Planeswalker Gothic

Planeswalker Gothic is a very, very powerful magic user who can travel to anywhere he can imagine being via the Void (aka the Blind Eternities) He can also go to places he doesn't know about by viewing them while in the Void, but his lack of knowledge about those places make it dangerous for him visit them.

Aside from that he is mortal, only he does not age or get ill. He can be killed, but as long as he has at least one mox diamond filled with mana it will heal him, and even bring him back to life, so as long as he doesn't get blown up or lose his head he should be fine.

He can obtain magical powers to make himself more powerful, and use magical items to enhance himself. He has vast amounts of magical energies to call upon, but doesn't know any spells to start with, however he can learn spells very quickly. He can also learn to brew potions, perform alchemy and enchant items, but not the artefacts he gets from cards.

Also he can shape shift, however he can not yet control this power so he will always shift into a form the natives will accept, be that human, elf, dwarf or something more exotic. The limits on this are divine and demonic beings.

The Cards

PG has a special deck of Magic: The Gathering Cards. He always has forty cards in his deck.

The deck replenishes itself as he uses cards which means he doesn't know what spells he has or what creatures he will be able summon unless they are one of the cards curently in his hand, or if he takes the time to carefully pick cards out of the deck.

Creatures who are summoned, will vanish if they are killed or if the card is returned to deck or if PG leaves that plane, they are not real as PG can not create life. Artefacts become real when the card is used, and then card vanishes, but the item which was created will remain even if PG leaves that reality.

The one thing all cards have in common is that they require mana to use.


Red, Black, White, Blue and Green are the five colours of Mana, each comes from a different kind of land, and they are used to power the matching colour of cards. Having too much of one colour of Mana isn't a problem as the deck chances to provide cards useful to Planeswalker Gothic, however any using one kind of Mana can have a negative effect on Planeswalker Gothic.

Mana is stored in the Mox diamonds of which he has six, for now. Unlike other kinds of magic, which he can also make us of, Mana comes from land, the energy of the places he visits absorbed into the Mox diamonds over the space of about an hour. However no piece normal of land can fill more than a single diamond in a day as the energy has to be replenished. Thankfully he can draw from nearby land as well.

If he badly needs more Mana PG can 'tap' any land he owns to fill a Mox diamond even if he is on the other side of the planet, but not across realities.

Planeswalker Gothic

Part 1


At first I'd been somewhere else. A place outside of reality, outside of all realities, an endless nothingness that surrounded everything and yet at the same time it was not part of anything. The knowledge I'd somehow been given told me that it was called the Blinding Eternities. I just called it the Void.

When offered the chance to leave, by something or someone, I'd taken it, and as I had fallen back into the vastness of creation my spark, my soul, had taken physical form, giving me life once again.

My first corporal sensation since I'd died, and I was sure I had died even if I couldn't remember how, was that of pain. I felt my body stretching in unnatural ways. I suffered through bones breaking and then reforming into new shapes, while organs shifted place or changed. I was very glad when it was over.

My new knowledge told me that changing form would get easier over time, and that so would walking the planes, but for now doing both of those things had worn me out. It would be sometime before I could perform even the simplest of magic or even move quickly.

The Mox Diamonds, would require time to charge, about an hour for each of them, so that would take six hours, maybe more. Knowing that made me want to figure out where I was in case I didn't have six hours to sit around doing no magic at all. Besides drawing Mana from lands far away took more time I somehow understood, so it would better if I moved around.

I had appeared beside a stream just next to a forest, and as I looked around I saw no signs of civilization, which surprised me because the main reason why I had left the Void was because I didn't want to be alone forever, so when I'd reached out, attempting rejoin the multi-verse, my intention had been to find some people.

Sure I was a loner, but that had always been my choice. Not having any options had been a torment. I never would remained sane being so cut off from everyone and everything else.

Cautiously I took a few steps toward the stream, and then I fell over. My new body was not humanoid, and this freaked me for a few moments, but I calmed down and experimented with moving around as a four legged creature rather than as a human being. Getting off the ground was a chore, but I managed it.

To my delight moving in my new body seemed to come naturally once I stopped worrying about it, and soon I was able to walk... well trot over to the nearby stream.

