Hey readers.

Another fanfic and this one I've been advertising a fair bit. Well, telling you guys about.

It's a three-way crossover with Danny Phantom, Kim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long. I have written two fanfic crossovers with Kim Possible and Danny Phantom and two fanfic crossovers with Danny Phantom and Jake Long.

All four are referenced and have taken place before this fanfic, feel free to read them before this one to avoid any confusion or feeling lost. But as a heads up, both Kim Possible and Jake Long and their main show characters know Danny's secret and Danny knows about the American Dragon. This is set before the Phantom Planet, at some point near the end of each show's final season. Kim's battle suit doesn't feature and Jake's dad doesn't know about the existence of dragons.

In case you are wondering about chronological order, I've put it as Am Drag in Amity Park, Anything is Possible for a Phantom, Helping a Phantom and then Calling in a Phantom. You can access them all through my stories.

Anyway, that was a long explanation. Let me know what you think of the fanfic and I hope you guys enjoy it.

I don't own any of the shows, Danny Phantom, Kim Possible or American Dragon: Jake Long.

And so, on with the story. By the way, bear with me if it feels a little slow to start with…

Kim Possible tucked her long red hair into a short blonde wig. She turned to Ron. He was wearing a long black coat and black suit from the costume shop. He had sprayed his blonde hair black. She smiled at him as he tucked Rufus safely away in his pocket.

"You ready?" Kim asked as she smoothed down her own black dress from the costume shop. They'd paid extra for insurance in case they got damaged. He nodded.

"Sure thing KP. I have to admit though, when Wade suggested we come to this auction, I didn't expect this," Ron replied, scowling at his suit. Kim giggled.

"Me neither, but hopefully it'll be fun. But remember, don't call me KP in there. Call me Ann," Kim suggested.

"Ann?" Ron repeated. Kim nodded.

"Itis my middle name. I'll call you Ronaldo," Kim decided. Ron scowled at the name but didn't argue.

"Alright then K- I mean, Ann," Ron concluded.

Kim led the way into the large auction room. She scanned the already gathered crowd. She spotted Drakken and Shego. She saw Monkey Fist, Senor Senior Senior and his son Senor Senior Junior. She also noticed Professor Dementor and a small group of his henchmen. However there were others sitting in the room. There was a tall, pale man in a dark corner. Just looking at the man sent shivers down her spine. He looked like the kind of person found in psychiatric hospitals with his angry eyes and ragged clothes. She saw a man in a beaten suit complete with elbow patches on a tweed jacket, bow tie and monocle. Then near the back there was an elderly man with a teenage boy waiting. Kim couldn't help but think that they didn't fit with this scene. The man maybe, but the boy had a spiky gelled hair and wore a casual red jacket and three-quarter length trousers.

Kim and Ron sat near the back after signing up and getting their bidding paddle and waited for the auction to start. It was funded by Hench-co. That was the first alarm bell for Kim and Wade. When Wade managed to hack in and check the auction list, they knew they had to come here. There was a relic for sale that posed a potential danger to a certain half ghost friend of theirs, Danny Fenton a.k.a. Danny Phantom, not to mention the world.

The auction began and there was a few bidding wars for certain objects. Plans for an energy conserving doomsday weapon, belt to increase the wearer's strength, an upgraded security system software. Nothing too dangerous. Ron slumped bored in his seat.

"Ugh. When is this gauntlet thing coming up? This is dull," Ron complained softly.

"Ronaldo, the gauntlet is on last. We only have three more things. Now be quiet and keep an eye on everyone," Kim hissed back at her boyfriend. Ron groaned quietly and sat up again in his fold away seat. Kim noticed a similar conversation between her and Ron taking place between the old man and the boy. Kim smirked at the sight before returning her focus on to the auctioneer.

"Now, a formula for improved rocket fuel. This fuel is guaranteed to be at least twice the efficiency of your run of the mill fuel. Now shall we start the bidding at thirty thousand dollars?" the auctioneer called to the audience. A bidding war started up between Drakken and Professor Dementor. Dementor won and gave Drakken a smug grin as the auctioneer took down his paddle number on his sheet.

"And finally, our last item. This relic dates back to the early 1300s. The Dominion Gauntlet. It is, as legend speculates, able to control any ghost, human or magical creature. Of course we all know that isn't possible," The auctioneer chuckled, earning a small laugh from the majority of the crowd. However not everyone. The man in the battered suit, the crazy looking man, Drakken, Shego, Kim, Ron, the old man and the teenage boy didn't laugh.

"We are obliged to also inform any potential buyers, that it is incomplete. There is only one of the three gems included. But it is a collectable and is the only one of its kind. It is a priceless artefact. So shall we open the bidding at fifty thousand?" the auctioneer explained once his laughter abated.

Kim could see that the auctioneer saying it was "priceless" had interested a great deal of potential buyers. Senor Senior Senior immediately put his paddle up.

"I have fifty. Do I have fifty-five?" The auctioneer announced encouragingly. Ron moved to put up their paddle but Kim stopped him as Drakken put his up.

"We can't afford that Ronaldo. We'll just keep an eye on who gets the gauntlet," Kim whispered to Ron who nodded in understanding. A four way bidding war began between Drakken, Senor Senior Senior, the man in the battered suit and a female collector Kim didn't recognise.

"Seventy! Seventy-five! Eighty! Eighty-five! Ninety! Ninety-five! One Hundred thousand! One ten! One twenty!" the auctioneer called as he pointed to Drakken, Senor Senior Senior and the man in the battered suit. The collector dropped out at Eighty-five thousand dollars.

"Father, why do you want that stupid glove? It doesn't do anything?" Senor Senior Junior asked loudly. Senor Senior Senior looked at his son and then smiled.

"You're right son," He decided but the evil smirk Kim spotted made her think that he'd decided to just steal the gauntlet at the end.

"Do I have one sixty? Yes! One sixty-five?" The auctioneer asked as he pointed to Drakken hopefully. Drakken groaned and whispered something to Shego.

"Oh no! Nuh-uh. I'm not loaning you money," Shego answered and folded her arms. The auctioneer smiled at Drakken and lifted his head to the rest of the crowd.

"Anyone else? One hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Going once? Going twice? Going three times? And… sold! To the man with the monocle at the back. Hold up your paddle sir and we'll take down your details," The auctioneer called with a slam of the gavel on the desk. The man in the battered suit smiled smugly, even glancing back at the old man and the teenager at the back, as he held his paddle high.

"And that concludes this auction sponsored by Hench-co. Please form an orderly line to collect your purchases and return your paddles at the back of the room. Thank you for coming and all purchases are final. Whether they are stolen or destroyed is not our concern," the auctioneer concluded, making the disclaimer very clear. Kim nodded to Ron and they left the auction room, returning their unused paddle to the person at the back and waited for the man in the battered suit. They had to check if he was going to use the gauntlet or if he wanted it for display purposes. They owed that much to their friend.

And the first chapter is over. A lot of characters made an appearance in that chapter. I hope you recognised all the hints. So I've introduced Kim and Ron… to the next introduction…

Until the next chapter.