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Washington B.C.

Mega Mart, Pet Department

Harry looked around the pet department as Gwen and Grandpa Max looked at a cute brown hamster in a cage. Harry liked it, too, but rather than that, he was more interested in the department itself. He didn't have much chance to go to the area full of pets back in Britain. And if you had to ask, Harry might remind the way Dursleys brought him to shopping. He didn't want to call that shopping since he was supposed to not bother the Dursleys and if he tried to go somewhere else, guess what; no meal for a week.

Just then, Harry could hear a sudden rumble. It sounded like a footstep, only making in a slow pace. He looked at the others, who didn't seem to notice what he heard. He was getting nervous as the sound became louder.

That was when a giant frog appeared right in front of him. It was gigantic and have moss green body with a light green neck. It had two horns on its head while two bone horns coming out from the sides of it. It also had four, red eyes and orange lumps. Riding on it was an old man with shoulder-length white hair. He was wearing sleeveless grey shirt and above it were some weird devices. He was wearing a strange helmet on his head with horn on it.

Suddenly the man brought his hand to his chest, or the device on it, and started to turn its dial before he shot a red beam from the horn on his helmet. Harry looked at the beam flying towards his new family who dodged just in time, and hit the poor hamster in the cage instead, causing it to grow bigger and scarier.

Harry's jaw dropped as he stared at the now mutated hamster. It was the same size as the man's frog. Two of its teeth stuck out from the side of its mouth and its eyes became eight; two large ones and six small ones between.

Before he could react, he heard the beam fired and saw it hitting a parrot in a birdcage nearby. The bird also grew bigger and began to approach to him.

"Arise to your full potential, my pets!" Harry heard the man's shout.

He couldn't just stand there, so he ran, screaming. Luckily he found Ben and ran towards him along with Gwen and Grandpa Max. He could see the animals gathering around the frog or more exactly, the man.

"Behold the genius of Dr. Animo!" Harry almost snorted at his remark unless he was right in front of the monsters. He was not going to call him genius. "Nothing can stop me from getting what I deserve. Mark my words, today I will make history, or should I say...prehistory!"

Harry could hear Gwen whispering and blaming Ben. "If you didn't go cereal diving, one of those heroes could be saving us from becoming hamster chow!"

Harry agreed and would add more if one of the mutants didn't screech at them. The Tennysons and the young Potter screamed and ran away from the hamster, but it only made it charge towards them. Harry and Ben were the ones in reach, so the hamster jumped at them. Both boys screamed as they saw their behind. Luckily it went over them as they duck just in time, being rolled a bit by the hamster. It ignored them, however, by choosing to hunt down the others; Gwen and Grandpa Max, who were cornered into a wall. The boys looked at the giant rodent as it was about to jump at them in anytime. Harry looked at the device as Ben did the same, but it was still red.

However, as Ben looked at the scooters nearby, he slowly rose up and tiptoed towards them. He had an idea. "I don't need to go hero to stop an overgrown fur-ball,"

Harry was confused. He didn't know what Ben was thinking. They were facing a mad man who can change animals into mutated monsters and Harry couldn't understand Ben being so calm. He couldn't just abandon them. He didn't want to. He might be little, but that didn't mean he was a coward. Leaving people in front of a monster wasn't a way he liked and never would be.

He looked around hoping to find something he could use to distract the hamster's attention. He soon found a football on a floor. Seeing the hamster ready to jump, he quickly picked it up and threw towards it, hitting directly at its head. As it was hit by a strange object, the hamster was now angry more and turned around to look at Harry.

"Nice shot!" Ben said, wearing a helmet and riding on the scooter. Harry almost grinned at him but he hurriedly move out of the way by rolling to the side as the hamster jumped at him. Seeing this Ben taunted it as he went in front of the beast. "Hey! Ball-head! Fetch me if you can!"

The hamster seemed to notice Ben and changed the target. It jumped on him but Ben drove the scooter to get away from it. The hamster chased him madly. The scooter was fast but not faster than the pig-sized mutant rodent. It jumped on him but Ben dodged, making it hit and slid over a shelf. Ben then drove over the shelf and flew, too high for a heavy beast to reach, landing on top of another shelf, causing it to fall over with several more and trapping the beast between. The hamster struggled at first but soon became exhausted and fell.

