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And Then There Were 10 and a Potter

Privet Drive

At number four, Privet Drive, there was a big house owed by a very mean and nasty family you can imagine; the Dursley family. The family is composed of three people. One fat man with a mustache, Mr. Dursley, one long-necked, skinny woman, Mrs. Dursley, and their horrible fat son, Dudley.

However, there was another boy who had been living with them. He was entirely different from the Dursley family. In fact, he was a nephew/cousin of theirs. His name was Harry Potter, a small, raven-haired, green-eyed boy, who had been a slave doing everything for his relatives, sleeping in a small cupboard under stairs, eating leftovers or nothing, and wearing his cousin's over-sized clothes. His Not-So-Friendly-Family treated him as an animal, not wanting to raise him at all.

And things started to change a bit on Dudley's birthday. It was a usual day for Harry, cooking perfect meals for Dudley's birthday breakfast. Once he was done, he went to the corner of the table none of the presents for his cousin were on. He stared at his own breakfast.

Eggs and two stripes of bacon, Harry examined. He sighed quietly, not wanting to hear his uncle's yell in the morning. Best breakfast I can get.

Dudley's birthday was one of the worst days in years for him. He had to look his cousin ripping his present off, while eating leftovers. Worst of all, Mr. Dursley's elder sister, Marge Dursley, had just visited them. She even brought her bulldog, Ripper. Harry hated her because on one Christmas, Dudley got a computerized robot but he got a box of dog biscuits. Even today, he accidentally stepped on Ripper's paw and he had to run all over the garden. Eventually, he had to climb up a tree and stay there until past midnight. The Dursleys laughed at this and didn't even stop the dog. Poor little Harry wanted to end this time quickly.

Unfortunately, after he got down from the tree and heard that Mrs. Figg, who became Harry's second guardian when every time the Dursley family went to anywhere they want without him, had gone somewhere to visit her family, things did not go well. At first, the raven-haired boy was glad at the fact that he didn't need to see all the cats Mrs. Figg cared. Soon he heard that there was no one left to watch him. He was in a good mood right now.

"OK, little tyke," Mr. Dursley suddenly called his son. "I'm planing to bring you to America tomorrow. You always wanted to go there, didn't you? You can do all kinds of things! We can eat American meals during the trip! You can do whatever you like. Just say it, and there will be!"

Dudley screamed. He was totally excited to travel abroad and play in new place. As Mr. Dursley decided to go America as a gift for Dudley, the other boy was delighted. He could be free from their hands until they were back. He was eager to watch television, play Dudley's game, and have plenty of food he could make. However, everything he was thinking crumbled to dust as Mr. Dursley informed, "the boy's coming with us."

Everyone complained for different reason, but he retorted, "I don't even like it! The old lady is gone for now and there is nobody to watch you. Do you think I would leave you alone here and find the house completely messed up?!"

His uncle raised voice at the end, but although he was scared, Harry slowly retorted, "I will never make a mess, Uncle Vernon. I, I promise."

But Uncle Vernon did not even pay attention to him. Even Aunt Marge swore to him. Harry felt it was unfair. So far, lots of unexplainable things happened around the Potter boy. In the house, Mrs. Dursley, or Aunt Petunia, once cut Harry's hair until he was almost bald, except for his bangs to cover his unique lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. The next day, however, his hair was back and Harry wasn't surprise when his uncle locked him in the cupboard with no meal for a few days as a punishment. Also, there was a time Aunt Petunia tried to put Dudley's old ugly sweater he hated over him by force, which left a sweater as same as a size of a thumb. No exceptions in school, after Harry managed to turn one teacher's wig into bright blue or end up on a roof of cafeteria.

Harry was there, but he didn't know how he did them. Yet.

But it ended up Harry to go abroad together, much to his and the Dursleys' dislike.


The Dursley family plus Harry finally reached America. It was the same day when they had left British. Uncle Vernon made Harry sure not to disturb the family during the trip or they will leave him alone in this country. So far, nothing happened, except Harry, who mentioned a motorbike flying in his dream. Uncle Vernon braked in shock, which made his car stop immediately and don't start again. They traveled by it for a while but soon it needed to be repaired. They stopped by the near camp site to find help. Uncle Vernon didn't forget to yell at Harry that motorbikes don't fly, causing Dudley to snicker.

"I know," replied Harry. "It was just a dream."

The Dursleys hated anything strange or magical, and Harry knew it, only he did not understand why. While the parents were in deep thought, Harry and his nasty cousin went inside the woods to spend some time, but not for the same reason. Harry wanted to be alone and Dudley followed to bully him. He was having a perfect day but his cousin had been ruined it all the time. But this just applied to Dudley, and Harry was just innocent. As Dudley followed Harry, watching for traps for his trouble-making cousin, he found out they were on a cliff. He made a devilish smile.

