Dear readers,

This story is a peculiar experiment in brevity. Since it's 200 drabbles of 100 words each, you might say that it's a long experiment in brevity, which does appear to be a contradiction in terms. In the meanwhile, what you need to know is that there is a fantastic FULLY ILLUSTRATED version of this tale over on Archive of Our Own, complete with one illustration by the marvelously talented MyWitch for each installment. I highly encourage you to check it out!

Hermione Jean Granger was a creature of habit.

Her alarm clock rang every morning at 6:04 A.M., a perfectly reasonable time that made her feel as though she was luxuriously sleeping in. This was followed by some hot water with a squeeze of lemon juice, ten minutes of stretching like her elderly cat, a five-and-a-half minute shower, and a bowl of muesli.

This routine was necessary if she was to arrive at her office at the Ministry each day at 7 o'clock on the nose.

There was time for a coffee on the way.