A/N: I thought I would try something different with this one, this story is based around the comics, mostly Torch or Erich being Toulon's son so this is non cannon to my other stories. Guess its also my way of redoing Nothing But An Animal in a way. Anyway as normal I don't own any characters in this story they all belong to Full Moon Features and Charles Band.

He felt strange as he woke up, the last thing he remembered was cornering his father and then pain.

As he sat up a strange growl escaped his throat. Looking around he was in a strange laboratory like room, the one thing that alarmed him was how large everything in the room was.

That was when he saw him, the man wrapped in bandages almost like a mummy but was dressed in black.

The man chuckled be it a bit sinisterly.

"Vell now my dear Erich, how fitting it iz to have you back."

Erich tried to frown but found he couldn't.

He looked around frightened, who was this man? Where was he? How did this giant of a man know his name.

Once he saw his reflection in a mirror he froze.

Instead of a young teen now sat a metal monster.

The man chuckled once again.

"In life, you turned your back on your family. Now I vill make sure you never turn your back on me again Erich Toulon..no I vink Torch is more..appropriate for you now."

Torch looked down at himself and for the first time saw the flamethrower he has as an arm.

He growled but found himself accepting his new name.

It was then he heard small unsteady footsteps approach.


Torch looked down from the table and saw two people? Puppet? Things? He wasn't sure what they were but two of them were holding up a third who looked sick.

The first one a female wearing a pink dress looked up at the man not noticing Torch.

"Master please, Jester's getting worse. He can hardly stand let alone patrol."

The second one however wearing a black trench coat, black fedora hat with white hair, gaunt white face and a knife and a hook for hands quickly caught sight of Torch and made a fierce hiss at him, Torch almost instinctively growling back.

"Now now Blade, Torch there is no need vor hostilities among family." The man said.

It would be a while before Torch figured out who the man was called.

The man bent down picking up the third and sick looking one.

"Do not threat my friends, zhere is ztill enough for Jester."

Jester only made a pained weak sound.

Torch growled unimpressed.

The man introduced Torch to the others; Blade, Jester, Leech Woman and Pinhead. Torch taking an instant dislike to the three males.

He watched as Jester was injected with something, his head soon spinning from a frown to a smile. Though it quickly went back to a frown as he was put down near Torch, Jester taking a few steps behind Pinhead for protection.

"Now Blade, I need you to take Torch out on a mission to collect what we need and take ze woman with you. Make sure Torch doesn't wonder off."

Leech Woman looked up instantly offended.

"Master don't you remember who I am?"

"Let it go Leech. You, come with us and keep up." Blade ordered.

Leech Woman followed not in a good mood, Torch trailing behind.

On the journey neither Blade or Leech Woman make an effort to talk to Torch. Blade not liking Torch from the start and Leech Woman was still fuming about what she had been called.

Blade and Leech Woman talked among themselves, Blade apologizing for telling her to drop the subject.

"Where are we going anyway?" Torch questioned.

"Just shut it and follow us!" Blade barked.

Leech sighed.

"Blade calm down, I know your angry but there's little point in blaming Torch."

Blade sighed and within a few minutes they were at their destination, Blade cutting through the electric wire.

However Torch had wandered off in a huff leaving Blade and Leech Woman alone.

By the time Torch finally came to join them Leech Woman had been burned in the fire.

Once the farm woman had been dealt with and the brain mater collected Blade turned to Torch furious.

"You metal moron! Don't you realize what you've done!"

Torch growled.

"Saved your sorry ass from being shot!"

Blade looked over at the fireplace hearing a thump and saw Leech's burned remains.

He hurried over putting a damp towel over her to put the remaining flames out.

Once the flames were out Blade knelt besides the fallen puppet heartbroken.

"No, no this shouldn't of happened."

Torch only watched from where he stood.

Once Blade had calmed down it was a long tense walk back to the hotel.