"Hey, Potter!" Dudley shouted. Harry turned around to face him, having a bad feeling. Dudley approached to him. He was now clouding Harry with his own shadow. "You don't do anything good for me."

Harry gulped. Something wasn't right. "You don't even do anything."

Dudley made a face. "I don't want to hear from a freak like you. You do what you su... su..."

"Someone doesn't even know a word to say," Harry said sarcastically.

Burning in red, Dudley yelled, "Shut up, freak! You're nothing but a... a freak! You don't even know your mother! Oh, right, she's dead, isn't she?" Harry's heart sank. Dudley lowered his voice and continued mocking. "I heard all of it. Your mom was a loser. Marrying with a Good-for-Nothing trickster, losing all the money she had, having you by accident and died in a car crash! Nobody but a b_tch could do that! That's right, your mom was a worthless, freaky, ugly b_tch! And your papa is a trash! Trash papa and mama b_tch! That's it! You're a freak! A freak!"

Harry's body trembled. He clenched his fist and shoved his cousin by grabbing his collar of his shirt and punching him in the face. "DON'T YOU DARE SAY LIKE THAT! EVEN YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THEM! THEY WERE NOT!"

However, his punch wasn't as strong as Dudley's. The bigger kid pushed the other hard and punch him in his stomach, causing him to fall down the cliff. Harry screamed until he landed on bushes. It was lucky to land on there, but it didn't block the pain. As Harry opened his eyes, Dudley was smirking at him. He then disappeared from sight, saying, "Don't come back again, loser!"

Harry, on the other hand, just stared at where he fell. Several minutes passed, which Harry felt like a few hours. Then he looked at the sky above him. Black sky with shining dots was reflected in his emerald eyes. He always wondered, are there really aliens out in space? Is it a better place than the Dursleys? Is it...a happy place?

Harry made dozens of questions up in his mind. Back at the Dursleys, he often stared at the stars when none of the Dursleys were watching him. The very first beginning he became interested in astronomy was a map of constellation. It was Dudley's at first of course, but he was an idiot, so he threw away from his sight and ordered Harry to clean it. Harry, however, thought it was lucky when his cousin had said that. The raven-haired boy quickly brought the map to the cupboard and hid it under his pillow. Then he had been watching it at night, examining and wondering about universe. He knew only few facts about outer space after he read little from one of Dudley's old books. It was a book with aliens in imagination, which led Harry always dreaming about other creatures. He knew universe was big and full of imaginations.

He had been asking to himself about space alone since he couldn't ask to his family. And the reasons were two; both died or had a rule of no questions. He always wondered what it would be like, if he had an alien friend. He would prank Dudley or play tag. Maybe he would live with his friend, away from the Dursleys. They would be glad to not feed him again, and Harry would be delighted to be away from them, becoming free, which he had wanted. Then he would find a pretty girl friend, become her husband, and live happily until the end. But that was just his dream. His dream of hope to get away from the Dursleys.

In Privet Drive, he would never be happy. He was just a troublemaker there. He hoped to run away and live by his own, but he was too young and not smart enough. And once he was captured, only punishment would be there.

Everything was hopeless. Then Harry realized he was crying. He brought his arm and wiped it out, only to cry more. Why of all people, he had to be the one who deserve this? Harry, not wanting to go back to his family like his cousin had said, just lay down on the bushes, crying silently. He didn't want to go back. He thought this would satisfy the Dursleys. He knew they would be glad to know if he was gone. So, he just lay there.

For hours, he didn't do anything but watching the stars. Soon, he became lightened a bit. Along with the song from bugs in the forest, the night view was fantastic. The darkness helped Harry to see more stars than he saw in that house of nightmare. He even saw a shooting star. Recalling that people wished on shooting stars to make them come true with hope, Harry quickly sat up and brought his hands, put them together, and closed his eyes. He began to wish what he wanted, I wish to be free from the Dursleys.

However, just then, another wish came to his mind. He then wished again, hoping the shooting star didn't disappear yet. I wish to have an alien friend.

Suddenly, he heard something burning. He opened his eyes and looked back before he became shocked at the scene. The other side of the forest was burning in flames. Animals ran out from there to avoid them. As they pass Harry, he quickly hid into the bushes. A herd of deer or rabbits jumped over him and how lucky he was not to be stomped. As he heard no more footsteps, he peeked out from the bushes. He saw the flames coming close. Terrified, he hurriedly got out from the bushes. However, he couldn't move forward. In fact, a branch caught his shirt. He tried to get it lose, but it was stuck in a hole of his old shirt from Dudley. He hated Dudley more.