"Ben!" Ben heard his family nearby. Max looked at the hamster then at Ben proudly.

"Uh-huh! That's right!" Ben exclaimed as he took off the the helmet. "Not even giant hamsters can mess with Ben Tennyson!"

However, all of a sudden the hamster screeched again and was about to push the shelves off it. The Tennysons backed away, not knowing what to do. Just before the beast could get out as one of its paws was out, a cart full of supplies rolled over from their behind and slammed directly at its head, knocking it out immediately. The Tennysons blinked in surprise and looked over to where the cart came. Somebody was there, who appeared to be none other than Harry Potter. He was panting heavily and soon sat down on a floor as he felt his legs weaken.

"Ha, ha..." Harry nervously laughed. He never thought it could really work. He just pushed the cart as he saw the Tennysons in danger. "Guess they can mess with all but Harry Potter, huh?"

The Tennysons just stared at him. Soon they saw Dr. Animo as an intercom recovered them from the shock. "Cleanup aisle six."

"Young fools, you cannot stop me!" Dr. Animo shouted while sitting on the frog. He was talking about Ben and Harry. "I will turn Washington D.C. into Washington B.C.!"

Then the mad scientist jumped from the frog and instead he landed on the mutant parrot. The parrot cried in deafening sound and flew over to the glass in the ceiling, breaking it and disappearing from sight. The frog also leaped to the hole and was gone. As the mart became peaceful, the shop manager who was angry at Gwen and Harry for all of the cereal mess, came over to Ben. He seemed happy than before.

"You saved the store," he said thankfully. "If there's anything I can do to repay you, anything you want."

Hearing this, Ben's eyes quickly moved to the gold Sumo Slammer card inside the display in a distance. He grinned, happy to have the chance to get the rare card of his favorite series.

"You too, kid," the manager said to Harry. Harry flinched, blinking bewilderedly. "Anything in the mart, just choose. It's a reward you deserve."

Harry's eyes widened and his jaw fell open a bit. He felt his head became blank as if the inside was deleted by an eraser. Anything he want; that was the reward he didn't think he could even get. He had never have what he liked. Just his cousin's old sock or paper clip or else. For the first time, he felt delight inside himself.

But that was gone when he saw Grandpa Max dragging his grandson away as he was going to ask the manager to get the gold card.

"Grandpa, I was finally gonna score the gold Sumo Slammer card!" Harry heard his beg. He could understand him for now. Who could ever want to ruin their chance to have the item they wanted the most?

"No time for that now, Ben," was the reply from Grandpa Max, unfortunately. "We have a giant parrot to follow."

Harry saw Gwen sneering at Ben. He also saw the disappointment in his friend's eyes. He knew that he should follow them and stop Animo. But some part of him wanted to stay and grab anything he wanted, which the manager wanted as a repayment. But seeing the Tennysons going out, he shook his head and hurriedly followed them.

Somewhere in Washington D.C.

Animo was still riding on his pet parrot - or a mutant pet parrot -, flying above the city, and Grandpa Max was following hard after by his RV, eyeing directly at him. Ben was sitting in the passenger seat with a frown. Gwen was sitting behind with Harry, searching for something with her computer. Harry was looking at the laptop curiously because he had never seen it so close before. Gwen just let him see her computer. Somehow, she felt it was cute to see Harry looking at something with curiosity and joy.

Then they heard Max saying in thought. "Ah, just like the good old days before I retired."

Curiously, Gwen asked him. "So, exactly, what kind of plumber were you, Grandpa?"

"Uh, a darn good one," replied Max. At first, Harry thought it was strange a bit that Grandpa Max stuttered when Gwen mentioned his job. But he just shrugged it off and looked at the laptop Gwen was using. By the words in the screen, he could guess she was finding about Dr. Animo. While looking at it, he heard a conversation from the front. "Ben, what's the matter?"

"I saved an entire Mega Mart from being a giant hamster's chew toy, and what do I get?" Ben answered in irritation. "Nothing. It's not fair."

"Being a hero isn't about others knowing you did something good," said Grandpa Max and Harry focused on him. He looked over to the front. "It's about you knowing you did something good. Being a hero is its own reward."

That really came to Harry's heart. Unfortunately, it seemed Ben didn't. "What? Were you reading the greeting cards at the Mega Mart?"

"Well, yes," was the reply.

