"Liv," a soft voice probed through the thickness of her head and the limp feeling in her a body. She was so tired. Why were they trying to wake her up?

"Liv," it came again with a little more earnest. She groaned and stretched – when had she fallen asleep? She couldn't blame herself though, since shrinking it was hard to keep her body heat up even tucked away in the walls, and right now she was so warm.

Liv slowly cracked open her eyes to let them adjust and jolted in surprise once she realized she was staring right up at Ravi's worry filled face. This was the closest she had ever been, she could see every small detail of his face as he assessed every centimeter of her in return, holding her up to eyes bigger than her head.

Wait, holding her- Liv sat up as her gaze shot down, realizing what was the source of the warmth. His hand, she was in his hand! She scrambled back, her fingers sinking into the soft grooves of his palm, until her back hit his fingers curled slightly over head. Her heart beat frantically in her chest, he didn't seem like he would hurt her but being held in a hand was way too surreal, way too vulnerable. She looked down at her own hands, noticing how stark the difference of her pale skin from lack of sunlight was against his own warm brown; how stark the difference of size was that she could easily be concealed in a fist with fingers her size towering over her.

Noticing her panic he moved his hand away from his face, still keeping her at eye level, his eyebrows furrowed with concern. "I'm sorry, you passed out and I didn't know what to do." his voice was hushed and gentle, and despite her racing mind she felt her breathing slow a little.

"I passed out?" Liv questioned with a frown, a little nervously trying not to think of how long the drop to the floor would be even as he was sitting down at the desk chair.

Ravi's eyebrows lifted, "Yeah, you did…" He looked her up in down with a gentle frown of his own. "Liv, when was the last time you ate? I've noticed you haven't been around for a while."

She looked over at her still cut arm, the stinging from the medicine had faded along with the burning pain. "It's been a few…days. I didn't want to draw attention to myself with lots of visits- though I guess that was useless anyway since you already knew, but my arm has been sore so I didn't risk it until today."

Concern crossed his face again before he beamed cheerily, "Well, as long as you're with me you never have to worry about going hungry." Slowly he moved his hand down and Liv could feel the skin tensing and twitching with the careful movement before it rested solidly on the surface of the desk.

She stood up with a little wobble, trying to regain her footing on the living platform, and with a few hesitated steps made it off onto the desk. The hand retreated and Liv saw Ravi had set out a bottle cap of water and a huge plate with painstakingly cut small pieces of a sandwich. She wondered exactly how long she had been passed out to miss him moving about with her in hand but the aching in her stomach reminded her it didn't matter. "Wow, thank you," she said in disbelief, turning to face the doctor who had abandoned the chair with a rustle of his lab coat in favor of crouching on the floor again to avoid towering. "You really want me to stay?"

"Of course, but you'll have to put up with my questions," he told her. "I still have a lot so it might get annoying." He looked her up and down again in assessment, "Drawing blood will definitely be a challenge with your current condition."

Liv froze, "Drawing blood?"

Oblivious to her apprehension, Ravi continued, "Or I could make do with some other samples, like saliva- yes that could work, or-"

"Ravi," she said again, getting his attention. "You're talking about running…tests on me?" Her eyes darted towards the paper clip and string that still hung as her only escape route. An impossible escape route.

"Just for what I need to start working on the cure," he answered with a shrug. Liv's eyes widened at that, and Ravi's eyes softened. "You didn't think you were going to be stuck like this forever did you?"

Liv let out a shaky laugh; the hope she thought was long gone welled up in her chest. "Yes I, I guess I did."

Ravi smiled, and she could see the corners of his eyes crinkle with the motion, "Well don't lose hope, we can work on it together. I know you're a doctor yourself so your help would be greatly appreciated."

Liv couldn't believe it. "That would be great." she managed to get out. She walked over to pick up one of the little cut pieces of sandwich and sighed after taking her first bite. Tension rolled of her shoulders as she slunk down to sit on the edge of the plate. She had been stuck in a rut for five months, thinking only about surviving and trying to find a safe way to get to her family – the latter being wishful thinking that had long since died. Now suddenly she had an ally and a glimmer of hope that she could go back to normal again. She looked back up at Ravi, a smile growing larger as the new hope welled within her chest, "Thank you."

AN: I probably won't be adding any more to this story since the whole point of the tv show is that she's a zombie haha, but it was fun!

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