Chapter x

So, this isn't really a chapter at all...

If you haven't found it yet, the second book has been posted. Please go to my profile to find it. It is rather obviously named: Time's Children Book Two. If you haven't found it yet here's a little bit of what you're missing:

The Dark Lord's disembodied voice seemed to laugh cruelly, "Yes, you are the hero yet again, my little Gryffindor."

"I'm not a hero. I'm a murderer." Knowing it to be true and wanting the voice to go away so that he could cry. He felt sick. He had killed two men. Two men he had never met before in his life.


"You haven't been dismissed yet." The Dark Lord said pushing out another wave of magic.

Harry almost moaned, it felt amazing. Indescribable pleasure and power pulsing just over his skin. "Please..." Harry didn't know what he was asking for.

"You wants me to sssstop?" The Dark Lord hissed, still not looking up from his damned book. "Or do yousss wants moressss?"

Harry couldn't take it. He pushed up his occlumency shields to full force and tried to block out the sensation from his mind. "Why do you do that?"


"This is ridiculous. He's coming to Paris in a week's time! He's coming here! Why can't we just kill him when he portkeys in?" Sirius asked hands gesticulating wildly. The top ranking death eaters were back in there makeshift war room in the small dining room of the Malfoy ch√Ęteau in France.


Draco could barely think. His mind was filled with the blinding light of pain. The more he fought to keep his secrets, the more he didn't want to tell, the more painful it got. It had started with a minor pain in his stomach and spread to his chest and then to his head. He couldn't tell, not this, anything but this. But he couldn't hold back, the words kept repeating themselves over and over again in his head trying desperately to be said.

"Draco, you are in so much pain. What secret is worth this? Why fight?" Harry was torn. On one hand he hated seeing his friend in so much pain, on the other the more Draco fought the more Harry felt he had to know. Any secret would have to be important to suffer this much agony.


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