It was dark in the hallways. Two red-haired boys were looking on an old parchment, muttering under their breath. One couldn't keep them apart, even their own mother couldn't.

"Fred, are we even going the right way?" One of them asked, taking a better look at the map they were holding.

"George, Dumbledore closed the third floor for a reason and I want to know what reason that is." The second boy hissed. "Look. He left the room. Let's go and see what he's hiding after he leaves."

"Mischief managed." The two boys muttered together, pointing their wands at the map that turned in to an empty, old parchment again. Putting the map away in his inside the first boy called Fred poked his twin in his side.

"Let's go." He muttered. The boys slowly approached the room where their headmaster just had left right in time to see the old man turning around the corner of the hallway. The boys quickly ran towards the now empty room, eagerly waiting for the big secret that their headmaster was trying to keep them away from.

"It's... a mirror." Fred mumbled disappointed when he and his brother stood still in front of the old, high mirror.

"Why is Dumbledore keeping this a secret for everyone?" George mumbled, looking at the reflection of him and his dearest brother.

"I don't know." Fred mumbled. He walked a bit closer and put his hand on the mirror, his reflection doing the same.

"It's nothing more than an ordinary mirror." George mumbled. Putting his hand next to the hand of his brother.

The two boys looked a moment longer at the reflection before they shrugged their shoulders and turned around.

"I solemnly swear I am up to no good." Fred mumbled while pointing his wand at the parchment he just pulled out of his inside pocket.

"All clear." George mumbled smirking. "If we're quick we can prank Filch before we go to bed."

"Sounds good to me." His brother whispered happily.

With a last look over their shoulder towards the mirror the boys left the room to prank Filch for the first time that year.

George POV

This couldn't be true. Fred couldn't be dead. He must been playing with me, trick me in the worst joke ever. He probably jumps around a corner any moment. Calling something like "You just got punked!" or "Georgy I thought so much more from you. Like I would ever leave you." I wandered through the broken and now empty halls. That must been going on now. Mom, dad, Ron, Angelina. Everyone was just playing this game with him. There wasn't another explanation. He would never leave me. I turned around another corner and stopped when I saw a big hole in a wall. For some reason I decided to take a look in the room. Climbing over the ruins from the once so mighty wall I entered a room with a mirror that looked slightly recognizable. Walking towards it I couldn't help myself. My nerves were tensed till the urge of breaking while I approached the mirror Fred and I had discovered back in our first year. I had wondered what happened to it. I cleaned the dust of it so I could see my own reflection. I was standing there, all alone in front of the mirror when I noticed someone approaching me. He seemed very familiar to me and when I saw his goofy smile I turned around quickly to see... there was no one behind me. Turning back to the mirror I saw Fred standing next to me, his hand on my shoulder. I put my hand on my shoulder, hoping I would feel the oh so familiar warmth Fred always brought into my cold days but once again my hope was crushed into the ground. The only thing I felt was my empty shoulder. Removing the hand of my shoulder I brought it to the mirror, touching the outstretched hand from my brother. That's when reality really hit me. He was really dead, this wasn't just a stupid joke, everyone was crying for real. Fred was gone! My legs lost their strength and I fell down on the ground. Still holding my hand on the mirror I started to cry, the hot tears running down my cheeks. Fred was gone, no longer there was the Weasley twins. I was all on my own now. All alone.