I've been terrible about all the plans I've had for my stories, I apologize. But I've been struck with a small bit of inspiration. This will be another drabble series, and I will do my best to update. I'm super busy but I'll find time for this - everything else will be updated eventually. Sorry!

Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho or any of the characters in it.

Summary: Hiei has been hit with the love bug - literally. Cursed with an awkward infatuation with the first woman he sets eyes on, the gang must find the cure for Hiei's ailment while also dealing with the repercussions! Hiei/Botan drabble series.

The Love Bug
Chapter One: Cursed

Botan pushed open the doors to Koenma's office with all of her might, rushing out them the second she could squeeze through. She'd been ordered by the Prince to receive Hiei in the halls and guide him back to Koenma's office. Not that he needed help finding it, but she clearly needed to do a teensy weensy bit of damage control as the fire demon heatedly made his way through the castle. Whatever reason he was here, it couldn't be a very good one by the looks of it, she thought. From the large screen on Koenma's wall, one could see him pushing all sorts of spirits and ogres out of his way without much care for all the chaos he was causing as papers flew out of hands or people bumped into each other.

Her sandals slapped loudly on the marble floors as she made her way skillfully through the hall until she could barely hear the "clack" of them over the yelps and curses ahead. Sighing gratefully once she caught sight of his dark hair and clothing, she paused and stood on her tiptoes, waving, "Hiei! Yoohoo, over here! Please slow down, you're causing quite the scene there..."

Trailing off, she sweatdropped at the complete mayhem he had left in his wake. He sure knew how to make an entrance! She took a small step back once he took notice of her and growled in annoyance.

"You. Of course Koenma had to send a ferry girl to do his dirty work."

The rebuttal was stuck in Botan's throat as everything began happening in slow motion. The door to Hiei's left flying open. Hinageshi's red hair as she stumbled out of it. The purple bottle rattling off the tray in her hands as she tried to regain her balance. Hinageshi's cry of "Oh, n-no!" as it shattered on the floor at Hiei's feet. The magenta smoke-cloud that filled the hallway around him and the sweet fragrance of flowers permeating from the cloud.

Coughing slightly and waving her hand in front of her face to clear the smoke away, Botan rushed over to make sure they were both alright. Hinageshi seemed just fine, albight staring in shock at poor Hiei. As the smoke began to dissipate, the bluette put her hand on his shoulder while he stood stiff as a board. Shaking him slightly, she asked, "Are you okay, Hiei?"

Expecting the wrath of his anger, her hand fell from his shoulder in surprise as he blinked at her a few times before his eyes softened as he gazed at her in a complete daze.

Well, this was far from normal.

"Oh, dear."