He looked at the flames. Now it was only few miles away from him. In a few minutes, he would be engulfed by the fire. Tears poured down from his eyes. He cried in fear. "Help!"

Nothing happened. The flames were now about to reach him. He pulled his shirt to get away. He shouted once more, hoping anybody to hear. "Help me! I'm in the forest! I, I'm here! Somebody! Anybody! Please help me!"

This wasn't what he wished. He didn't wish to die. He wanted to live, not in his horrible relatives' home. He wanted to live with his new family. Only thing he wanted was just a new friend, a new family, and a new home.

Then, someone called him. "Hey! Hold on!"

Harry opened his eyes but he fell backwards as he felt the branch releasing his shirt. With a loud thud, he looked around to find the owner of the voice and he was shocked as he found.

It was a humanoid with a face of flame. Its body was made of dark brown or red magma rocks, with lava running through between the cracks. Its palm was almost ten times bigger than Harry's small one. Its feet was oval-shaped with two toes in the front and one in the back. On its chest was a white and grey badge with black lines resembling an hourglass.

Harry was too afraid to say something at the creature. It suddenly said in a low voice, startling Harry. "You okay?"

Harry noticed it was a man but couldn't say any word. So, he just nodded his head.

The creature looked at the forest fire then at Harry. He quickly gestured to run before going to the other side of fire, and Harry did the same, following the flame guy. As the guy noticed him, he looked surprised but he just ran. Then, as they were out of the forest, the creature turned around towards the forest while Harry was catching his breath. Harry tried to thank him but was shocked as he saw him shooting laser of flames to the woods, setting fire.

"What are you doing?!" Harry cried. "You're making it worse!"

Surprisingly, the creature turned to Harry and grinned. "It's called a backfire. I set a new fire, it blocks the forest flames, then game over."

"But that's a stupid idea!" Harry retorted.

"Trust me," it said, then he looked back at the flames. "I know my grandpa."

Harry was dumbfounded, but as he watched the fire beside him, he was surprised that the creature was right. As the new set of fire burned everything, the fire was getting weak. After a few minutes, the fire was completely gone, much to Harry's surprise. Now the forest remained ashes and burned trees.

He couldn't believe it. The fire creature did put out the forest fire with flames. He looked at him and saw he was returning to the woods. Harry hesitated a bit to follow, but as he thought of returning to the Dursleys, he shook his head and began to follow the creature's path.

Somewhere middle in the woods

Soon enough, Harry was lost in the woods, which hadn't been burned. He looked around to find the creature, which he was sure that was an alien. He was eager to be friend with him, so he continued finding him. But he lost him, and now he was in the woods alone again. It was getting late. He knew as he looked around the dark forest. He regretted not going to the Dursleys, but it was too late. Whether he returned or not, he would be punished. After all, he didn't like them. He would rather follow the alien. So, he just walked to the opposite way to the car, hoping to find the flame alien.

Suddenly, he saw a light. Harry knew the alien's head was made of fire and glowed in the dark. And he knew any bright light might possibly be him. So, without thinking, he ran towards the light. Then, he heard something exploded. He looked around and found a few fresh, large holes which were formed by some sort of bullets. Harry soon found something in front.

However, it wasn't the alien. It was an UFO-shaped, red robot with grey limbs. It was turning its top dish as if it was searching for something. Sensing that it was dangerous, he stopped to go backward but he fell forward. He didn't know what to do. But before he could hit a ground, a giant, fury paw grabbed him and pulled him up to a tree.

Harry looked at it and his jaw fell open. He expected the fire alien but it wasn't. It was a beast with orange fur. It had no eyes, nose, ears, and not even a tail. His teeth were very sharp and stuck out of his mouth. Saliva trickled down at the corner of its mouth, which made Harry frown in disgust. Harry could see gills on the side of its neck, which was odd for land animals to have. On its shoulder was a brace with the same symbol the fire creature had on his chest.

The beast looked surprised as it looked Harry, then it growled and barked something he couldn't understand. But as it sensed the robot flying towards them, it brought Harry to its back and he responded by holding on it. He grabbed its fur tight when the beast climbed up the tree. Harry felt that the fur was greasy and also as hard as spine. He thought, I guess I should wash it later.

Just then, Harry screamed as the beast jumped high and landed on the robot that he saw before. The robot spun around, shooting orange laser everywhere. Before Harry knew what happened, he spotted its arm aiming at him, ready to shoot. He pulled the beast's fur, yelling, "Look out!"

The beast turned its head and bit into the arm before breaking and pulling it out from the robot's body. The beast then turned its head to Harry and...smiled.

Harry was confused at first but noticed it was thanking him. He smiled back. "You're welcome- WHOA!"

