Mid-day Metropolis

The sky had grown a dark blood red and an unnatural eclipse had appeared. The ground started to quake. Civilians halted, bewildered and quite frightened by this eery change.

Roaring became audible and increasingly loud as rubble from the chasm burst upward into the sky.

"What the hell is that?!"

"What's happening?!"

Then out stepped the Demon Lord Trigon with his red colored skin, long snowwhite hair and four red eyes.

He was enormous, towering as high as two hundred feet. Everyone just couldn't believe what they were seeing.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Shazam halted in the air over the city and floated as they watched the rubble come crashing back to the surface. The batjet slowed in mid air and its thrusters shifted to hover.

Trigon sensed he was being approached. He looked straight up at the League enraged.

"You dare challenge me, mortals?!"

"We will send you back to which you came, demon!" Wonder Woman answered.

Trigon was hit by Superman's heat vision, giving the rest of the League the signal to start attacking. He raised his giant fist back handing Superman, causing him to fly out of control into a building and crashing through its wall.

Flash took off at incredible speed and ran circles around Trigon which caught his attention as Batman fired missles.

Wonder Woman flew up facing him.

"The bastard child of Zeus."

"Call me what you will, but know that I will be the one to end you!"

Wonder Woman lashed out, ready to strike with her sword and strike she did putting a large gash across his face. Trigon roared in agony. Wonder Woman swiftly moved striking again both his bottom left eye and top right eye. Trigon was in greater agony than before and his partial blindness drove him into a deeper rage.

The rest of the league resumed their assault as Trigon swung at the annoying attacks.

The increasing annoyance of their attacks became too much for Trigon. He swung his right fist into a building next to him. The rubble scattered and Green Lantern created a gigantic dustpan catching the rubble.

Trigon then summoned somewhere within his being a spark of power with his two good eyes. The demon fired energy but Wonder Woman deflected it with her shield.

When Trigon realized that was working, he released orbs of his demonic energy from his left hand.

"What is that?" Shazam yelled out.

"Everyone get out the way!" shouted Batman.

A giant ball of dark red light appeared. As Trigon fired the ball, Superman jumped in front of it taking the blast. He yelled out in shocking pain. It flashed brightly multiple times in quick succession and exploded with an immense force that sent Superman flying through 3 buildings.

He fell and lay weakly on the ground.

"Superman!" Wonder Woman yelled.

"We got him." Batman said. "Shazam, follow me."

"Man, I wanted to finish wasting this oversized possessed deer."

"Go." Batman said in a deep menacing voice.

Everything inside of Wonder Woman just snapped. "You will pay, demon!"

Trigon smirked and fired another orb. Diana deflected with her shield again not stopping as she charged at him.

"No. That is not possible!"

Strike after strike, Diana moved swiftly, creating gashes in his red skin with her sword or punching him in his face with her sheild.

He eventually let out a roar that rattled the very souls of those unfortunate enough to hear it, as Diana stabbed him in the palm of his hand.

Trigon is almost defeated; he muttered some demonic words opening his portal back to Azarath.

"I shall return, bastard child of Zeus."

"Try it and I'll make you blind...permanently."

Trigon dissappears into the portal.

Wonder Woman flew off, making her way to Superman faster than she ever thought possible. What had Trigon done to him? The wounds were so sever. He couldn't die! She wouldn't let him.

As she reached him, tears welled up in her eyes at the sight of his body. He was sitting up against the tire of a diesel. At first glance, it would be easy to assume he was dead due to his numerous sever injuries, though, he was breathing but barely.


She kneeled beside him and hugged him closely but lightly, doing her best not to further his injuries.

"Diana," He softly said still not completely conscious.

"He didn't want us moving him until you were here," Shazam said.

Batman scuffed. "His body can't take anymore strain. His stubbornness wasn't and isn't going to do him any good," he explained.

"Kal, we have to get help, Ok?"

"Don't worry," he coughed and a small amount of blood was expelled. "Just a couple of scrapes and bruises. They can be taken care of at the fortress."

He'd lied to her. He'd probably told her the biggest lie he'd ever told anyone. Superman knew he had more than a couple of scrapes and bruises, much more and it was much more serious. Every time he inhaled it felt as though fire filled his chest. His entire body ached.

Wonder Woman smiled a bittersweet smile at his attempt to lie to her.

"Take him. You don't have much time."

Wonder Woman looked up at Batman and nodded.

"Come now, Kal. We are going to the fortress."

