A Circus Of Trouble

Chapter 1: Return Home

Barry could not believe that their holiday was actually over. For three weeks they'd enjoyed the sun and the sea, drinking in the sights of Europe and LA, but now they were back in Central City, and if he were being honest with himself he is a little nervous. He looks at Caitlin, as she puts on her earrings, her blue dress hugging her figure, and making him lick his lips. "You know, we don't have to go back to work just yet." He finds himself saying.

Caitlin looks at her boyfriend in the mirror, he looks quite handsome in his jumper and jeans, and the thought of spending some more time with him is deeply appealing, but they said they'd go back to work today, and well, it doesn't do any good to not stick to what they'd said. "Well, that is true, but then again, we do have work to go to."

Barry moves to her, running his hands up and down her sides, in a move he knows makes Caitlin sigh with pleasure. "I know." He whispers. "But we could always take some time off, for ourselves. I think we do deserve that."

Caitlin laughs, turns around and says. "We've just had three weeks off Barry. All to ourselves."

Barry smiles, he leans in pressing a quick kiss to his girlfriend's lips before he says. "I know, but I want some more time with you. The holiday went far too quickly."

Caitlin hums in agreement. "I know, yet we've got to get going." She looks at her watch and says. "I'll see you at five okay?"

Reluctantly Barry nods, he kisses her once more and then with a flash, he drops her off at Star Labs before making his way to the department. When he gets there, Joe is already waiting for him. "Hey Joe." He says smiling.

Joe smiles and replies. "Hey Barr. Glad you could make it, how was your vacation?" whilst it was a bit odd for Barry to have taken a holiday, he could understand the urge. After all that had happened with Zoom and Cobalt Blue, they all needed a bit of time off.

"It was good thanks Joe. I'll tell you all about it at dinner tonight." Barry replies. Then he asks. "So, has anything happened since I've been gone?"

Joe nods. "We've got another CSI; I think Singh wants to expand the department."

Barry's eyes widen and he asks. "Oh? Who's the new guy then?"

"Someone from New York, his name is Julian Albert. He's a smart kid, if a bit odd." Joe replies.

"Odd how?" Barry asks curious, it's not like Joe to refer to someone as odd, so this Julian must be really odd.

Joe smiles and says. "You'll see." And with that he turns and walks up the stairs to where the CSI department is, he opens the door and says. "Barry, Julian, Julian, Barry."

Barry looks at the man Joe introduces him to. The man has longish blonde hair, green eyes, wearing a suit and a chequered shirt, his eyes look cold though. Barry extends his hand. "Hi, nice to meet you."

"Likewise." Julian replies. Looking at the famous Barry Allen and finding him wanting.

Joe looks at the two of them and then says. "We need to head out. A body's been found near the sea, I'll see you two out there." With that he turns on his heel and leaves.

They stand in silence for a moment after Joe has left, but soon enough, Julian says. "I'll get my things. I'll see you there."

Barry nods, watching as Albert leaves, he stands for a moment, looking at the room, he notices that Patty's stuff isn't there, he walks to her desk, and runs a finger over it, dust collects on his finger, and he wonders where Patty is. He wasn't aware she was on holiday, and Joe hadn't said anything when he'd arrived, perhaps she was late? Deciding he'd ask Joe about Patty later, he grabs his stuff and flashes over to the crime scene, arriving just a few moments before Julian. The man looks annoyed. "How did you get here?" the man asks.

"I took the bus." Barry replies, Julian does not look convinced, but instead of pursuing it he walks toward where Joe is standing. Barry follows him and then stops. A husk, that's what he's seeing, a husk, nothing more, nothing less, a mere outline of someone. "What is that?" he asks, though he knows what it is.

Julian looks at Allen and says. "A husk of someone. This is the second one that we've found in as many weeks. The last one was at the peer, near third street."

Barry nods and asks. "Do we know where they're coming from, or what is causing them to happen?"

Julian shakes his head. "Usually a body turns up about two hours later. Last week it was a man with grey hair and blue eyes."

Barry nods. "Right, well how do you want to do this?" he asks.

Julian considers the question and then says. "Well usually, myself and Ms Spivot would work back to front, she'd take the bottom, and I'd take the top."

Barry nods, and then asks. "Where is Patty, it's not like her to be late."

Joe speaks then. "I'm not sure, she didn't show up to work yesterday either."

Barry wants to say something, but then decides to keep that to himself. Instead he starts working on the bottom of the husk, running all sorts of tests on it, at least the ones he can run in the field, he takes a sample to run back at the lab, and then when he's done, he waits for Julian to finish, once the guy is done, he says. "I think we need to take this back to the lab." Julian nods and so they make their way back. Barry runs a few tests, and when the results come back, he turns to Joe and says. "The victim is a woman, in her mid-twenties." Joe doesn't ask how he knows, he simply nods and walks back to talk to Eddie. Barry sees Julian looking at him funnily, but when the man notices him looking, he quickly glances away.