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"Unauthorised off- world activation."

Red lights and klaxons blared through the base as personnel rushed to position and SG1 ran towards the control room. Daniel was the first to notice.

"Wha… How is that possible?"

"No one's dialled in. There's no address."

Carter stared in wide- eyed amazement at the flickering blue light that played on the wall behind the stargate and indicated an active wormhole. Sergeant Harriman spun in his seat.

"There's no way of telling what planet it's coming from, but from what we can make out it's at least 70,000 light years from the nearest known gated planet."

Jack looked up at the general.

"You think this is some kind of fancy Goa'uld technology, or some species we haven't encountered yet?"

"We're not sure yet. Major Carter, Teal'c? Any ideas?"

Carter spoke first.

"Well sir, I don't think it's Goa'uld. It's too far away to be of any use. Even in the Goa'uld's fastest ships it would take at least 65 years to get there. My guess is, a wormhole formed between the mystery planet and Earth, and our end was drawn in by the naquada in the stargate, much in the same way as a lightning rod conducts electricity down a building."

Teal'c nodded solemnly.

"I concur with major Carter. The Goa'uld would not waste time and resources building a base on this planet."

Jack waved his hand in the air.

"Can we send a MALP through?"

Carter sighed and turned to face him.

"If the wormhole is naturally occurring, it might not be stable."

"So, we send a MALP through, make sure it's stable, then send a team through."

"Very well. Harriman, prepare to launch a MALP."

The General nodded at the sergeant who sent the MALP slowly up the ramp and through the rippling event horizon of the wormhole.

In the control room, Carter turned to Daniel.

"This is amazing, even if it isn't stable enough to send living tissue through. I mean, artificial wormholes and advanced alien technology have changed a lot of things we thought we knew about the universe. But a naturally occurring Einstein- Rosen bridge would prove that we were also right about a lot of things. Any data we get from this could be just as valuable as some of the technology we bring through the gate."


O'Neill turned sharply, one hand over his face in frustration.

"You can give us the science lesson later, I wanna stay awake for this bit."

Sam sighed and faced the enormous window.

"Yes Sir."

Daniel flicked O'Neill a sheepish, grateful look before joining Sam at the window.