"Bingo!" Gwen gasped as her laptop found the result. Harry quickly looked over to the screen viewing the image of some old newspaper. The biggest picture showed Dr. Animo, only a bit younger than now. Gwen started to read. "Five years ago, Dr. Animo was a promising researcher in veterinary science. But it turned out he was doing all these twisted genetic experiments where he was mutating animals, and when he didn't win some big prize called the Verities Award, he flipped out."

"So, he's making trouble 'cus he didn't win?" Harry said. "Very funny."

Soon, she playfully mocked Ben. "Anything about this sound familiar, Ben?"

Ben just said nothing. It was nearly about Ben who made trouble for the card.

Meanwhile, Harry was deep in thought. He'd been in the Dursleys as a slave, with few or no rewards even though he worked really hard. And that was why he was really happy and also flustered when the manager offered him to have anything he wished to have, which was the greatest reward he would ever receive. Then he was upset he didn't have any when they had to stop Animo. Somehow he felt it was the same like in the Dursleys at first. But hearing Grandpa Max, for some reason he felt he was thinking wrong. Being a hero is its own reward. That really did come to his heart. He saved his new family and they were safe. The manager wanted to repay but they ignored it. He felt it was awful to, but now he didn't. Animo had become mad because he didn't get a reward. Some part of him believed it was wrong to be so desperate about prize and right to feel proud about being hero itself. But some part didn't and thought it was a waste to lost the greatest chance. And he himself didn't know which to believe.

He was so focused in his thought that he didn't hear the others but he managed to notice that they were heading a Natural History Museum.

Natural History Museum in Washington D.C.

Harry's jaw fell open as he saw the massive size of the building; the museum. He had never been to such a place like this and he thought he never would. He almost lost his grip on his camera but luckily he gripped tight again. He really wanted to see inside if they were not in a game of mad science. Seeing a giant feather, he saw Ben picking it up. It seems they were close to Dr. Animo.

"Something tells me we're on the right track," said Grandpa Max. "Good thinking, Ben."

Ben replied with a nod but Gwen just mocked him. "Guess even a doofus can surprise you once in a while."

"And you should know," Ben just ignored her.

Soon, they went inside the museum. Harry could feel it was creepy inside as he saw bones of instinct prehistorical animals everywhere. He dried his sweaty hand with his shirt a little and soon found Dr. Animo beside a display of a mammoth in a distance. He was doing something on the machine on his body but stopped as he felt something behind.

"You are very persistent," he said with annoyance. "I hate persistent."

"We all know about you and your freakazoid experiments, Dr. Animo," said Ben bravely. "It's over."

"Oh, but it's only just begun," retorted Animo. Harry felt bad about this. "See, I only needed a few components to push my work into phase 2: The re-animation of dormant cells."

"Uh, does this guy come with subtitles?" Ben said, not understanding what he just heard. None of them seemed to even guess it.

"Breathing life back into that which has been long since lifeless," Harry paused a bit as he heard him.


"Observe," Dr. Animo then charged the machine and shot the red beam at the mammoth. The others looked at it in shock as the mammoth's eyes glowed red and moved. It really became alive. Animo said before running away. "Behold the genius that is Dr. Animo!"

Harry's hand started to tremble. He wanted to see inside the museum, not an alive mammoth!

"Now would be a really good time to go hero?" Gwen said to Ben.

"No duh," said Ben. "You guys get Animo, I'll take care of Jumbo."

With that, Ben activated the device on his wrist and engulfed in green light. The others shut their eyes and when it was gone, they all gasped as they looked up. Standing instead of Ben was a massive-sized humanoid alien. It was twelve feet tall, muscular and had two pairs of four-fingered hands. Its body was red and its hairless head got yellow four eyes; two big ones and smaller ones bellow. Black line ran through between his eyes to the back of its head and also from chin to its lower lip. It wore a shirt that was similar to Ben; white with black stripes running down the front and shoulder parts. It also had black fingerless gloves on its hands, and black pants. The symbol of the device was on its left shoulder.

Harry was too shock to take a close picture of another form of Ben as he said in a rough voice to the mammoth. "Let's wrestle."