Suddenly the robot started to slam them to nearby tree. Luckily, Harry wasn't hurt as the beast raised its arm to defend him. The robot continued moving uncontrollably. Having had enough, the beast tore its head away. Harry saw some sparks in its wires, and as he saw its head flown away from them, he felt pity a bit. That was when he heard the beeping noise. Looking around to find the source, he realized the symbol on the beast's brace was blinking red. Both of them looked at it before looking at each other. Then they saw a giant rock in front. Before Harry could react, the beast jumped off the robot with Harry on its back. As the beeping stopped, he was blinded by a sudden red light and landed with a sound of, "Oof!" Harry heard the robot crashed and exploded, so he realized he was safe. But also, he knew he was sitting on a boy in his age.

Surprised, he quickly got up. "Sorry!"

The boy stood up, groaning and rubbing his back. He had shaggy brown hair, green eyes(Just like mine! Harry thought), and pale skin. He wore a short-sleeved white shirt with black stripes running down the middle and its shoulder parts, military green cargo pants, and a pair of black and white sneakers. What Harry thought most interesting was a watch on his left wrist. It was mainly black and grey but had a round, black dial with red buttons on its side and symbol of red hourglass in the middle, instead of hands of a clock or numbers.

"Maybe you should jump when I say next time," he said.

"Sorry," apologized Harry. Then he realized as he looked at his watch again. "Wait! Don't tell me you're-"

"Look, whatever you had seen," the boy cut him off. "It never happened, okay? Please keep it as a secret. I better get going-"

Harry wondered why the boy froze so sudden. Then he heard a familiar noise and turned around. Unfortunately, it was the same robot like the one they defeated. Both boys said together, "not good".

Just then a shovel out of nowhere slammed to it before it could shoot them, stopping it immediately. When it fell to the ground, Harry noticed it was because of a girl in his age. She had an orange hair, bangs held by a blue hair clip, and same green eyes just like both boys. She wore a blue shirt with a cat logo in front, white Capri pants and shoes. She looked really angry with a shovel and Harry sensed that he mustn't bother her much.

He flinched as she cried, "Back off, sparky! No flying tree-trimmers is going to hurt my cousin!"

Then she hit the robot with the shovel several times, crushing it, and it finally became quiet.

"Never thought I say this," the boy spoke bluntly. "But am I glad to see you."

Then there was a spark, and the trio quickly ran away from it. Soon after, it exploded. Harry, following the two, couldn't believe such a girl in his age crushed the robot that nearly killed the two boys twice, and destroyed it in the end. He soon decided to say something to them. "So... You guys know each other?"

The girl finally noticed him and looked surprised. "Who is he?"

"Don't know," the boy replied. "Found him in the woods. He wasn't able to get out from the forest fire. So I saved him, set fire, then came back. Never knew he would follow me, since I found him in the woods again."

Hearing 'woods', Harry suddenly realized something he forgot for a while. "How did you become that furry creature?"

That's when the boy paused. "Well, um..."

"Ben, don't tell me you were-" the girl said but was cut off by 'Ben'.

"Hey! I was trying to save him! He was almost going to bump into that bot!"

"It's true," Harry pointed out, then he looked at Ben. "I forgot to say thanks for saving my life, by the way. I'm Harry. Harry Potter."

"It's no big deal," he said before introducing himself. "I'm Ben Tennyson. It was great to fight with you."

Harry giggled.

"And I'm Gwen, doofus's cousin," Gwen said, jerking her head to Ben.

" meet you," Harry answered. He guessed they didn't get along well. It was not that unusual, though, as he reminded between himself and Dudley.

"Anyway, why are you following us?" Ben asked Harry. "Shouldn't you return to your parents?"

Harry's mood fell as he heard that. Hesitating for a while, he answered, "I...don't have them."

Both kids stopped running along with Harry. Harry sensed they were uncertain about what to do. Not wanting to bother them, he tried to step back to go back to his family's car. Suddenly, he heard, "I, I'm sorry. I- I mean, we didn't know."

Harry looked at them and saw that Ben was scratching his head sheepishly while Gwen was staring at him with sympathy. He stared at them for a while before shaking his head. "It's alright. I don't remember them, though. I heard they died in a car crash when I was young."

He didn't mention anything Dudley had said to him because he didn't want to find hate or disgust in their eyes. He just smiled sadly.

"Oh, Harry, I'm sorry about that," Gwen said, then she looked at Ben with a harsh stare. "He is a genius at hurting someone."

"Hey! I didn't mean it, you know!" Ben retorted. "How could somebody guess an orphan by just meeting today?! Even a geek wouldn't be able to do it, freak!"

