Well, we're at the end. You might notice that this installment DEFINITELY relates to the opening. Feel free to refresh your memory now, if it has been awhile.

The following week, everything happened quickly.

Chucking her alarm clock for good, Hermione packed up her office and her flat. She left her job to Pip and officially moved in with Severus.

The day of their departure, Molly threw them a farewell breakfast, inviting all their friends to send them off. Severus bore it with good humour, making Harry's baby girl a hideous orange balloon cat.

With an hour before their Portkey to visit Fiona and Charlie in Romania, Hermione hugged everyone goodbye and took Severus's hand, hopeful for the future.

There was time for a coffee on the way.

The End

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In the meanwhile, MyWitch's illustrations are still posting over on Archive of Our Own, and they are truly marvelous. It's been such a gift to work with someone so talented and creative and funny.

Finally, a huge thanks go to Toblass, whose sketch of Severus Snape in a dark green apron holding a dirty chai latte inspired this whole thing. She drew it last August, and so it seems only fitting to end this tale now, a year after it all began.