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I entered Beacon's auditorium, looking around to find my blonde putz of a twin sister, only to come up empty.

'Dammit Yang, where are you?' I thought, scanning the audience for Yang, but once again, turning up short.

"You think for someone who wears such, vibrant clothing, your sister would be easier to find." Frost murmured, as someone tapped me on the shoulder, making me jump.

"HOLY SHIT!" I shouted, jumping into the air, and landing right on my ass.

"Holy shit, didn't mean to startle you." Said a rather gruff voice, the owner of said voice helping me up.

"Ugh, it's fine, I was just looking for my twin sister." I replied, "Anyway, who're you?" I asked, "I assume you're not faculty."

"The name's Cole MacGrath." The now-named Cole replied, holding out his hand.

"RAAM Branwen." I answered,returning the gesture, "So, I take it you're here to be a Huntsman?"

"Same as you." Cole said, as Professor Ozpin stepped onto the stage, Professor Goodwitch beside him.

"I'll... keep it brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and acquire new skills, and when you have finished, you plan to dedicate your life to the protection of the people." Ozpin said, as he continued his speech.

"Dear Naga, I hate long-winded speeches." Frost groaned, I just proceeded to roll my eyes at her antics.

"Good Lord, I HATE speeches, guess growing up in Atlas hasn't done much to grow my tolerance of 'em." Cole said, sighing, Ozpin, FINALLY ending his speech.

"You will gather in the ballroom tonight; tomorrow, your initiation begins. Be ready. You are dismissed." Glynda said, as I only NOW noticed Yang.

"Hey, I just found my sisters and my friends, so, I'll see ya later?" I asked Cole, who just shrugged.

"Alright, hey, good luck." Cole said, holding out his fist.

"You too." I replied, fist-bumping him, and feeling a small shock.

"Heh, sorry, guess it must be leftover static electricity." Cole apologized, as Yang and the others called out to me.

"Yeah, maybe. See ya Cole!" I said, jogging towards my friends, 'Static electricity my photosensitive ass. You're a Conduit.' I thought, as I finally met back up with the others.

"Hey RAAM." Ruby greeted with a hand wave, which I returned.

"Who was that you were talking to earlier?" Fetch asked, as Frost appeared next to us.

"His name's Cole MacGrath." I answered, "And, here's the kicker: dude's a Conduit." The others having various looks of shock.

"No way, seriously?" Yang asked, befuddled.

"Never would've thought that we'd end up at the same school as another Conduit, eh Fetch?" Eugene asked his fellow Conduit, Fetch nodding in response.

"Anyway, find your girlfriend RAAM?" Willow asked, a teasing tone in her voice.

"Unfortunately, no. Our dear, sweet RAAM has had no luck in ascertaining the location of his dear paramour." Frost said, adding her two cents into the ring.

'N-no! It's not like that!' I shot back, making the sorceress giggle.

[Later that Night...]

As night descended, everyone got changed into their pajamas. Mine weren't special, just some sweatpants and a t-shirt with my emblem emblazoned on them, along with a pair of socks. Once again, despite my bet efforts,my sisters escape my sight.

'Dammit all to hell... How hard is it to find those two?' I thought, as a small scowl formed on my face.

"As a matter of fact, where did Willow and the others-" Was all Frost got out, before Willow popped up in front of us, dressed in a nightgown, with a pair of leggings underneath.

"Any luck fining Yang and Ruby?" Willow asked me.

"Nope." I answered, "What about Delsin, Fetch and Eugene?" I asked in return.

"Nada." Willow answered, as I looked over, and noticed a familiar black bow.

"Well, didn't find your sisters, but you found Blake." Frost said with a light chuckle. My only response being to walk over to Blake.

"Yo, this spot taken?" I asked Blake, getting her attention.

"Oh, hey RAAM, didn't expect to be seeing you again so soon." Blake replied, looking up from her book, "And no, not really. However, I was-" Was all Blake got out, before a very familiar voice was hear in a sing-song manner.

"Hel-looooo!" Yang sang, as her, Ruby and Delsin walked over, poor Ruby being dragged by Yang, Delsin, Fetch and Eugene close behind.

"So, that's where you lot went." Willow noted, as Blake began to look irritated that her reading was interrupted further.

