This is easy Megamind scoffed for the twentieth time in as many seconds. This is so easy, what does he even complain about?

The invisible car idled beside one of Roxanne Ritchi's regular bus stops. The bus was due in ten minutes, but Roxanne was due in three. Two other ladies around her age were already sitting there, talking loudly, as Minion had complained they always did.

"They just never say anything nice, you know?" Minion had whined to him over his shoulder. He'd finished his work, so he had occupied himself by swinging around the support poles in the lair and talking at Megamind while he tinkered. "You know what they say: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" Minion had pulled his feet off the floor in boredom, swinging. "And these ladies! They're so mean! I'd hate for someone to talk about me behind my back like that!"

"Just turn your microphones off."

"Well then I wouldn't be able to hear if-"

A sudden jolt and, "CRAP!" hollered Megamind as his head banged against the steering wheel. His hands burned with sudden impact, and he coughed, wide eyed, as he realized the cloaking system was down.

Those two ladies shrieked, and one of them cried, "Call Roxie!" Megamind yanked the rubber stoppers out of his hears and glared into his rear view mirror. The taxi driver that had rear ended him stared back in horrified astonishment.

My car has spikes, Megamind thought vengefully. He yanked the car into reverse and slammed the iron points into the front of the poor man's taxi. Then with a shriek of the tires he switched gears and zoomed around the corner.

"Honestly, you have such an easy job, Minion," Megamind had groaned without turning around. "It won't be long before I program brainbots to kidnap Roxanne Ritchi for you. Then what will you do?"

"Oh boy, sir," the fish had laughed mirthlessly.

By the time Megamind was far enough from the bus stop that he wasn't in danger of death-by-mob, he was sure that he had missed the bus. And missed the certain Miss who was probably on the bus.

He groaned, and reached up to his nose, which hurt like heck, but didn't appear to be broken or bleeding. On the same wrist he meddled with his communication watch and summoned four brainbots.

Then with loose and rubbery movements Megamind freed himself from the car and went around to pop the hood and tinker. Repairing the cloaking device was a simple matter of reattaching a wire and applying a generous wad of electric tape. Across the road, a dog-walker gathered his 90 pound doberman up into his arms, covered its innocent eyes, and walked hastily in the opposite direction.

"Oh, you think I couldn't?" Megamind had sneered. "I could train an ape to do what you do!"


"Sir?" Megamind's wrist watch crackled, and he jumped. The brainbots, buzzing, finally appeared from over the rooftops, and Megamind hissed at them to be quiet.

"Hi, Minion!" He adopted an overly cheerful tone and leaned against the car. The brainbots watched him with worshipful puzzlement. "I guess you were wrong about Miss Ritchi taking the bus today. She never showed up! And those ladies?" He rubbed a finger in his ear, which was still sore from the ear plugs he had been wearing. "They were just discussing the stock market."

"Oh," Minion, somehow, didn't sound very surprised. "Well, I'm sure you'll find a way. Actually… um…"

Megamind had turned, with a bold finger pointed at Minion's chest. "All you have to do if spray her in the face and tie her up! I, on the other hand! Have to plan everything out! Everything!"

Minion had lifted the index fingers of both hands to his lips, like one restraining himself. He had peered over them at Megamind contemplatively. Then he had gestured with an open palm to the documents sprawled out across Megamind's table- most of them in his own handwriting.

"I was wondering… um… How do I sync up the invention thingy to the computer?"

Megamind threw his head back in a victorious laugh. "Oh, so you're not the technological genius you thought you were?"

"I never said that, sir," Minion's voice was a little too soft. "Could you just-?"

"You're the one," Megamind scorned. The brainbots watched him nervously, and passersby watched them nervously, as he gripped tight the spikes of the car. "Who wanted to to switch roles. Thought you could be Megamind for a day? Well, how is it? Are you having fun?"

"Nevermind," said Minion. "I'll figure it out myself."

The commlink went dead.

Megamind glanced across the road. The lonely area was empty right now, perhaps because of the ominous blue glow always cast by brainbots. They looked at him like children chastised.

"What?" He demanded, scowling. "We have no time to waste. I have to get Miss Ritchi to the site of Minion's whatever plan before he figures out his whatever invention. Where does that bus go?"