotions. Up until, she had earned a living as a disc jockey through word-of-mouth, and requests to come back (though that only happened as club owners cycled through a list of DJs they had). This was the first time a club owner had requested her for a second night in a row, and then requested to meet with her personally before the club opened! As she was shooting along, her eyes picking her path before she reached it, she saw a young woman with brilliant red hair, the most amazing green eyes, and a beyond hot body ahead of her. She was wearing a red jacket with gold trim on it, a pair of creamy white pants, and a pair of low-heeled, knee-high burgundy boots. Reese was so infatuated with the woman that she realized too late she was going to slam into her.

"Heads up, lady!" she shouted. She watched as the other girl's head snapped over to her, and in a split second their gazes locked. Then Reese's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open when, just before she would've hit the girl and probably sent her to the OR, the redhead bent backwards at the knees! Reese passed over her in a second, and shouted out, "Oum's balls!" She swerved around until she neared the woman and dropped off her board. She knew she had a huge, shit-eating grin on her face, and she saw a similar grin appear on the other's face. "That was fuckin' awesome!"

"Well, um, thank you," the taller girl replied, her posture rather humble and her hand rubbing her neck shyly. "It's, you know, nothing special."

"Are you kidding?!" Reese exclaimed, super stoked by the girl's move. "That was beyond badass!" She held out her hand and said, "Reese Chloris, nice to meet you!"

"Pyrrha Nikos, and same here," the redhead replied as she returned the handshake.

"Cool deal, hot stuff," she responded, squealing internally as the girl blushed. She dropped her board and hopped on it, activating the Air Dust infused in it. "Well, Red," she said, "I'd like to stay and chat but I've gotta get somewhere so I'll see you around!" With that, Reese spun her board around and shot off towards the club, unable – and unwilling – to wipe the grin off her face. Best. Day. EVER! Damn, I hope I can see her again!

Punk Metal

Reese came to stop outside an old dance studio that was unimaginably called Dance. It was still open and operating, surprisingly, with a decent clientele. It taught ballet, hip hop, and breakdancing, amongst others. It was the massively oversized basement underneath the studio that the club Dust was located. The club's main entrance was one of those old service elevators that rose up from the alley floor. It was a clever idea, since it better allowed the security systems to scan patrons for drugs and/or weapons, though the club's bouncers also did that to make certain nothing was missed. Reese was surprised to see a blonde woman waiting for her when the elevator stopped. It was a mountain of a man last night, though this chick certainly doesn't look like a slouch, she thought. The blonde also looked like she'd had a rough night, and not in the good way, either.

"You the dee jay?" the blonde asked.

"Sure am," she confirmed.

"Gotta check you, but your board scans as having Dust so I'll have to confiscate it," she was told. Reese growled at that.

"It's a Dustboard, Blondie, so back off," she warned. "An SDC Atlasean Paladin. Cost me more lien than you make in a year so you'll touch it over my dead sexy body."

"Listen, you deadbeat bitch, I'll be-"

"Enough, Miss Xiao-Long," came an angelic yet authoritive voice from one side. They both looked to see a woman of average height striding towards them, her snow white hair tied in an off-center ponytail. A long-healed scar bisected her left eye, and her expression was friendly yet serious. "Are you Miss Chloris?" she asked as you came up to the two.

"Yep," she replied, popping the 'p' at the end.

"I'm Weiss Schnee, and I'm the owner," the snow-haired woman said. She smiled slightly. "I was rather…..intrigued…..by your performance last night." She looked over at the bouncer. "It's alright, Yang. You can take it easy. Miss Chloris-"

"Reese," she interrupted.

"I'm sorry?" Weiss asked.

"Call me Reese, if you don't mind," she explained. "Unless I'm on the clock, then it's Dee Jay Reese Time." There was a snort from the bouncer.

"Seriously?" Yang snickered.

"I don't hear people screaming your name, Blondie," Reese retorted.

"I suppose I should expect quirks and such from someone in your occupation," Weiss said, interrupting the argument before it could get going. "Now, Reese, I was saying that I was truly…interested in how you worked the crowd. You seemed to have an…instinctive feel for playing and mixing songs. I looked over the books for the past week, and last night we made more profit than the two nights before it." Weiss smiled. "I would like to hire you on a semi-permanent basis."

"Are you serious?! Really?!" Reese squealed, making the snow-haired woman chuckle.

"I would prefer an exclusive contract, but that would be impossible considering other businesses would force me to negotiate with them for having you. Plus, I have to be certain that last night wasn't a fluke. And I don't want to immediately limit your options for employment."

"I'm cool with that," the DJ agreed

"Very good. I'll have the paperwork drawn up and ready by tonight," Weiss explained. "Yang, please relax. Come back tonight before we open." With that, the woman turned and headed towards her office. Yang and Reese watched her go, then looked at each other.

"Rough night?" Reese asked.

"Passed out waiting for little sister to come back," Yang replied. "I…don't really want to go into it."

"That's cool. We did just meet, after all, and got off to a not so good start."

"Yeah, sorry about that. I have a bit of a temper."

"More than a bit, I'd say," Reese said with a chuckle. Yang laughed.

"Yeah, we did start things off with a Yang," she replied, prompting a groan from the other.

"Yeah, there's funny…..and then there's you," the DJ told her. "Well, gotta go. I should get some rest if I'm gonna be working tonight."

Punk Metal

When Reese got back to the apartment, she was greeted by the sight of her naked roommate, and her roommate's equally naked lover, in the living room accompanied by moans and shrieks. They froze, however, when she walked.

"Reese!" Neon squealed. "Great to see you!"

"You know, I can't think of a single moment since I've known you, Neon, than this right here," Reese replied, though she would admit to being impressed that her faunus friend could use her tail like that. "Don't worry, Ruby; I'm headed to bed 'cause I've got work tonight. Just keep it down, okay?" As she walked off to her room, she yelled back to the lovers, "That's a nice ass you've got, kid!"

"Ain't it, though?" Neon yelled back, making her girlfriend blush even more. Once in her room, Reese stripped down to her panties and pulled a tank top from an Achieve Men concert on. Falling onto her mattress, she buried her face into her pillow and squealed. Today had just been awesome for her! I got possible steady employment, saw the hottest girl ever, and…and…, she thought, ending her thought with a squeal. I wonder if I'll see that Pyrrha girl again?

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