*Chapter 1*

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'Please tell me I didn't see what I thought I saw' Kagome thought as a single tear rolled down her face. She had been running for what seemed to have been an eternaty, not even bothering to look where she was going. She could have sworn she had heard 'him' call her name but she didn't care any more, she just kept running away from the pain. 'What a wonderful birthday present' she thought sadly to herself.


Sesshou-maru watched from the shadows, confused more than he has ever been. Curious at what had caused such a strong woman to hurt so badly and weaken so much, he walked to the clearing from where she had bolted from so suddenly. The scene before him took his breath away and caused an even greater hatred for his brother to emerge.

There before Sesshou-maru was the dead Miko bitch and his so hated half-brother welp in heated passion. Before his wretched half-brother had the chance to sense him he took off after Inu Yasha's wench.


She could see the well coming up before her, all she could think about was getting home. She started to quicken her pace, her legs cried out for her to stop, but she could not feel the physical pain through her own emotional pain. Her heart ached something fierce, she had never expeirenced a pain as unimagonable as this before. She did not even noticed all the cuts on her legs from the trees and bushes that showed her just as much mercy on her as 'he' had. With all of her thoughts on getting to the well she hadn't noticed the figure before her. She hit something solid and began to fall, before she hit the ground an arm shot out and pulled her upright.

Behind her tears and her now ever building rage at the person who prevented her from going home, she looked up trying to figure out who she had carelessly ran into but she couldn't make out who was in her way. Then through her blury vision she caught a glimpse of silver hair and the golden eyes she was familar with.

"Inu Yasha, I am warning you, if you do not get out of my way I will 'sit' you so hard you will wish I never released you from that damned tree" she hissed. She was sudenly off the ground pinned to a tree with a hand around her throat claws pressing into her soft felsh. She gasped as she felt the warm trickle of blood that slowly ran from the freshly made wounds on her throat.

"I should rip out your throat, wench, for insulting me like that" he growled back at her. 'If you were any one else I would have already' he thought to himself. He could then smell the fear starting to rise from her, Gods how he loved that smell. But it was quickly replaced by anger, shocked he let go, his facial features unchanging, watching her as she fell hard to the ground.

"Sesshou-maru" she hissed, sounding even colder now than she had when she thought it was 'him' "What do you want, if it is the Tetsusaiga you can forget it. I will have nothing to do with that..that..cold hearted asshole and seeing how he has chosen someone other than me I doubt he will give it up for me. Now if you will excuse me I am going home, step aside"

The look of shock crossed his stoic face for a split second, then as quickly as it had appeared his face returned back to his normal expressionless features. 'No one dared talked to him this way before, especialy a wretched human' he mused. 'They either ran screaming or stood in fear crying.' Lost in his thoughts he did not notice her advance to the well, when he did he was to late. Grabbing her around her waist he fell into the well with her.


Well that is it for the first chapter. I know it is kind of a cliff hanger, and my spelling is horrible. I will work on both of those as time goes by, and if you couldn't tell this is my first fanfic. I hope it isn't too bad :c)