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Brooklyn shook the last of the stony specks off as he turned to watch June do a full body stretch that made her give a slight groan as she worked through it. Once she gained control of her limbs June turned to him and gave a small smile. With a slight flick of her wings June let them lay on her shoulders as a cloak before moving her gaze to overlook the streets below. Not wanting to give up time with her just yet, Brooklyn moved to stand beside her since he took a spot on the other side of the corner they were at.

Usually, he could feel when it was getting time to fly back to the clock tower to roost, but last night gliding with June he found all attention was towards her. He now knew how she looked when simply taking in the feel of air passing through wings in the enjoyment of a flight. The way she closed her eyes and held her face slightly tilted up to the wind with joy showing. Or the way she gave full attention with eyes never straying from him as he showed her all he was taught and had learned over his years.

To Brooklyn, it was refreshing. Just having June's attention, just as she had Brooklyn's, only she didn't know yet. Glancing out to the city with her a thought came to mind. June glanced to the red gargoyle noticing him turning to her with a question on his beak.

"If I could get us into a movie theater to see a movie, would you want to come with me?" he asked holding a hand out to her slightly.

June could only grin at that before looking at the offered hand and taking it in hers within seconds. "I haven't been to see a movie in so long. Come on, let's go." She eagerly pulled him along, forcing him to take a dive with her.

During the dive June let go to put distance in order to snap open her wings not wanting to slap Brooklyn in the face in the process. As they leveled she tilted slightly to peek at the red gargoyle. "So, how are we getting in, hmm?"

Glancing her way, he shrugged returning an impish look. "What can I say, we have our ways."

"Right, ways. What ways is that?"

With another playful gaze towards June he had her follow. "If I remember right from what Broadway said, we have the choice of Gladiator or Road Trip."

June thought it over. "Do you know what each are about? Gladiator is a good hint on maybe the plot but not sure on Road Trip."

Brooklyn gave a shrug. "He said Gladiator was really good. A bit bloody at times but good."

"Then Gladiator is the choice." June stated with a smile as the rest of the flight remained silent only to be interrupted by a call. Both turned to look at the caller finding Goliath and Broadway heading their way. With tilts in wings and tails guidance in turning, Brooklyn and June changed direction towards them.

"Goliath. Broadway." Brooklyn greeted with June give a 'Hello' to the two not really know them too well still. Brooklyn sighed some seeing the look of slight disappointment of him, knowing he wasn't supposed to be this near to June.

"Brooklyn, follow me please. Broadway take June back to the clock tower." Goliath stated tilting away from Broadway and June as they glided along. Brooklyn looked to his rookery brother in question but received confusion also. Without much delay the red skin gargoyle followed his leader. June watched him leave having seen how serious he had become when Goliath looked to him.

June glance from the slowly distancing pair to the larger gargoyle caught up in trying to decide what to do. She shot the aqua male an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, I have to go after Brooklyn." She stated tilting her wings to gliding after the duo.

Goliath said nothing as they glided through the night air. Brooklyn pondered what all would be said, or if there would be any speaking for the moment. It wasn't hard to feel the disappointment that emanated from his leader. He let a soft sigh leave him. "Goliath, I'm sorry, I know I should have stayed away from her."

Goliath glanced to his SIC. "Then why didn't you?"

Brooklyn thought about it. "I…was missing her company. Yeah, I have all of you to keep me company, but having spent the time I did during that…I guess, I got used to seeing her. Waking up from the stone sleep with her near."

Goliath only gave a nod to his answer. "I understand the hope of finding another to spend your life with. Even more so with how little of us are left and shattered." He turned to the younger gargoyle. "Do not think I haven't seen the looks of longing you give when seeing your rookery brothers sharing time with those they have come to give affection towards."

Brooklyn gave a sullen chuckle raising a hand to rub the back of his neck. "Yeah, I guess I haven't been too subtle." Looking towards his leader. "Don't get me wrong, Goliath, I'm really happy they have who they have now. I just feel lonely, left out. I've been pretty much rejected twice."

"Brooklyn, things take time. It may not happen now, but there is always looking to a future. Don't pursue June just because she is the few remain that has no partner." Goliath indicated. "It will only hurt the both of you in the long run."

"That is why I was planning on taking her to the movies. Spend time with her, get to know her more." Brooklyn explained. "But, I really did miss just having her near, being able to feel her...well, her energy."

Goliath glanced behind them before pulling up some having seen another heading to them. This made Brooklyn do the same before following his leader to a nearby rooftop to land and wait for them. As the figure drew near they found it was June. Once she reached them she pulled up slightly to land softly next to them panting faintly from having to push her wings so she could get to them.

"Goliath, please don't be hard on Brooklyn. It's not his fault for coming to see me. Well.." she glanced to the red gargoyle with a small smile. "Okay, it might be a tad bit his fault." Turning back to Goliath she continued. "But, he only came to see how I was. I know I should have either left or told him to leave, I just missed having his company and when he offered to go on a flight I went with of my own accord."