I stopped once I'd reached the water and was soon looking down at my reflection. The water was calm enough for me to get decent view of myself.

The eyes were the same blue as before, just a different shape, but everything else was different. My coat was was a nice dark shade of silver, my mane and tail were as black as my human hair, but what mattered more than anything was the fact that I was a unicorn, since Planeswalkers used magic, a unicorn made some sense as they were magical creatures.

The Mox Diamonds, all six of them, were currently embedded in a leather strap of some sort that was wrapped around one of my front legs. As for my deck of cards they were in a small pouch that was also attached to the only thing I had on.

When I turned I saw what was on my side, this tipped me off to where I was. I had a 'cutie mark' mine was made up of five circles and each was a different colour: black, white, red, blue and green. Which were the five colour of Mana.

After processing all of that, which took a few moments, I wondered why I hadn't become one of those Ponies with both a unicorn horn and the wings, but then I recalled that my shape shifting power was meant to allow me to blend in. Alicorns were rare, I would draw far less attention to myself as Unicorn, and that was good.

Next I spent some time figuring out where to go, from what I knew about this place it was very safe, at least when compared to most 'fictional' worlds. I figured I wasn't going to get jumped by Pony bandits, or eaten by rabid wolves.

Thankfully I soon found a path running alongside the woods, and I knew that I most likely heading for Ponyville, rather than Canterlot because it wasn't a proper road, it was more of a dirt path. But even if I was wrong it didn't much matter as all roads lead somewhere.

Not long after starting my journey I spied a small cottage, and while I was still male in this form, at least as far I could tell, I was not strictly speaking a man so I felt no shame in going and asking for directions.

It took me a few tries to open the gate, as I lacked hands, but I was able to open it and once I had done that I walked up to the door. Hesitantly I reached out and knocked lightly on the frame with a hoof. I was oddly nervous for some reason.

"I'll be right there" a small voice called softly from inside.

Soon enough the door opened to reveal a small yellow Pegasus who had a pink mane. She looked at me for about a second before hiding half her face behind the door. I didn't need three guesses to know which of the My Little Ponies this was.

"Hello there Miss" I said in my nicest voice "My name is... Gothic. I'm new to this... part of the world and I was hoping you could point me towards Ponyville".

I'd hesitated twice, the first time was because I'd suddenly remembered that certain beings can use your name against you using a curse, and magic real so those can kinds of spells could be. Therefore it would be wise of me not to use the name my parents had given me while walking the planes.

The second time had been because I'd almost said planet. I wasn't worried about being identified as somepony from another reality as the ponies were friendly, but not all people could get their heads around the idea of there being multiple realities. It was best to keep things simple for now.

"I...I..." Fluttershy tried to say.

The poor pony seemed a little overwhelmed so I decided to make things a bit easier for her.

"What's your name?" I asked softly.

This time she was able to give a proper reply.

"My name is Fluttershy" she said

Now we were getting somewhere.

"Pleased to meet you Fluttershy" I replied.

I smiled at her, and then I gave her a moment to calm herself.

"Now would be so kind as to tell me how to get to Ponyville?" I requested.

She needed another moment, but she was able to answer.

"I'll...I'll show you the way" she offered.

(Line Break)

As it turned out Fluttershy had been about to head into town anyway, I figured this out when we arrived in the centre of town and saw that the rest of the gang was already there. Four of them were standing around while Rainbow Dash was hoovering up in the air.

"Ah Fluttershy, nice of you to finally arrive" said Rarity.

That wasn't the greeting I would have expected from someone who embodied one of the Elements of Harmony.

"Good ta see ya sugarcube" said a much more friendly Applejack "Who's yer friend?"

The others were all looking at me, and I felt compelled to say something.

"Hello ladies.. I mean ponies... My name is Gothic" I introduced "I'm new to this part of the world..."

Pinkie Pie suddenly disappeared. Not magically, as far as I was able to tell, she just became a blur.

"Oh deary me, I don't think we'll ever be able to understand how she manages that." Rarity remarked "No doubt she's already off planning a welcome to Ponyville party".

Parties weren't really my thing, but I didn't think I'd avoid going as Pinkie Pie was my favourite MLP, mostly because she reminded me of my hyperactive niece. They both had that boundless energy of the young, and a taste for the colour pink.

