Liv had been in the morgue for five months now, at least she guessed that's how long had passed since she hitched a ride in one of the body bags after that horrid boat party fiasco. The drinks had been spiked with, something, and there had been gun shots before she blacked out.

She had woken up four inches tall.

Everything had been impossibly huge and disconcerting, and she hadn't felt brave enough to draw attention to herself in her small state. Who knew what someone would've done when they found her? Liv didn't know what had happened on the boat but she didn't know if she could trust anyone. With no way to get home without endangering herself or get to a phone, Liv had no way to contact her family for help. So she had slipped into the walls of the morgue, where she picked up ways to survive at her size, and fell easily into a routine around the strange, young, British doctor who worked down here. A routine that allowed her to scavenge what she could for any food he left behind, any clues and ideas she could use to get out of this situation.

Today, however, Liv needed medicine as well. She had been about to graduate and start on as a medical doctor until the night of the party changed everything, so she knew from the cut on her arm she had gotten yesterday from a rusty nail in the wall that it had grown infected and she needed it cleaned before it grew worse. She was tired and a headache was growing, made worse by the fact she hadn't been able to eat for a few days. Liv knew she needed to find something now.

So with this new task in mind, Liv waited for the telltale signs of the doctor leaving for his lunch break before she crept out from the safety of the walls in his office. Instantly the room loomed above her, reminding her exactly how small she had been shrunk. She always kept her supply runs short to avoid being captured; her legs were so much smaller than a human's, the earth shook with each powerful step they took, there was no way she would ever be able to run from one if she was spotted.

'I'm a human too,' she reminded herself again as her eyes swept the darkened office, checking to ensure he had left. With every passing day it was growing harder for her to associate herself with them- other humans; they were thunderous giants now, and the world wasn't made for her anymore. Liv was left all alone to fight to survive.

But survive is what she would do. With a sharp nod she clenched her purse, luckily that had shrunk along with her clothes – like anything touching her person…No she couldn't try to think out how she was shrunk again, she had to concentrate.

Liv took in a breath and darted across the open floor. She ignored the towering furniture in the room and concentrated on reaching her destination: the shadowy cover under the desk.

Once there she paused to catch her breath, a little dizzy from the short exercise. The cut on her arm burned as she adjusted her purse to retrieve the sowing thread and paper clip she had collected to help her climb up the large furniture whenever it was called for. These particular finds were Liv's proudest because they were so vital in helping her get to more supplies, like today. Stepping back out from under the desk, she looked up, and up, at its height; she had climbed up on the doctor's desk a few times before so the motions would hopefully help her as she tried to climb with her injured arm.

She let out a low hiss of pain as she flung her clip up to land on top of the desk. She gave it a hopeful tug, felt it slide towards the edge before thankfully catching firmly on something; she would hate to have to try again, she was already pushing it by moving her injured arm around so much. Now she just had to make the climb.

It was slower going than normal, her hands burned and her right arm was shooting white hot flashes of pain now. Liv gritted her teeth and pushed through it until she could haul herself over the edge and onto the flat surface of the desk. Panting, she let herself sit on a stapler to rest, ignoring the now fainter notes of fascination from how large everyday objects were to her. Her vision blurred a little from the exertion, she felt so weak without food. Getting around was extremely risky so Liv had learned to only go out when she absolutely needed something, but when she injured her arm she had waited too long to go on a much-needed supply run.

Breath finally caught, she stood up and assessed the scattered objects on the table. Her heart sank when she realized there was no food, but Liv swore she had seen a few unopened antiseptic wipes thrown up here last time she was on the desk; she just hoped Doctor Chakrabarti hadn't used them already, otherwise this outing would end futilely. Stepping over a pen, she made her way over to the middle of the desk to get a better look. She had no time to waste, he normally took a thirty-minute lunch but being stuck in the open on top of a desk with no cover was not a good place to be. She had decided earlier she would be taking the wipe back with her before using it to avoid staying out longer than she needed to; the package would still be cumbersome to her at this size, but it was still light enough for her to carry.

Disappointment loomed as she scanned the desk again and again, still seeing no signs of the antiseptic wipes she had come all this way for. They couldn't be gone, they had to be here, she didn't know what she would do otherwise. Her heartbeat pulsed with a dull pain in her arm as if to remind her how important it was to have it properly cleaned. With a new sense of determination, Liv strode forward to lift one side of an open folder, hoping to find the packages tucked underneath.

Then the lights clicked on.

Liv's breath caught and she swiveled to face the open door of the office where the doctor stood, eyebrows raised and eyes wide as he stared down at her. Had her senses been dulled so much from hunger she hadn't heard him walk in? Her heart beat frantically in her chest and instincts screamed at her to run, but she just stood there, frozen, as she looked over at the humongous giant who loomed even from a distance before her.

"I have so many questions," the doctor finally spoke in his British accent, breaking the heavy silence with his impossibly loud voice. "First, why live in the walls – is that a little thing?"