Goliath gazed at the younger of the two as his wings wrapped around him. "I was not mad, just disappointed in Brooklyn. He is older than you, knows more about being a gargoyle, and still he found himself being near you even knowing he shouldn't till this had passed."

He took the few steps towards June taking a hand that was surrounded by his much larger ones. "I do not punish those for wanting to be near those they find safety and happiness with. It is just for your safety that he needed to stay away." June glanced from her hand that was surrounded in his then to Brooklyn who stood to the side. Goliath half turned to his SIC. "But there is much that needs to be discussed."

Brooklyn gave a questioning look to his leader. "What came up?"

Patting the hand he held before letting it go. "It has been brought to my attention that what had happened to you, June, was not what we thought."

"Wait, what?" Brooklyn asked.

"June is not in fact going through a heat cycle. What was given to her, during your captive time, didn't change anything biologically." Goliath stated.

"So what did it do to me?" June asked. "Is that why I'm still feeling like this?"

Goliath gave a nod to her question. "The serum that was given to you only gave the like of a cycle not a true one."

"So, I'll be okay then?" she asked getting hopeful at hearing this.

He shook his head. "Until the full effect of the serum leaves you completely, you are still being provoked by its influence."

Brooklyn eyed his leader. "There's more isn't there?" The lavender gargoyle turned to him. "Yes." Silence reigned over the three before he continued. "The instinct to find a mate will only grow till it leaves her feral for a short time."

June was quite as she took this in as she glanced between the two. "And if I can't handle that feeling, or be able to push it aside…what would happen?"

Goliath looked to her grimly. "Then you will have to choose who to help you through it naturally as the impulse demands."

"Oh." She breathed out. "That's not much of a choice." Glancing to Brooklyn as he turned from them with wings spread. "Brooklyn, wait!" June called out to him just as he dives off the side of the building only to be stopped from following the red gargoyle by a hand to her wing covered shoulder.

"He only does this to make sure you stay safe." He stated.

Looking from him to the red figure before looking back having decided. Gently shrugging his hand off of her shoulder June flung her large wings open. "I feel like I have to go after him. We've been together since this started." Goliath stood watching June go after Brooklyn and let out a soft sigh.

Jewel walked slowly through the thick forest. Fingers drifting lightly over moss covered bark with ivy vines being shifted on occasions. "Mother, I have come to get guidance." She voiced as she walked further into the forest.

Deer stopped to watch her pass with songbirds filling the air with their chirps. Closing ruby eyes she sent a pulse of her power out. A pink wave roamed outward washing over everything. Under her feet she felt the earth rumble as she made her way into an empty patch of forest void of trees. The rumble grew till a figure of earth emerged out from the ground.

"Daughter. What is it that you have need?" she asked as long thin blades of grass fluffed around her that was her hair. Eyes of emerald gems looked to ruby ones.

"I come asking about the gargoyles." Jewel answered. "They are fast approaching extension. They asked for help, your help."

Nothing was given away by the earthy figure until an arm was raised to beckon Jewel forward. "I gave you an objective that led to those chosen to become gargoyles. I see that is not enough to help them as a whole."

Jewel shook her head at that taking ahold of her mother's offered hand. "They are without success. I came to ask for your blessing to help them." Emeralds gazed deeply. "I give my blessing. We all need them to keep the balance. They are protectors, and so, we must help protect them."

Jewel gave a bow of her head to her mother's decision. "Thank you, mother. I leave you to slumber now." A hand was felt along her cheek making Jewel look to her mother. "You, my dear, have to stop lying to yourself. He does care for you and he searches for you." The earth that held her figure crumbled leaving Jewel to scuff at her words.

"She's right you know." A voice stated making Jewel turn to the owner. "Puck, what a surprise."

He gave an incline of his head to her slowly taking step towards her. "Dear, must you hold so much venom towards me?"

"Yes." She answered swiftly holding a hand out to stop Puck from advancing towards her. He looked down at her hand that rested against his chest. Gently, he took ahold of it and used his thumb to stroke the inner part of her wrist. "Puck, let go."

Puck frowned looking into her eyes. "What happened to us? We we're once happy."

Jewel scuffed trying to pull her hand out from his hold, but he held onto it being stronger. "Oberon happened. He's the one that bound me when I didn't want to be bound all because he thought I could control you. You know this. Every fae knows this."

"You do know I am sorry that happened to you." Puck stated. "That only happened because I had become smitten with you. With your wildness. Oberon somehow found out about it that led to us being bound."

Jewel sighed having known this. She drew her arm to her bringing Puck along till he stood an inch from her where she laid her head on his chest. "We would have had a different outcome if I had been able to choose for myself."

"I know." He replied tucking her head under his jaw.

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