Then, he charged towards the ancient animal and grabbed its ivory before flipping it to the ground. Recovering from the shock, Harry quickly went after Animo with the others, taking several pictures of the alien from its side. However, they soon found the parrot blocking the path. They didn't have weapons to fight against it, until Gwen found a spear from a statue of an ancient people. She twirled it above her then struck it in the head with it. As the parrot tried to attack with its beak, Gwen simply dodged to the side by spinning around and struck in the same spot again, breaking the spear as a result. The bird squawked and ran away to the other side.

"Ben's not the only one with skills," said Gwen. The others were still in shock before they followed her. Once again, Harry thought he should never mess with Gwen.

As they reached the other room, they found Animo. However, he just smiled and shoot the same beam to a fossil of bones of T-rex. The others just stared at him with opened jaw. Skin and flesh emerged from nowhere and soon, although some part of it didn't have skin and flesh, the dinosaur became alive with glowing red eyes, roaring viciously. Harry couldn't believe what he just saw.

Soon the T-rex charged towards them after Animo got on its back. The others barely moved out of the way. Unfortunately, Gwen was separated with others and T-rex locked on her. With a gulp, she ran away with a scream. But that only prompted it to roar and chase after her. Grandpa Max tried to help Gwen and he found the fire extinguisher nearby. He ran towards it and grabbed it. However, Dr. Animo saw this and frowned. Reminding how the boys defeated the hamster, he decided to eliminate at least one of them in order to success his plan. He began to charge the device to see what happened if he tried it on people.

But Harry was around him and soon found the doctor was going to shoot it to Grandpa Max. Even Gwen, who managed to move to the side, found this and shouted to her grandfather. "Grandpa! Look out!"

Grandpa Max finally pulled the extinguisher out, but he was too late to dodge the beam. It already went to him. His eyes widened in surprise.

"NOOOO!" Harry yelled. He wanted to protect him. He wished he could save him. All he wanted was to stop the beam. He raised his arm in shock.

Suddenly, a beam of green light shot out from his palm and formed a hexagonal shield less than a second, stopping the red beam in front of Grandpa Max. Max tripped in shock and looked over to Harry, who was more shocked than he was and removed his hand in surprise. Animo was shocked at what happened in front of him. He suddenly remembered his grandson telling him and the others that Harry was a wizard. Even though he didn't know why he recalled it now, he was sure about one thing. "He really is a wizard."

"Harry!" Gwen yelled. "How...?!"

"I don't know!" Harry yelled back. "All I did was just raising my hand-"

Before he could finish, the beam was absorbed to the shield and soon, more bigger and shinier green light was shot away. It didn't hit Grandpa Max, but it hit on a fossil of a snake on a wall in the distance. As it was covered in the light, its eyes glowed green and skin and flesh formed like the T-rex. As the light disappeared, it fell over the information panel of the fossil, sending it in front of Gwen. It hissed and flicked its tongue as it rose up, looking at the people. Everyone could see how enormous it was. The snake was over thirty feet long and grey-colored. It wasn't that big like T-rex, just a little bit smaller.

"You!" Harry flinched as Animo yelled at him. "What did you do, boy?!"

"I, I don't know!" Harry stuttered. "I don't even know what I was doing!"

"Harry! We gotta run!" Gwen yelled over to him. She was pointing to the piece from the panel. "That's called Gigantophis Garstini, the largest snake ever discovered!"

"Ah... I think I should be grateful to you," Dr. Animo said and Harry looked at him. "I now have one of the biggest reptile on my side. Thanks to you, I can be more unstoppable!"

Harry gulped as he looked at it again. To his shock, it was coming to him. If it was true and it was back to life because of the beam, it was possible that it could attack them anytime. If Animo ordered it to, it would never think twice and do what he said. Harry stepped backward fearfully and the snake hissed, sliding closer towards him. It stopped in front of him and looked directly in his eyes. He could hear it hissing. Gwen and Max couldn't even move because if they did, it would swallow him right away.

"Now... My pet..." Animo said to it and it looked at him. "Eat him alive! Eat whatever you want! Arise for your potential!"

Harry shut his eyes as Animo laughed madly and the snake hissed. He was too afraid to run and cried for himself going to be the snake's midnight snack. He waited for the snake. However, what he got was a scream and a loud slam. A scream from none other than Animo.