"I'm, I'm so sorry about my twin sister's, boisterous attitude." I apologized to Blake, who only had an expression of indifference on her face.

"Oh, Naga, this is embarrassing." Frost groaned as Ruby buried her face in Delsin's shoulder in shame.

"Anyway, these two are my sisters, my twin sister Yang, and our little sister, Ruby." I introduced,motioning towards the two.

"Aren't you... that girl that exploded?" Blake asked in deadpan.

"In defense of my girlfriend, it wasn't her fault that frosty Weiss chick was waiving around an unsealed vial of Dust around like it was the world's most extravagant salt shaker." Delsin replied, making all of us look at him.

"Salt shaker?" Willow deadpanned, "Sure you wanna go with that?"

"Yes, now hush." Delsin replied, as Frost sighed.

"Guys, we're kinda interrupting Blake's reading, we can-" Was all I got out, before Rub walked up to Blake.

"What's it about?" Ruby asked, making everyone look at her.

"Huh?" Blake asked back in surprise.

"Your book. does it have a name?" Ruby asked making me look between Ruby and Blake.

"Well... i-it's about a man with two souls, each fighting over control of his body." Blake answered after a few seconds.

"Huh, I think I read that book once." Fetch muttered to herself, as Yang rolled her eyes.

"I love books, Yang and RAAM used to read to me every night before bed. Stories of heroes and monsters... They're one of the reasons I want to be a Huntress!" Ruby exclaimed excitedly.

"And why is that? Hoping you'll live happily ever after?" Blake asked, laughing a bit.

"Well, I'm hoping we all will. As a girl, I wanted to be just like those heroes in the books... Someone who fought for what was right, and protected people who couldn't protect themselves." Ruby responded, and in that moment, I couldn't help but be proud of my baby sis.

"That's... very ambitious for a child." Blake replied, her smile turning into a frown, "Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale."

"Well, that's why we're here! To make it better." Ruby replied, sure of her self.

"Oh, I am so proud of my baby sister!" Yang exclaimed, grabbing Ruby into a tight hug.

"Cut it out!" Ruby yelled, and the hug between the two of them erupted into a full-blown fist-fight.

"Oy vey..." I groaned, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"Well, Ruby, Yang, it's a pleasure to prop-" Blake got out, laughing slightly, when all of a sudden, a shrill voice came onto the scene.

"What in the world is going on here?! Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?" Weiss shrieked, as Yang and Ruby finally disengaged from their little skirmish.

"Oh, not you again!" Yang and Weiss yelled at each other, as Willow raced to clamp Yang's mouth shut.

"Shh! Guys, she's right! People are trying to sleep!" Ruby said, attempting to defuse the situation.

"Oh, NOW you're on my side!" Weiss yelled, and I could tell that this was going downhill faster than a snowball off the side of Mount Evergreen.

"I was always on your side!" Ruby defended, as Yang and Weiss began to argue.

"Why don't both of you do us all a favor, and shut the royal fuck up?" Willow growled lowly, as Blake blew out the candle.

"Guess it's time for bed." Frost said, chuckling to herself, as we made our separate sleeping areas.

'Fortunately, I have better vision in darkness, considering my soul's origin in the Hollows.' I replied, drifting off into sleep.

[The Next Morning...]

Although, when I woke up, I felt, extremely groggy.

'Ugh, that's the last time I eat Yang's X-Treme Spicy Meat, Fish & Bean Chili before school.' I thought with a groan as I was waking up, Willow shifting closer to Yang while sleeping.

"Or, not eat so much spicy food in general?" Frost asked, as I tapped Willow on the forehead, startling her awake.

"What the... What time is it?" Willow asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Time to get up, you slugabed." I retorted, as Delsin and Ruby woke up, the latter being the little spoon to Delsin's big spoon.

"Mhmn... Mornin' guys." Delsin groaned, as Ruby yawned, stretching her arms, accidentally clonking Fetch in the face.

"OW!" Fetch yelled, clutching her face in her hands.

"Oops, sorry Fetch." Ruby apologized as Fetch waived it off.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm hungry, who wants breakfast?" Yang asked, causing all of us to stare at her blankly.

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