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Since the days of Merlin, people held the notorious belief that individuals each contained half of a soul and once joined could become whole again. This belief was known as soulmates. Two people coming together as one. It was pure and powerful magic. Even Merlin himself could not refuse this bond between two people.

There was once a man named Lancelot and all he longed for was the love of Guinevere, the queen of the realm. More importantly, the queen of the famous King Arthur. Lancelot would do anything for anything for the queen's love, even if it meant betraying his king. She, however, was completely devoted to Arthur. She would not leave the king for a simple knight. Lancelot decided that he deserved her love, after all his years of service, so he took her. He never stopped to think about the repercussions of his selfish love.

You see, Guinevere and Arthur were one of those individuals that came together to make a whole. Soulmates. Lancelot cared nothing for the torment that Arthur endured when news reached him of Lancelot's betrayal. The only anguish he had been acutely aware of was Guinevere's. He had initially believed that she was just simply missing her kingdom and that he would make her forget about Camelot soon enough.

It was not until ten years later that Lancelot realized his mistake when the queen that he had loved decided that life was not worth it without Arthur. She killed herself. Not only had Lancelot been impacted by her departure, but Arthur as well. Despite the children he had with his queen and his kingdom, he decided to join his wife in the afterlife. Camelot was left to Arthur and Guinevere's children. The two halves were finally united by death.

Merlin had been deeply grieved by the situation. All involved had been his friends and all in the name of love. So he created a spell that would ensure that nothing like this ever happened again. The spell would write the name of your soulmate along your left inner wrist. It would occur during your birth and stay with you until your meeting with death.

No one was upset with the spell, meeting your soulmate was the best thing to happen to you. No problems arose until the blood was categorized in three; muggleborn, halfblood, and pureblood. Merlin had never meant for any witch or wizard to feel superior to the other. Salazar Slytherin thought different. His house had to be pure and no muggleborn, or as he spat mudblood, could be in the noble house of Slytherin.

Once different social classes were established, different views started to rise up. Purebloods adopted the belief that soulmate or not, heirs were more important than love. It did not matter if their children had already found their soulmate or not, they dictated who their child would marry. Arranged marriages they were called. The whole act in itself was disgusting and a clear disrespect for the magic of soulmates. Merlin did not this new custom, but he was only one man, an old man at that.

Decades past with the wizards dictating their own lives. Some would seek out the name on their wrist and others would be placed into arranged marriages. The more rebellious would decide to marry whoever they wished. Life had a balance. Purebloods following their customs and halfbloods and muggleborn following their own. Until the day Harry Potter was born. Then the scale tipped.

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