As he slowly opened his eyes, he almost fell to the ground. The snake wasn't even looking at him but was glaring at Animo, who fell to the floor along with T-rex. He looked at them, then at the snake. It hissed angrily. However, that didn't stop shocking Harry. It also made a voice, a male one. "Orderssss don't belong to you, ape."

He soon sat on the floor in shock. The snake then looked at him, eyes calmed than before. It lowered its head and flicked its tongue. It touched Harry's head, making him jerk in surprise. He was still in shock and fear, but surprisingly, it just rubbed its head to his. Harry didn't know what to do. The snake was alive and was extinct long ago. If it became alive because of that beam, it should hear Animo, but it didn't. It could have attacked him, too, but it was rubbing him, as if it was calming him down. It was really calming him down.

"Harry!" Gwen and Max called him, who Harry had forgotten until now. He was about to greet them, but the snake suddenly let out a large hiss at them and raised its head in threat. The two stopped immediately as it wrapped its tail around Harry. Harry flinched at first, but as soon as he noticed he was trying to protect him, he shouted at the snake.

"No, no! Stop!" Harry let out a sigh of relief as the snake paused and looked at him. It was looking at him in question. Not noticing the shock from the others, he explained to it. "It's okay. They are our sides. You don't have to attack them."

The snake's eyes seemed to be widened a bit and made an expression full of sorry. As it remove its tail, Harry rushed towards them. When he tried to say something, however, he received questions from Gwen.

"How did you do that?" Gwen shook her back and front, holding his shoulders. "You know, to that snake..."

"I don't know," Harry said. "I just wanted to save Grandpa Max and the light came and..."

"Not that! I know that was an accident!" Gwen shouted. "What I want to know is how you talk to snakes!"

"Talk to... what?" Harry was bewildered. Then he soon looked at the snake for a moment and at Gwen again. "You mean..."

Suddenly, the snake was slammed into a wall. The others covered their head for the impact and saw the T-rex still in its feet, which happened to be the one that slammed its head to the snake. It looked like it was in rage. All of a sudden, before they could do something, the T-rex raised its foot and stomped at them. They all dodged it luckily but something was wrong. Animo wasn't on the dinosaur.

"Where's Animo?" Gwen said.

"No idea- ah!" Harry said but was cut off as he was pulled away. The others were shocked to see Animo holding Harry in his arms. He carried the boy and went to the T-rex's head, ignoring the struggle.

"This boy's coming with me!" Dr. Animo said. "I'd love to stay but I need to claim the award I so richly deserve. And the boy... Let's see what he can really do with me."

With his laugh, the T-rex crashed through a wall, leaving a giant hole and Harry's scream. Soon, the snake rose up from where it was before looking at T-rex's back. It let out an angry hiss and hurriedly followed its track. The others were just watching this until the parrot from before grabbed Gwen and flew away with her scream. Grandpa Max quickly called Ben and he arrived, still in alien form, jumping high to grab the parrot, which he barely success.

"No bye-bye for you," he said. The parrot tried to get him off and unfortunately, Ben fell along with beeping sound from his arm. Down and down...and finally hitting the ground and transforming back to himself uninjured, Ben got out from the crate his other form made with the impact. He looked above to see Gwen in the bird's legs, disappearing from his sight.

"Gwen!" Ben shouted, having no reply.

Luckily, Grandpa Max came up with his Rust Bucket. "Somebody call for a taxi?"

As Ben got in, he noticed that Harry wasn't inside. He asked his grandfather. "Where's Harry?"

"Animo took him," said Max, shocking Ben. "He somehow brought a giant snake back to life and it's now helping him. Animo must be going to use his power to do worst than he could."

"He what?!" Ben yelled.

Meanwhile, Gwen was frowning while the parrot was carrying her by her bag. She was mimicking her parents' saying before summer camp. "Spend a summer with your grandpa, honey. It'll be an adventure."

Somewhere in Washington D.C.

Harry, captured by Animo, struggled as hard as he could. The T-rex was stomping through the city, crashing everything it stepped on. People screamed and ran everywhere away from the dinosaur. As it let out a loud roar, Animo was like a teenager in game center.

"Ah, I do love my work," said Animo.

You're just mad! Harry thought and struggled until he found familiar eyes from far away. He realized it was the snake but he couldn't do anything more as the T-rex moved again, not noticing a golden card sticking in its toe.

