The Love Bug
Chapter Seven: Hiei Gets Told Off

The next day, Botan had had enough. Two whole days of ferrying poor souls, and Hiei had made the experience for these newly dead people as terrible as possible. He was crass, unsympathetic, and downright rude. Hiei might be "in love" with her but he was still Hiei, and he didn't care about the feelings of simple humans, dead or not. Never having been so angry at him in her whole existance, the bluette slammed the door behind her the moment they entered her room. Fuming, Botan quickly removed her sandals and stormed across her room to get some air on her balcony, knowing that if she spoke to him now she would only begin an arguement.

Hiei, of course, chose to ignore her obvious displeasure and need for space. Following her outside, he crossed his arms and stood next to her while she tried to pretend he wasn't there. Silence hung over them as he watched her. Her powder blue hair was brushing against her stiff shoulders as a light wind caressed her milky skin, causing goosebumps to rise on her flesh. Something stirred inside him at the sight of her, but he squashed it down when she huffed in exasperation and rubbed her hands over her arms to fight the chill of the night.

"You're cold," he stated after a moment, and she finally turned to face him, slamming her hand down on the balcony.

"Hiei, how dare you! I'm cold? You're cold! Cold hearted! I barely even know what to say to you right now. I understand that you don't like humans, but the least you could do is try to and be a little more empathetic to a person who has just lost their life and has no idea what is going on or where they are about to go. Their whole world has been turned upside down. And they're alone. Completely, and utterly alone. They have no choice but to leave behind everything they have ever known. Surely you can relate to at least one of those things," Botan paused, breathing hard as she let out all of the anger that had built up over the past two days, "And even if you can't... I wish you ever had enough respect for me to realize that this is important to me. This is who I am. I am a ferry girl and that is my purpose. When you mock those souls you're mocking what I do, and in turn you're mocking me. Which was never a problem for you in the past but since we're stuck with each other right now, could you try not to make my job any more difficult than it has to be?"

When she was finished her tirade, Botan waited and hoped for a response from her demon counterpart. When he stood stock still and said nothing, she just sighed in disappointment and shook her head. She moved past him to get back to her room and closed the door behind her, hoping he would stay outside on the balcony for the night. They had a long day of ferrying again tomorrow and she needed to calm down. She was angry, yes, but also hurt. He made her feel like being a ferry girl was a joke, like she was a joke.

Botan wasn't sure why she expected more from Hiei. He never cared before so why would he care now? But she did expect more. Maybe because they spent so much time together over the last few days? Although now that she thought about it, she should consider herself lucky to spend any more time together at all after the way she just blew up on him. Really, she should consider herself lucky to be alive (as alive as a ferry girl could be, anyway).