Hey guys, Tronmaster here. So, not getting a lot of reception for RWBY: Hallowed Scars. I'm not forcing anybody to do anything, but please check it out. Anyway, I understand that the latest chapter for RWBY: Hallowed Scars was short. So, here's the release schedule for this new story, Reading RGF, and RWBY: Hallowed Scars. Reading RGF will still be posted weekly every Tuesday. This new story, and RWBY: Hallowed Scars will be posted bi-weekly. For this story, every other Monday I will update it, and for RWBY: Hallowed Scars, every other Friday. So again, if you would, please check out RWBY: Hallowed Scars. Anyway, without further adieu, the first of four trailers for RWBY: General's Remnant.

The forest of Forever Fall. A place of infinite beauty, and danger. A figure is seen walking through this part of the forest. This figure remembers being here with his uncle a few times before. He wears a trench coat. Long, flowing, and black as night. Strapped to his back, is a sword, possibly a tad larger than himself. Strapped to his hip, is a pistol. A revolver, with seven chambers, for seven bullets.

The young man has a pale complexion. His hair is jet black, and his eyes were a golden-yellow in color. A quick look at his clothing showed a black and red long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans, and black combat boots. On his coat, is a symbol. A cross, with all four ends looking more triangular, or diamond-like in appearance, with the center of it being more diamond-like. Encircling the cross, are two wings. Almost like an angel's wings.

The forest itself is quiet, save for the sound of the young man walking, the wind, and growls of creatures ready to pounce at their supposedly unaware prey. These creatures of pure darkness, these creatures of Grimm, were observing their prey, watching, waiting for their time to strike. Only, they never got the chance.

The young man smirked, knew he was being followed, later put a hand to the hilt of his sword. And, with one furious swing cut down several of the Beowolves, the wolf-like creatures of Grimm. The rest of the pack, all having black fur, white bone-like spikes protruding out from their bodies, with claws of the same color, eyes, red as blood, and masks, the same white bone-like color as the spikes, all charged out of the forest, wanting to devour the young man's soul.

The young man, who looks no older than seventeen, gives a small laugh as the Grimm charge towards him. Hand still on his sword's hilt, he gives another swing, cutting down several more or the Grimm charging him. Just as one of the Beowolves goes to take a bite out of him, the young man, with lightning-fast reflexes, grabs his pistol, and aims it at the Grimm's head, and pulls the trigger. A loud 'CRACK' sound is heard, as the Grimm falls to the ground, its head, completely obliterated.

The young man, taking the advantage of the Grimm's confusion, presses a button on the hilt of his sword, transforming it into a massive minigun. This alternate form of the weapon, has three barrels, and a forward-facing shield. The young man, wasting no time, pulls the trigger of his massive weapon, mowing down more of the Grimm, turning them into ribbons. The last few remaining Beowolves, including the massive form of the Alpha Beowolf, all wait hesitantly, wondering what to do. The young man doesn't give them time to make a decision, as he flips a small switch on the trigger guard of his weapon's secondary form, transforming it even further. The weapon further changes shape, before turning into a grisly-looking scythe. The young man, determination in his eyes, which have now changed to blood red, charges directly into the remaining Grimm.

in a few short swings, the battle is over. All of the Grimm are dissolving, a sign that they have died. And the young man, reveling in his victory, looks towards the night sky, at the shattered moon. The young man, satisfied with his work, turns around and leaves to return home, lest he incur the wrath of his father, and two sisters. As the screen fades to black, a voice is heard, almost ethereal in nature. "Keep up the good work RAAM. I have faith in you."

Well, that was one helluva trailer, if I do say so myself. Yep, this is another Gears of War and RWBY crossover. And yep, this story will revolve around none other than the resurrected main antagonist from the first Gears game, General RAAM. The other three trailers will be released again, every other Monday. Same with the story chapters. Anyway, I hope that you all enjoy it, and please for those of you who are following Reading RGF, go follow RWBY: Hallowed Scars. Well, that about covers it. Now, don't forget to read and review. And until next time, this is Tronmaster, signing off. Later!