Kim walked into the shop a few moments before Danny returned, phasing in through the back door.

"Hey, so how did it go?" Ron asked. Lao Shi had gone to have a lie down and Fu dog was busy updating the tome on magical relics. Kim glanced at Danny.

"Well, Freakshow has been arrested and might even be put in a mental asylum," Kim replied.

"What, why?" Jake questioned confused. The plan was just to get Freakshow thrown in jail.

"I lost control a couple of times and I decided to discredit Freakshow completely. I just really hope they don't believe in ghosts and think he's telling the truth," Danny explained with a shrug as he reverted to his human form.

"We could try to erase his memory," Jake offered.

"Sorry Jake, but that's not possible. Freakshow grew up in a circus that used ghosts for performances. You'd have to remove all his memories in order to get rid of the threat. In fact he used to have a crystal ball that could control ghosts. That's how I met him. He started to control me and made me rob everyone in Amity Park. Speaking of which, I really should get back. Jazz can only cover for me for so long," Danny informed them.

"You sure? I doubt Gramps would mind if you stayed the night, it's getting late," Jake suggested, glancing at the darkening sky. Danny frowned at the sky and sighed.

"Unfortunately yeah, I really should try and get back tonight. If I miss my curfew, I can lie about losing track of time but if I'm out all night, I probably get grounded or something. And with ghost attacks, it's hard to remain in my room and so I get into even more trouble," Danny explained.

"Wait, Danny. Do you even know the way?" Kim interjected. Danny grinned sheepishly and shook his head.

"Not a clue, but it can't be too hard to find Amity Park," Danny guessed. Kim rolled her eyes.

"I'll drive you. I need to get home and finish off my homework before school tomorrow," Kim announced. Ron groaned.

"Is that due tomorrow!? I completely forgot. How do you manage it all?" Ron exclaimed exasperatedly.

"I don't procrastinate Ron! Come on," Kim answered.

"It was nice meeting you Jake. If you ever need anything, call me, beep me, you know… I have a website that you can get in touch with me on," Kim turned to Jake and gave him a brief hug. Ron shook his hand.

"It's been fun," Ron commented before following Kim to her car out the front.

Danny fetched the thermos and shook Jake's hand.

"Nice seeing you again Jake. Whenever you're in Amity Park, come see me. I'll send you another thermos soon. You want anything else?" Danny smiled.

"Er… I don't think so. I don't really know what I'd need if anything. Thanks for helping Danny and thank you for getting my grandpa back. Mom, sends her thanks too," Jake thanked him. Danny shrugged.

"Like I said, now we're even. You saved me from Walker and those blood blossoms. Just do me a favour and keep an eye out for Freakshow. He might still get away. If he does, mock him until he leaves an opening," Danny replied with a smirk. Jake smiled back at Danny before Kim's horn was heard.

"Best go. By the way, Jake I should thank you. You saved me first before I saved your grandfather and Ron," Danny reminded Jake before he walked out of the shop and got into Kim's car.

Kim drove out of the city and took to the skies. The three teens talked and within a few hours, landed around the corner from Fenton Works.

"Thanks Kim. Let me know if you ever need help. Also, keep an eye out for Freakshow, he might break out still," Danny called to Kim as he got out of the car.

"Hey, I should thank you, you were the one who stopped Freakshow and saved Ron," Kim replied with a smile.

"But we'll keep an eye out for Freakshow," Ron shouted from the passenger seat. Kim raised an eyebrow.

"I'll ask Wade to watch out for him," Kim decided before pulling away with one last wave.

Danny watched them go before pulling out his phone. He typed in Jazz's number and called her.

"Danny? Is everything alright?" Jazz answered concerned.

"Yeah, I'm back. I'm around the corner right now. Is it safe to come home?" Danny replied calmly, looking at the thermos in his hand.

"Yeah, mom and dad are chasing the Box Ghost over at the docks," Jazz retorted.

"Great, see you in a sec," Danny decided and hung up.

He walked into the house and immediately struggled against Jazz as she pulled him into a tight embrace.

"What happened with Freakshow?" Jazz demanded. Danny pulled away finally and blinked in surprise.

"He's been arrested. I got back my powers, brought back Jake's grandfather and destroyed the gauntlet," Danny explained quickly before walking upstairs and found his thermos with Klemper. He brought both thermoses down to the lab while Jazz followed him and demanded a more in-depth explanation. Danny laughed as he emptied both thermoses into the Ghost Zone and returned to the kitchen with a thermos and wrapped it up to be posted and put Jake's address on it.

"Alright, but it's a long story," Danny conceded and the siblings sat down in the living room as Danny explained everything. The Box Ghost would keep their parents busy for a while.

And that is that.

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