THE SUPER SAYA TRIBAL Chapter-1 Attack of the Unknown!

A few years have passed since the human twins and the dog saved the Tribal- System. Everything is as it was before Mizar. The Tribals live happily in peace. And the Ants are at war with the Termites. It was Mizar hwo build up the United Bug Empire. Now that Mizar no longer exists, the Ants fight the Termites again.

It was very dark and rainy at this day. A small group of Ant Drones is walking through the forest. None of them was really sure what their mission was. But they knew that they would be told as soon as they arrive at the end of the forrest. The group was good protected. There was a blue Drone who was specialised on granades, a red Drone who was a very good engineer, a yellow Drone who knows the best defense strategies, a green Drone who was a sharpshooter, one Cyborgdrone hwo was nearly undestructable and a few others. As they walked quiet through the forest heard one of the Drones a strange noise. 'Did you hear that?' the Drone said. It was a brown Drone who had no special abilities. 'No, I hope it was not a Termite.' Another Drone answered. The Drone was Orange and had very big jaws. The Ants shrugged. This time all of them heard the sound. 'What. what was that?' A dark green Drone asked. The Cyborgdrone, who was the commander of the group, send a green drone to check what coursed the sound. That Drone was at Mizars time not in the armies of the United Bug Empire. At that time it was a bounty hunter. Hunting for the most wanted Bugs and Aliens in the universe. It even tried to catch the Get Force Twins. This is the first time that this Drone was really afraid. Bad rumours where told about this planet. No one has ever returned from that planet, they had said. The Drone didn't believe in these rumours, at that moment it wishes it had believed those rumours. Slowly the green Drone moved forward. Fear was in its mind. It was the fear of death. Slowly it moved forward. Thinking of its husband and of the eggs. It thought it would never see its family again. Slowly the Drone moved forward. Until suddenly something jumped out of the bushes. 'Help!' the poor Ant shouted. When the Drone caught its breath it saw what it was that jumped at it. It was an Ant, a Drone, just like her. But one jaw was much longer than the other one. And it had bigger claws, much bigger claws. It stared at the green drone with its large yellow eye. The other eye was scratched out. The skin, that was as hard as a tank had a light brown colour, it almost red. The green drone has heard of those before. It was a Mutant Ant. The Mutant Ants and the Mutant Termites where created by an accident. It was a nuclear missile that was supposed to destroy one of the Tribal planets. But a saboteur had changed the location of the impact. The missile detonated 1.000 miles above the surface of Tawfret. But the United Bug Empire was already in control of Tawfret, so all the Ants and the Termites who where on the planet mutated. The other Drones who have been hiding came to see why the green Drone cried for help. As the group reached the spot where the scream came from, they shrugged. All Mutant Ants had been caught and turned back. Besides, All of them had only existed on Tawfret and that is not their current location. The Mutant Ant was about to attack the green ant, which was praying for its life. Then the Cyborgdrone reacted. It jumped at the Mutant Ant. They fell to the ground. The yellow Drone grabbed its shocker and stunned the Mutant Ant. A light red Drone stepped towards the stunned Mutant Ant. It gave the stunned Ant an injection. The Mutant Ant cried out loud. All the Drones stepped back. Then the Ant stood up. The green Drone, which was attacked by the Mutant, opened its eyes wide. It could not believe it. The Bug, which was ugly before, looked normal now. Everybody stared. 'I.where am I?' The brown almost red Drone asked. 'What happened?' the Cyborgdrone asked back. The brown Drone answered: 'I am not sure. The only thing I can remember is the red light. The whole sky was red. Then. I don't know what happened then!'

After a while the group has left the forest. Then they waited for orders. In their heads a strange voice said: 'On the planet is one of our hills. Every contact to it stopped a few days ago. Your mission is to find out what happened there. Good luck!' 'Acording to my map,' a purple Drone said, 'is the Hill in that direction.' It points in a direction. The Drones gasp. They see huge, black cloud of smoke.

I made up all of the Characters. But they are based on the ones of Jet Force Gemini that is owned by Rareware.