Author's note: This is the messiest, most graphic smut I've written in a while. I was brutally awakened from my slumber this morning at some unholy hour by children who clearly don't understand that I could easily EAT THEM, and when I went back to sleep this is what I dreamed about.

On the edge of consciousness

Erza's hands gather wads of sheets. The folds bunch in her palms and poke from between her fingers in puffs of soft cotton. Her breaths come in ragged spurts. Her back arches up and away from the bed even as she presses downward and harder onto his fingers and mouth.

He laughs softly and her thighs and stomach shudder. Jellal prefers her pink and gasping for breath. A quick swipe of his thumb would push her to fall from a great height but it wasn't enough. He wants her sobbing and shaking balanced on a razor sharp ledge. He wants her to beg.

She isn't hard for him to figure out. Her need for control is all tangled up in her need to let go. There isn't much he understands more. He is the same. Erza lets him take and take and take. She wants him to do it. Even now when her breathless, pleading whispers cry for release, she wouldn't love it as much if she snatched it for herself.

One day she'll realize he's been writing his name with the tip of his tongue over every swell of soft skin between her legs. He doesn't know what she'll do what that knowledge but for now it pleases him to know he's marked her in such a petty way.

Erza sighs and her mouth falls open. She is hot against his lips and his fingers flick and twist. Her thighs quiver and before she can begin to form words her lungs fill with surprised air. He doesn't leave his spot until her breaths are heavy and weighted with relief.

Even though her body is loose with pleasure, she pushes him to his back when his shoulders rise between her thighs. Erza's eyes are half-lidded but her smile is dark and wicked. Sometimes she teases him but this is not one of those times. Today she takes him in her hand and into her body with no preamble. His efforts before are worth it because she's soft and wet and the only thing he wants to feel ever.

She doesn't move except to settle and her fingernails drag down his chest. When she pulls him up and against her, his lips find the spot under her jaw he favors. Erza shivers and he can feel it oh so tantalizingly.

"I want you to take me somewhere," she mutters, running her fingers through his hair. Jellal's hands rove over her breasts and settle on the curve of her hips and backside. She hums when he adjusts her tilt and throbs inside of her.

"Anywhere," he whispers, tracing the first letter of his first name on the column of her neck with his tongue. Erza would let him between her legs any day but she had a certain weakness for neck kisses. Her hips rock and he can feel her trying for friction against his chest.

"Somewhere –" Erza's voice is reduced to a gasp. Her hand falls to his thigh and she tries again for the pressure she wants. In a moment he will press her into the bed and fuck her the way she needs but for now, he'll let her try to take it. "Somewhere with lots of sun and – and –"

"And?" he asks, still leaving wet kisses along her neck and shoulder.

"...Jellal," she whimpers in a high, frustrated tone. Her legs curl around his waist when he takes the upper hand again. He kisses her and moves in and out at a desperate speed. Her fingernails claw at his back and he hitches her leg over his arm.

He's sure words are coming from his mouth but they're nonsensical. Everything is hot and slick and deliciously mind bending. She bites his lip when she comes and he can't stop his rhythm even though he's spent.

Erza's kisses turn pliant and soft. She keeps him against her even when he slips out and wants to collapse. Her eyes are closed and he knows she's at the door of sleep. She never lasts long afterward.

"A vacation," she breathes. "That's what I meant." Jellal laughs and kisses the still-pink apples of her cheeks.

"Anywhere you want, love. We'll go there." His heart rate eases off and he follows her into sleep.