Harry flinched at the end of the sentence, but it was Gwen who yelled back. "Well, you might notice at least by looking at his dirty old clothes-"

Gwen paused and looked at Harry, and Ben did the same. Both children were shocked at the clothes Harry was wearing. They were too big for him and only made him look more fragile and smaller. His glasses were taped and seemed that it was broken for numerous times. The Tennysons soon realized that Harry looked so small that he looked like a bit younger than them. Soon they wondered how old he was, rather than what kind of grown-ups gave such clothes to him.

Ben carefully asked him. "Sorry to be rude, but how old are you?"

Harry blinked at them before answering them shyly, which shocked them more. "I'll be 10 next month. Why?"

Ben's jaw fell open at the fact, and Gwen gasped. To them, Harry looked like 7 or 8, not in their age. They looked at each other and him again.

It was then Gwen's turn to ask. "Harry, mind if you tell us how you came here?"

Harry was unwilling to tell the truth that his mean cousin pushed him off the cliff, so he lied. He didn't want to get into trouble again, once the kids figured out about his relatives. "I... I ran away from my family... I didn't want to go back to them... So I ran in here, hoping them to forget me and go back to Britain..."

The children stared at Harry to make sure they heard his last word clearly. "Britain?"

Harry nodded. Both Tennysons now understood why Harry's English sounded so funny. They knew that British English was pronounced differently from American one.

Ben said to Gwen as he came up with something. "Gwen, do you think we should bring Harry to our place?"

The other kids' expression became a shock for different reason.

But Gwen disagreed at his suggestion. "No! We don't even know who he is! Besides, who knows? Somebody might be searching for him! If we do that, it's a kidnap!"

Even if the world ends, it will never happen, Harry thought. The Dursley family always had been thought Harry as a pest, so it is impossible to expect them to find him.

"But he said he didn't want to go back! That means he's a runaway! Look at him! They must have abused him for years! I don't think he will be happy if he returns! And he even know this!" Ben retorted, pointing at his strange watch. Harry once more wondered what kind of watch it was.

"Even if he is a runaway, it's still a crime if we bring him to the Rust Bucket! I don't want to be a criminal, you know!" Gwen said in disgust.

Just before Harry stopped them, an old fat man in red button up Hawaiian shirt with floral design came by. He wore a white shirt inside, blue pants, and brown boots.

"Ben, Gwen, what are you doing here in the woods? It's dangerous out here at night. You don't want what will-" as the man noticed Harry, the raven haired boy said hello sheepishly. The man made a warm smile and returned it.

Then the Tennyson kids started explaining; Ben played with the watch again, turned into some sort of orange beast(Harry knew for sure that Ben was the one who was both beast and the fire alien), encountered some robots which attacked both him and Harry who was wandering around the woods after Ben saved him from the forest fire, instead of returning to his family, and managed to get out after Gwen saved them. Then they told their grandfather that he was an orphan and seemed abused by his guardian as they mentioned Harry's glasses.

The man, who his grandchildren called Grandpa Max, seemed surprised as he eyed at Harry. His face then showed sadness, which Harry didn't know why. He told his grandchildren to return to their car but the kids looked at Harry uncertainly. Harry looked lonely. They wished they could help him.

Realizing the children's mind, Max asked Harry. "What do you want to do, Harry?"

Harry was surprised at the stranger saying his name kindly. He had never been called like that before. Not knowing what to do, he just wiggled his fingers. Should he follow them, risking himself having punishment as soon as the Dursleys figured out, or should he return to where he belong?

He heard Ben saying, "Grandpa, he said he didn't want to go back! Even I wouldn't want to go back where somebody treats me like a punching bag!"

Then Gwen retorted, "Ben, we're not sure if he was abused! Like I said, they might be searching for him! It's a kidnap, you know!"

"It's not what we can choose, kids," corrected Grandpa Max. "Only Harry can. If he wants, we can let him stay for a few hours."

Harry's head jerked up. He saw the children staring at their grandfather in surprise, and Grandpa Max seemed that he was waiting for his answer. But Harry didn't understand why he was suggesting to him and waiting his answer. Back at the Dursleys, it was right thing to do what they said without any words. Because of that, he wasn't used to this situation. He had never been allowed to say his opinion.

"You can go back to them," added Grandpa Max, noticing Harry's nervousness, "If you know where to find them. But it's dangerous to go out at night. You can spend night with us and then return tomorrow. I won't be hasty, so choose carefully."

Harry blinked. He could stay with them until tomorrow or return now. He didn't know what would be the best choice. However, he soon knew that regardless of his choice, he would be punished for not returning. He would rather stay longer away from the Dursleys.

So, he chose to follow them.