She hooked his less injured arm around her neck and stood up with him. She heard Kal grunt as he tried to stay standing up.

"Just lean on me," she whispered into his ear, "I'll carry you."

Diana took off into the sky.

Upon arriving to the fortress, Diana helped Kal hold up his hand to touch and unlock the fortress doors. As the doors open, they were greeted by Krypto, Kal's loyal direwolf hound.

Krypto whined and licked Kal's hand.

"He's going to be ok, Krypto."

Diana slowly floated to the fortress science lab. His supersuit slowly started to degenerate back into his sheild sigil to him only being in his boxer briefs.

"Can you sit up for me?" Diana asked as she was sitting him on the analysis table.

Kal was roused from his unconsciousness. He was slumps over but slowly looked up at Diana. She examined his body more closely. There was a large dark bruise around the front of his neck along with deep cuts that were surrounded by bruising on his face. Burn marks consumed the greater mass of his chest. It was evident, the blast caused a great deal of damage. It didn't seem out of the question to assume there was internal bleeding as well. His back was a similar story, bruises covered a fair sized area. She didn't know how long he'd need to recover.

"Oh, Kal." She breathed fully grasping the extent of his injuries. She stroked his hair.

"Stop worrying," he said in a low whisper and smiled weakly.

He slowly laid back on the table. He winced and took a deep breath.

A bright light emanated from the table and Kal's body started to glow.


Diana sat in a chair and looked up at the large monitor. Krypto came beside her laying his head on her lap.

Diana slowly rubbed the top of his head.

"He said not to worry, but I can't help to."





Diana looked at the screen. And image of Kal's body appeared and covered with red markings.

She sighed then looked in the direction of the table. She was amazed at the advanced technology the fortress has. She watched as the robotic arms moved swiftly, cleaning and stitching all of Kal's injuries.

As time passed, Diana had became mesmerized and engulfed in all of the information stored in the fortress computer. Kal even had a guide showing everything within the fortress. Diana then came across a recipe for a Kryptonian herbal healing drink. Luckily, majority of the herbs were in the fortress as the computer indicated but it was one special herb missing she had to find a suitable substitute on her own.

Krypto whined. Diana looked down at his sad puppy dog eyes.

"What's wrong?"

Krypto raised his head a bit and wagged his tail.

Diana stood up and followed him out the lab to an area with his large dog bowl.

Diana put her hands on her hips and smiled. "I have no idea where Kal keeps your food...much less what he feeds you."

Krypto barks and starts walking to a large container. He placed his paw on it.

Diana arched her eyebrow and walked over to it. She opens it slowly and sees piles of frozen steaks.

Krypto wagged his tail faster.

Diana couldn't help but laugh as she took one of the steaks out. She set it on top of his bowl and Krypto used his own heat vision to cook it.

"Kal taught you some unusual tricks," she smiled.

Diana looked around. The fortress was so beautiful. She had only been there twice before and it's so comforting to her.

She walked back to the lab and peeked inside looking at the monitor.



She looked over to Kal. Seeing him laying so still, it hurt her but she knew and was grateful that he was being healed.

He took that blast without even a second thought. Every league member put themselves on the line but it was always Superman that would go above and beyond to protect the League as well. That's just one of the many reasons why she admired him so much.

Diana then took a walk through the fortress ending up at the interplanetary habitat. She was again amazed seeing that Kal had rescued more extraterrestrial plants and animals.

She slowly walked through not wanting to alarm any of the animals.

She stopped upon seeing a small cage and it looked to be empty. Engraved on the cage was the name "Knipp."

She frowned wondering what "Knipp" might have been.

Walking back to leave out, she suddenly stopped hearing something click as if opening.

She looked back but everything was closed. Turning back she jumped slightly and gasped.


He stood in a stance as if he was ready to attack something with his eyes glowing red and he was growling.

"Krypto? Krypto, what's wrong?"

He jumped over Diana and started chasing after something Diana still couldn't see.

She then heard another click and ramming out opening its cage door was a giant wasp with a steel stinger.

"By the Gods...!"

The wasp came fast toward Diana as she blocked the wasp's attack with her gauntlet.

Diana grabbed her lasso and flew off having the wasp chase after her. Diana stopped suddenly eying the wasp opened cage.


As the wasp was close she moved a bit, letting the wasp pass her. She quickly lassoed it and swung it back in its cage.

She grabbed back her lasso and quickly closed and locked the cage. The wasp was angrier and kept banging its body and stinger on the door.