Feeling the time had passed for hours, Harry covered his head for impact as the dinosaur ran towards a certain building. When it crashed through it, he heard Animo yelling at someone.

"Kelly! I believe you have something of mine," Harry saw a man in mid-age nearby. Soon, he was brought down as Animo got down from the T-rex while holding him. He picked up an award resembling a golden Erlenmeyer flask. Harry could realize it was Animo's aim. "I'd like to thank the committee for this honor."

"You're seriously, definitely, really mad, Animo!" Harry yelled at him while struggling hard.

"I know, kid," was just the reply from him. Then, the T-rex was about to eat the person called Kelly. But before it could, a tail slapped it hard in the neck, making it stumble a bit. Animo looked over to see Gigantophis Garstini coiling up. In anger, he shouted at it. "You fool! I created you! I brought you back! I made you! Therefore, respect me! You are in my command! Follow my orders!"

However, it just let out an angry hiss and raised its tail in threat. Animo backed up in fear and the snake opened its jaw with a hiss before attacking him. But Animo dodged away. He tried to reach to his device, only to get a slam from the snake by its body, releasing the grip on Harry. It went around Harry as a protection and made another hiss to Animo, who was sent to T-rex. Harry could hear it clearly since he was so close. "Like I ssssaid, orderssss are not yourssss!"

Harry was about to say thanks to it but the dinosaur rose to its feet with Animo on its back and rushed to them. The snake used its long body to block the way to Harry in order to keep him safe and shot its head to bite its opponent's head. However, it dodged and bit the other's body with its teeth, earning a painful hiss. Harry covered his ears, no wanting to hear it. To him, it was a scream. The snake used its body to wrap its opponent's neck as a revenge. As it squeezed the T-rex hard, it was choked and eventually let out a roar, letting go the snake and receiving a bite. However, the bite wasn't that hard and it made the T-rex bite the snake again and send it far away. Harry and Kelly quickly ducked as the snake slammed the wall, lying unconscious. Harry saw the other beast coming towards them, but there was a sudden buzz and a giant fly from nowhere punched it in its face. Harry tried to get a closer look but the bug was hit by the dinosaur's tail and was sent away. However, he caught the symbol on its head; the same symbol Ben had when he became alien. The bug was Ben.

The T-rex then grabbed Kelly by his shirt. "Somebody help me!"

Harry immediately knew it was going to eat him. He looked around and saw the snake still lying down. Since he didn't know where the bug, which he assumed Ben, was sent, so he went to the closer helper. He put his hand on its face and called it. "Wake up! Come on! It's going to eat him! Please help us! Get up!"

The snake stirred and soon opened its eyes. It rose up and looked at Harry. For some reason, he felt like it was smiling at him. The snake then looked over to the T-rex which threw Kelly up to eat in whole. Harry closed its eyes but with a buzz, Kelly was saved by the same bug before and was landed beside Harry.

"What are you, you little pest?" Harry heard Dr. Animo from the dino's back.

"I'm Stinkfly," Harry looked at the bug, Stinkfly, which was also Ben. He was completely in awe, seeing new alien of his friend. "And I'm here to kick some tail."

Angrily, Animo shot a beam from his device, making Stinkfly and the snake dodge immediately. Harry also ducked, pulling out his camera. He didn't want to lose the chance to take the picture of the new alien, which he almost forgot. As Stinkfly flew around his opponent, Harry pressed the button rapidly, moving everywhere to get a better and clearer shot. Seeing the assistant drawing attention from the T-rex, the snake shot from its spot and bit his neck. Stinkfly saw his chance as his opponent roared in pain. When Harry took a picture of Stinkfly firing goo at the T-rex, he let out a yuck. As the dinosaur was stunned a bit, the snake, which released the bite and coiled up, shot its head again from the other side and slammed at its side, almost biting Animo's right leg, which caused him to drop the award. He couldn't catch, so it hit the ground and was broken into pieces. Finally, Stinkfly grabbed and stole the helmet of Animo, which he shouted 'Transmodulator', before throwing to the ground. With the snake finishing it by slamming its tail, a red pulse came out in a circle from the device. It went pass the T-rex, and it made it skinless, remaining only bones like before.

"No...!" Animo exclaimed. Riding on bones of dead dinosaur was really unsteady. Soon enough, he was trapped under the bones. "No...! No!"