Inside the Rust Bucket

Harry just sat on one of the seats of their van which was called the Rust Bucket, while Ben was scolded in his seat for his behavior. It was proved that Ben was playing with the device on his wrist, not listening his grandfather while he was out. But it was good to figure out how to use it at least. Harry was allowed to hear them because he knew about the watch and paid attention as Ben explained to them. All he had to do was pressing a button on the side, scrolling the circular dial in the middle, and pressing it to turn into one of 10 kinds of different aliens. This was an astonishing news to Harry who was really interested in astronomy.

"Cool!" Harry cried as Ben finished his explaining.

"Yeah, so why not staying a super-cool alien dude and not transforming back into plain old pizza face?" Gwen mocked Ben and got a look from Harry.

"I," Ben seemed frustrated a bit, "kinda haven't figured that part out yet."

Harry looked at Grandpa Max who was deep in thought before catching the smile on his face.

"With a device as powerful as that watch clamped on your wrist," Grandpa Max then said. "My guess is we better help you"

This made Ben brighten again. "Alright!"

Harry grinned as he saw him in glee. Then he heard a radio buzzing for help, and everyone turned to the source. "Mayday! Mayday! Somebody help us! We're under attack by some sort of - I don't know you're gonna believe me but, robot!"

Robot?! Harry noticed immediately that whoever called for help was attacked by the robot they had encountered in the forest. He looked at Ben.

"Sounds just like those things that attacked us," Ben said and Harry nodded. "Must be looking for the watch. Those people are in trouble because of me."

Grandpa Max raised his eyebrow in awe. He knew Ben was a boy who would help people in danger no matter what, but still he didn't expect to hear him saying like that.

Then Ben stood up from his seat. "I think I can help them."

Harry nodded but Gwen stood up and pointed him out. "Uh, you? What are you gonna do about it, Tennyson?"

"Hey, you'll soon know," said Harry. Gwen looked at him with a raised eyebrow but Harry looked at Ben. "Right, Ben?"

"You bet," replied Ben, showing the device.

Somewhere in the woods

As they were in the woods nearby where the robot was attacking, Ben activated the device which was now green instead of red, as he got a nod from his grandfather. Harry was excited to see the alien he would choose. As Ben slammed the dial down and was covered with blinding green light, Harry forgot to block his eyes. Thankfully Grandpa Max protected his eyes instead or he might become blind.

When the light disappeared, there was an alien composed of pale green crystals. It looked hard and muscular, and had four big spikes on its back with sharp head. Every part of it was made of crystals except its outfit. It was half black and half white. Also, it had the same symbol like the first two aliens had on its left chest.

"Awesome!" Harry exclaimed. "Never thought of crystal alien before!"

Ben grinned while Gwen cut off Harry. "Alright, Harry, I know it's amazing. But what can this guy do?"

Harry paused. She had a point. What was it capable of?

"No one knows," it was Ben who answered. His voice became more deep, so now he sounded more like a grown-up. "But I bet it's gonna be cool."

Harry agreed as he saw him making a fist.

Attacked Campsite

They began rescuing people as they found the place. Ben, still in alien mode, was fighting with the robot which was much more bigger and human-like than the other ones. They guessed it was the mother of them. Harry and the Tennysons except Ben, was leading people to the safe place. However, Harry heard a tree falling and saw it was falling towards...Gwen!

"Gwen!" Harry shouted, but Gwen froze in fear. He ran to save her, but Ben was faster. Changing his back into a large, thick, sharp spike, Ben saved her by slicing the tree in half from the bottom. Harry's mouth fell open again.

But then Ben was grabbed by his back and lifted away by the robot. Harry and Grandpa Max went to Gwen to pull her out from the space between both pieces of the tree. As Harry helped them, he saw the tree and thought, Don't want to make him angry.

Then he realized that Ben was sent to a storage, and the robot now with one hand(Harry guessed he lost the other during the fight) was approaching to him. He heard Grandpa Max calling his grandson. Just as he got worried, he spotted Ben coming out from the pile of broken pieces. Then he watched him sharpening his both hands like a sword and blocking the laser the robot had shot, only to reflect it everywhere, making the others duck as a result. Ben saw them and this made a weak spot for his opponent. He was pushed away a bit and fell back. He looked at his sword-like fist and this brought an idea to him. He stepped in front of the robot.

Pointing his chest, Ben taunted the bot. "Come on! Burn one in here!"

Harry was shocked as he saw him countering the laser with his bare but hard hand. He saw several people coming out from their hiding place. He witnessed that the robot was finally defeated as Ben reflected the beam, cutting it in half and destroying it.

Harry, Gwen and Grandpa Max cheered. "Alright!"