Diana saw another cage open.

"How did this happen?" She questioned.

All of a sudden she saw what looked like an oversized cat with Krypto not to far behind it barking run pass her.

"Krypto! No! Don't hurt it!"

The cat was trapped in a corner.

Diana looked at it, as it was a cat...well had the face of a cat but it's ears and bottom half of its body was like a rabbit.

The poor thing looked tramautized and even more so with Krypto.

"Krypto, calm down. I got it."

Krypto relaxed a bit as Diana wrapped her lasso around its neck. She tugged a little for it to follow her back to it's cage.

"Come on. Let's get back in your cage."

The cat slowly walked toward Diana but stayed against the wall trying to stay as far away from Krypto as possible.

"Stay." Diana warned Krypto.

He growled but kept his eyes on the cat.

"Go on."

The cat went back into it's cage and laid down.

Diana sighed locking the door.

"Let's get out of here, now."

Diana frowned and turned seeing Krypto again growling at something she still couldn't see.

"What is it?"

Suddenly something was tugging on her lasso.


Whatever it was started running taking the lasso with it. Diana caught a hold of the lasso and yanked whatever it was back to her. The little pest was slowly starting to appear.

Diana held it up. It was a monkey. A Pygmy Marmoset monkey. But it was a little bit bigger than usual.

The monkey shielded his eyes playfully.

"So, you are the one causing all of this chaos?"

Krypto growled and barked.

The monkey took hold of Diana's hand.


The monkey looked up at her with innocent eyes.

Diana couldn't help but laugh.

"Please, don't do that again and stay in your cage."

Diana walked back to his cage and placed him in.

"If you do that again, I might not be able to protect you from Krypto."

Knipp disappeared then reappeared hanging from a small branch in his cage.

Diana smiled then closed his cage. She doubled checked making sure it was locked.

"Let's go, Krypto." She patted him on his head. "We are not going to be chasing anymore animals."

All of the animals, especially Knipp, watched Diana and Krypto leaving out. They could sense Kal wasn't alright. They were curious to who Diana was. A mistress to their master? A second master?

With Krypto at her side, Diana then walked to Kal's trophy room. She was again amazed by all the trophies, medals, and other gifts Superman had received from all over the world. She smiled seeing pictures of him with officials, leaders, and citizens. It was something about his charming smile. So comforting. She couldn't wait to see that smile again.

Krypto barked at her. She quickly flew out the trophy room following him back to the lab.



Diana slowly walked closer up to Kal. She sighed in relief seeing that his vital did stay at a steady level. Bandages were all over his body.



The last bandage was placed on his arm.





The table and Kal's body started glow again.

His body scan appeared on the monitor again, this time with blue markings.




The table and his body stopped glowing. Kal slowly started to open his eyes. He smiled weakly seeing Diana standing over him.

Diana caressed his cheek lightly. "Can you speak to me?"

"Hi, Diana," he said in a low whisper.

She smiled. "Hi, Kal."

He tried sitting up.

"Oh no! Not too fast."

"Its alright...I get to bed."

"Ok. Let me help you."

Diana slowly sat him up. He breathed slowly.

"Ruff!" Krypto barked happy to see Kal awake and sitting up.

Kal smiled. "I'm alright, buddy."

Diana again slowly hooked his right arm over her neck and stood him up. They were levitating off the floor and slowly floated to his fortress bedroom. It was in a more private area of the fortress. This would be the first time Diana had seen it.

"This room." Kal pointed.

Diana was once again amazed going in the room. It was set up much like an ordinary room but bigger and even with a large bathroom. The bed was like two king sized bed combined.

She laid him down slowly on the bed. She sat down on the edge and watched him. Kal moved slowly, laying his head on her lap. A smile spread across Diana's lips as she cradled his head in her lap.

Kal closed his eyes falling back to sleep.

"Wonder Woman? Come in, Wonder Woman. This is Batman."

"Wonder Woman here."

"Is he alright?"

"Yes. He is resting now. Will need to rest for a couple of days."

"I am going to temporarily have both of you offline. The rest of the League and I are monitoring things. Keep a close eye on him. Make sure, he doesn't do anything stupid to disrupt his own recovery."

"I'll be sure to let him know how worried you are, Bruce. Thank you."

He scuffed. "Batman out."

Diana ran her fingers through his hair. Krypto jumped on top of the bed laying next to Diana.

"I'm right here with you, Kal. Krypto and I will take good care of you."