"Yes!" Harry raised his arms in victory. Stinkfly landed beside him, also grinning. Harry smiled but soon frowned as he grabbed his nose in disgust. "Yuk! You stink!"

"That's my first name," joked Stinkfly. Harry frowned at him, but soon they laughed together. Then they realized and looked at the snake behind them. Surprisingly, it was still there. It was covered by injuries, but still, it remained unaffected.

"How come he's still...alive?" Harry said in wonder. He got a closer look as he went closer to it.

"No idea," Stinkfly replied. But soon he found something happening on its tail. "But it seems it was affected a lot slower than Animo's freaks. Look at the tail."

Harry did as he heard and was shocked at the view. Although slowly, its skin and flesh were disappearing like the T-rex. Harry wanted to help it. He didn't want to let it die. As he looked at the snake's face, however, it seemed like it didn't mind at all. No, it didn't, not in the least. It was satisfied more than ever.

"Do not cry, my friend," it said. Harry soon realized he had a tear on his face. He was crying for the snake, although they'd met only for few hours. The snake continued. "I may die, but I do not have regretssss to be remained. I am glad to ssssave my kind before my end."

"But... You got nothing!" Harry shouted to it. Stinkfly looked at him in shock. Now the half of its body left bones. "You did save me, but you got nothing! Don't you think it's unfair? Dying with nothing?"

"Nothing?" Harry saw it shaking its head, which also shocked Stinkfly. It lowered its head, looking into Harry's eyes. "There is no ssssuch thing assss 'nothing'; there ISSSS ssssomething, my friend. And it'ssss you."

"Huh...?" Harry blinked in wonder.

The snake tried its best to finish its words as its neck was disappearing. He smiled warmly, not wanting to worry the boy. "Lissssten... Although ssssaving your kind may be important, would you not do it if that kind issss not valuable?"

"Wha- No!" Harry answered with a shout. It was ridiculous to do such things like the snake said. "Everyone is valuable! We are alive and lives are not what we should think with values! Lives are always-"

"Valuable," the snake cut off and Harry nodded. Now it only had its face. "It issss. And that'ssss why you sssshouldn't expect ssssomething for return. Life issss a life. No more, no lesssss. Ssssaving life issss important, yessss, and that meanssss you ssssave the valuable. You ssssave it and how or what can you expect more?"

That struck Harry's mind directly. He couldn't let out any words to retort.

"I protected you and I am fine with that. I am proud of mysssself. Ssssaving issss important... but alsssso... feeling proud of itsssself issss, too... You musssst feel proud of what you can do...not what you can earn... Remember... You can do what you can...but do not do nothing even if you think it'ssss worthlesssss... Everything issss in value assss they are around ussss... Sssso don't cry..." With that, the snake remained nothing but bones completely.

Harry stared at the bones blankly and Stinkfly, or Ben, lowered his head in sadness. Harry knelt down in front of the skull and patted it. His tears kept falling down his face. Deep inside his heart, he decided to become what the snake did; feel proud of what he did for others, not for earning. He looked at the skull again and thanked it finally, wiping his tears away. "Thank you...for everything..."

The next morning, after reuniting with the others as Ben returned to himself, Harry watched Animo arrested and dragged away by the police. He could hear him shouting loudly. "Let me go! I deserve that award! I've got it coming to me! I want it!"

Harry didn't listen to him. He just looked at the building he was in at night. As Grandpa Max called him, he took a last look at it before rushing to the Rust Bucket. While in the van, Ben was talking about his memento from the battle.

"I didn't get that gold Sumo Slammer card, but at least I snagged a trophy from of Animo," Ben said and placed the part of Transmodulator in a box. "Plus, I guess saving the city from Dr. Whacko was its own reward."

"Don't forget you saved me, too," said Gwen with a smile. "Thanks."

"Even me, too," Harry said. "Well, thanks again."

"Yeah, well, that's what we heroes do best: Rescue dweebs," Ben said.

"You are SUCH a major doofus!" Gwen shouted.

"I know you are, but what am I?" Ben just shrugged off.

"Oh, now I'm dweeb to you, huh?" Harry said mockingly. This made Ben fall from his seat and Gwen laugh.

"Hey! Look! Harry! I didn't-" Ben tried to explain but he reminded the last night suddenly. "Wait, by the way, how did you do that?"