"Way to go, Be-" Harry poke Grandpa Max to make him look at the people. People were looking at them for an answer. Quickly, Grandpa Max made up a name that was far from Ben. "uh, Diamond-headed guy!"

Suits to him, giggled Harry. But as Ben got excited and reacted childishly, he and the Tennysons waved at him to stop and pointed at the witnesses. As Ben finally noticed them, he quickly ran away and so did the rest, leaving people with their wonder.

Outside of the Rust Bucket

That night, Harry was sleeping in one of the beds inside the Rust Bucket before he was woken up by the Tennysons. He was confused at first, but with a yawn, he got up and followed them outside. It was still dawn, so it was quiet. Still daze in sleep, Harry looked at them.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No, it's not that," Grandpa Max paused a bit. "It's just..."

"What exactly happened to you?" Ben suddenly cut him off.

"Huh?" Harry muttered, still in daze. "What are you-"

"We saw them, Harry," replied Gwen. "Bruises. All over you. They're not from the ones who...raised you, are they?"

Now, Harry was completely awake. He stuttered in surprise. "Ho- How did you-"

"I saw one on your neck when we were pulling Gwen out between the trees," answered Grandpa Max. "And I thought I was imagining. And we saw them when you're-"

"Sleeping," guessed Harry, and the Tennysons nodded.

They saw the bruises when he was rolling over in his sleep and Grandpa Max found them first at dawn, calling his grandchildren to show to them. They thought it was just a result of fall or something at first, but as they lift Harry's clothes, they couldn't help but held their breath in shock. His body was covered in black and purple bruises. Nothing could make a young boy this sort of condition...unless he was beaten several times. So they woke Harry up to have a conversation.

"Harry," called Grandpa Max. "If you're okay, will you tell us about you more? I think you still have a secret."

Then, holding his tears, Harry told them everything; that ever since his parents died in a car crash, he was sent to the Dursleys and treated as their slave, how he had eaten, slept, and worn, how his daily schedule was, and the things the Dursleys said to him including what Dudley said yesterday. He even told them all the stories he had when he misbehaved in front of them. Ending his tale by telling them the very latest episode, he wiped the tear on his cheek.

The Tennysons didn't say anything. No, they couldn't. They were too shocked to comfort the boy in front of them. Ben clenched his fist and gritted his teeth in anger. Gwen was angry, too, but she felt sadness more, and stared at Harry with a sad look. Grandpa Max was also mad at those relatives, but rather than expressing it, he knew that he needed to protect and care the boy with love. Harry was a boy who needed love more than anything.

Grandpa Max swore that once he met these pig family, he would give them a bucket of pigs' guts and send them to black hole. Ben was even ready to find and beat them with his aliens. Gwen just silently went to Harry and hugged him. Harry cried in Gwen's shoulder. He hadn't told anyone about himself and was afraid at how people would react. But he was now comforted and cared. It was the first time he was actually treated as a child.

First time he wasn't treated as a slave.

First time he was loved.

Grandpa Max watched his grandchildren comforting the small boy. He smiled warmly at them. Then an idea floated into his mind. As he saw Harry becoming calm, he knew it was the time he could talk to Harry.

"Remember the suggestion yesterday, Harry?" Grandpa Max said, and Harry slowly nodded with wet face. Then, he continued. "Well, I think I should change that a bit...if you don't mind."

The children all stared at him with a puzzled look. Max could see the question in their eyes. Instead of chuckling, he told them his idea. "I thought you should return to them in the morning, but I guess it was wrong. How about this; you stay with us, and we accept you as a new family member."

The boys were delighted to hear this but Gwen pointed out, "Grandpa! Like I said, it's a kidnap as you take him without a permission! And if you want to adopt him, you have to ask them at least and they have to say 'yes'. Without it, it's just a pie in the sky."

As Harry became disappointed at the fact, Ben shot a look at his cousin. "Happy to ruin the party?"

"Hey, I'm just telling the truth, you know," Gwen retorted, feeling a bit uncomfortable. She didn't mean to disappoint Harry, but it was true that it was illegal to bring him without a permission. She didn't want any of her sides to become criminal. "It's hard to adopt in America. Everything must be taken steps, and one of them is to talk. But I don't think they'll listen to us. Do you? For me, it's just a dream to expect them to agree giving up their rights to raise him."

However, what Gwen didn't expect was the grins the other Tennysons made.

Where the Dursley family parked

The Dursleys, except the son, silently cursed as they realized that Harry was missing. When they finished repairing their car and paying, they finally noticed that their nephew was gone for hours. Quite naturally, they asked Dudley and he falsely cried, telling them that he was teased and bullied by his nephew in the forest. And of course, the Dursleys believed this nonsense, not forgetting to decide to give him no meal for a week.

Now it was morning, and the Dursleys became more and more annoyed. They had only a week left to travel America and don't want to waste more time to wait Harry. They could've just leave him, if they hate him so much, but they didn't. They even had a lot of chances to give up or sell him, but oddly, they didn't try carrying them out. It's not because they care him. Definitely not. Though the Dursleys didn't care about him in the least, they had to raise him no matter what happened. So they waited for him. They shivered as they thought that they have to bring him home again and raise him until he was old enough.

However, what they didn't expect was a blur from nowhere, twirling and trapping around them. The Dursleys were panicked at first but soon thought this was the kind of freakishness their nephew/cousin had been making. Uncle Vernon roared and threw a punch, only to make himself be flown away from his family and hung up on a tree nearby by his underwear. The rest screamed as they saw the monster for a split second.

The next thing they earned was Dudley being punched and stuck on their cars roof. Now, it was Aunt Petunia's turn. The Dursleys-Ass-Kicker was ready to send the crazy woman away but it didn't carry it out as she screamed.


Then, she yelped as she saw the creature stopping and showing its full appearance in front of her. The Dursleys couldn't even think about what they were facing. They were too frightened to complain. They just stayed quiet until it spoke in husky voice, startling everyone.

"What do you mean, magic?"

Aunt Petunia, misunderstanding it was far from his nephew, explained everything they'd been keeping.

As the creature heard everything until the end, it seemed furious and growled at the three and they were shivering in fear. "YOU guys are junk more than I thought."

No one knew what happened after that time. But as the Dursley family arrived at the airport, they were as pale as a ghost and did not even speak to a clerk to check their passport.

Campsite where the Tennysons were located

The Tennysons, including Harry but except Ben, were packing their stuff to clean up. Harry decided to help them because he thought he should do in return, which Grandpa Max agreed in the end. Moreover, he wanted to stay with them as long as he could. Both Gwen and Harry still didn't figure out about the others' grins. Grandpa Max was still wearing it and even humming. Gwen and Harry looked at each other, then shrugged before they began to move the rest. Harry looked around to call Ben but he found him nowhere.

"Um, Grandpa Max?" Harry asked. He was now allowed to call him by his nickname. The oldest Tennyson turned to look at Harry, still smiling. "Do you know where Ben is?"

"Well..." Grandpa Max chuckled. "I guess he went out after his breakfast. He should be here soon..."

As he finished his sentence, Harry heard something swoosh from a distance. He squinted his eyes to see something coming their way. Nothing could be seen through the thick cloud of dust until it stopped in front of them. As the dust cleared out, Harry, who was a bit confused, was now excited to see who it was.

It resembled a dinosaur called 'Velociraptor', only colored in blue and wearing black and white outfit. It had pointy head with an X-shaped visor covering its face, three claws each on its hand, thin limbs, and a black tail with five blue stripes. Its feet were holding black wheels. On its chest was the hourglass symbol. It was Ben in another alien mode.

"Ben?" Harry called, and the visor covering its head slid up, revealing its blue face with a pair of green eyes and black lips. Lines ran up above and the side of his eyes.

"Yep," answered Ben, "hey! Check this out!" Ben said as the visor slid down again.

With a blur, he started cleaning all the stuff into their van. They couldn't follow him with their own eyes. In fact, he was too fast to even notice whether he stopped or moved. He stopped as he finished, visor sliding up. "Pretty fast, huh?"

Just as Harry nodded, the badge on its chest beeped and blinked in red. In seconds, Ben was human.

"I think this is gonna be the best summer ever," said Ben, grinning and brushing off the dust.

"Absolutely," said Grandpa Max and he ruffled Harry's hair.

"It's certainly going to be interesting," said Gwen, not so happy about for the rest of their summer. Then she asked Ben that kept bothering her. "So, where'd you go, anyway?"

"More exactly, where Grandpa Max had sent you?" Harry pointed out, eyeing their grandfather. "The later I return to the Dursleys, the worse punishment I'll get, you know. So why are you keeping me here?"

Grandpa Max didn't say anything but looked at Ben to let him tell explanation.

However, Ben didn't. Instead, he seemed recalled something and started saying in a hurry. "Oh, right! You guys won't believe what I knew!"

The others raised their eyebrows in confusion but Ben continued as he pointed at Harry. "Harry is a wizard!"

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Harry finally knows why he was sent to the Dursleys. The Tennysons decides to go to Washington D.C., in order to join Ben's parents who accepted their offer to adopt him and were coming to their way. As they managed to adopt, Harry hears all of the truth from Ben's dad, Carl. Ben's parents then go back to their home, hoping the others to have a nice trip. Everything seems fine in Washington. That's when Harry and the others face Dr. Animo.