This time, Harry looked at Ben. "Do what?"

"The snake," replied Ben. "Grandpa Max said you made it alive. And more than that, you talked with it, right?"

Harry realized what he did yesterday and he answered right away. "Although it was an accident to bring a snake to life while somehow protecting Grandpa Max from being Animo freak, I did talk with him. But why?"

The young Tennysons looked at each other and then at Harry. After a few seconds, Gwen broke the silence. "Harry, you don't understand anything, do you?"

Harry blinked stupidly and tilted his head. "What do you mean?"

Ben slapped his forehead in annoyance and grabbed the young wizard's shoulders. Harry was once again shaking back and forth. "I mean, you were talking to the snake, with a HISS!"

Now, the inside of the van was in complete silence. Except for the sound of the van itself, nothing made a sound. Harry blinked again and looked at his friends looking serious. Even Grandpa Max was paying attention to them while driving. Harry was unsure, so he finally spoke up. "I what?"

"You were hissing," Gwen repeated instead of her cousin. "Every time you were talking to the snake. It really freaked us out, you know."

"Wait, you're saying I was hissing?" Harry scratched his head in confusion. The others nodded. "But I didn't. I was speaking English. And it was, too. It called me his friend."

This time, both the Tennysons shouted together, scaring the wizard. "IT WHAT?!"

Harry backed up a bit as the two stared at him with wide eyes. "I, uh... He, was talking with me and called me his friend."

"Harry," Grandpa Max called suddenly. "You're saying like the snake spoke to you."

"Uh... Yes," replied Harry awkwardly. "He did. He spoke in front of me."

The Tennysons looked at each other again. They both looked at Harry as Ben asked him. "You mean you heard it talked?"

As Harry nodded slowly, it was Gwen who said. "But we didn't. What did it say?"

"Um..." Harry hesitated but started to answer what the snake said from the start. He also answered what the snake said before it returned to a pile of bones, which made Grandpa Max ask Harry to stop the story to park his RV nearby and went to the seat behind to listen closely. The last of the snake touched their hearts, including Harry who heard once. Harry's eyes welled up but he tried his best not to cry again. Then the story was finished.

"Whoa..." Ben said after paying attention quietly all the time. He was now feeling relieved since he hadn't understood it a single bit. He was the one who was with Harry, but all he heard was hisses. "Looks like snakes are smarter than we are."

"Or wiser," agreed Gwen. "I didn't know ancient snakes could think of like that. I guess things are full of surprises."

"Even that snake died millions of years ago," Grandpa Max assessed. "He left the unforgettable things for his descendants. Even we're a lot different."

"Well, he sure left to us," Ben said. "By himself."

The others giggled or chuckled. That was when Gwen suddenly reminded of something. "Wait. How come that snake came alive? Wasn't it Animo's side?"

The kids paused and looked at each other, but scratched their heads as they couldn't think why. However, Grandpa Max answered simply. "I think it was because of Harry's magic. It's just a guess but it seems his magic affected the same Animo's device did; revive the dead and make it under control."

While the others nodded, Ben asked this time. "But how can Harry understand the snake? Magic? And does that mean he can understand other animals?"

"Not sure," answered Harry, then he smiled. "We'll figure it out soon. Who knows? Maybe I'm just able to be an animal communicator."

"Or animal communicating wizard," added Gwen and the others laughed.

Grandpa Max then moved to the driver's seat and they continued the trip. Harry, sitting beside Gwen, looked into his camera to pick up the best pictures among them. While clicking the button to see the next one, he stopped as he saw a familiar giant in the picture. It was the snake, Gigantophis Garstini, biting the T-rex which had Animo on its neck, with Stinkfly shooting goo at the dinosaur. He rubbed the picture carefully before looking at Gwen with a smile.

"Hey, Gwen," he called and Gwen raised her head from her computer. "Is there anything I can use to print out a picture? You know, from a camera?"

"Well..." Gwen muttered before she tapped her laptop to find something about his question. "We can't do right now, but maybe in libraries. They may have some computers or printers to use freely."

"I see," said Harry. He looked at the picture one last time and smiled before turning his camera off. His eyes rolled to a window by his side, looking the view of roads. When he noticed they were not in Washington, he felt a slight ting in his heart. His smile disappeared and he only wanted to print out the picture as soon as possible.

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