"Anyway I met Fluttershy on my way into town" I went on to say "And she was kind enough to escort me here".

So far everything seemed to be going well. I wasn't having any kind of panic attack due to how crazy my life had gotten, and I had not embarrassed myself in any way.

"So what brings you Ponyvillie?" Rainbow Dash inquired.

I needed just a moment to form an answer to her question.

"I'm a wandering scholar you might say" I told the flying pony "I was hoping to visit your town's library sometime soon, it famous for its texts on magic and history. There are a few books I might want to check out"

They seemed to accept that, and if anything they had become more interested in where Pinky Pie had gotten off to than me.

"You ponies wouldn't happen to know a place I could stay until I find a place of my own do you?" I asked of them.

It would take me at least a few hours to charge up my Mox Diamonds, as only one of them was lit up and I knew that it would take a lot of Mana to empower a card that could create a building.

"We've got room at the farm, if'n ya don't mind sleeping on the hay." Applejack offered "Might be a tad uncomfortable, and that darn draft in the barn ain't gonna help ya much".

Given that I had the powers of a god, or would very soon have, I felt I could do better,

"No offense Miss" I said to the Earth Pony "but I've come along way I really need a proper bed. If there's a hotel around here I can't pay now, but I can work off any debt".

I'd gone to the afterlife and back again. That sort of thing required a good night's rest.

"Hey I understand partner" assured Applejack "I'd make the same choice in yer position"

That was when Twilight spoke up.

"I have a small guest room available at the library" she told me "If you're anything like me you'll probably read to you fall asleep".

Given how badly I needed to start learning the basics of magic, this was most likely going to be the case.

"Thank you" I said in reply "Hopefully I'll be able to repay your kindness once I've gotten some rest".

Once I had some Mana and a chance to look through my deck there would be lots of things I could do, not all of them kind, but I had no intention of unleasing horrible monsters upon the ponies just so I could test out summoning.

(Line Break)

Library. Ponyville.

"Well, for history I recommend: An Unabridged History of Equestria" the purple unicorn suggested "Also, you should look through 'The Legends of Equestria, The Biography of Nightmare Moon' and of course 'The Elements of Harmony: A Complete Guide', that should give you a pretty in-depth understanding of recent Equestrian history".

I had just one question to ask as the unicorn floated the suggested reading material onto the table I was standing by.

"Have you read all these books?" I asked.

She nodded.

"That's very impressive" I said.

Twilight blushed an impressive shade of red as she suddenly found her feet rather fascinating.

"I... may have gone through them all a couple of times" she admitted "My study of magic is the most important, but I just find history so interesting".

As did I.

"Mostly I want to know about magic" I informed Sparkle "But I wouldn't mind learning more about Ponies too".

Twilight then went on to list a series of books which would assist me with learning about the social structure of Pony society and about the biology of Pony races, which were the Unicorns, the Pegasi and the Earth Ponies.

It wasn't until I tried to open a book, that Twilight began to suspect that I wasn't what I appeared to be.

"Didn't anyone ever teach you to use your horn?" she asked me.

That was when I decided to tell the truth.

"I didn't have one until today" I explained "I used to have a totally different body, but then I died and became a Planeswalker. It's a long story really, but that's the condensed version".

Rather than ask me a million more questions, as I had expected her to do. Sparkle levitated a book over to a stand and then she flipped through the pages without actually touching them. As she read she tensed up, and even before she looked at me I could tell how nervous she was.

"You're not here to hurt anyone are you?" she asked of me "Because if you are... I'll have to fight you".

She was very brave to even consider doing battle with a Planeswalker, however since I couldn't get my cards out of my pouch I was pretty much helpless, which meant my only course of action was to talk.

"I'm not one of those evil Planeswalkers" I assured her "I don't even know how to use my powers. I didn't even mean to come her. I just want to learn about magic and ponies, that is all. Most Planeswalkers are just explorers, and when they do want to rule as gods they tend to make their own realms, few go around attacking people".

Twilight relaxed somewhat, and then she did start asking questions.

"The book doesn't have much to say on Planeswalkers" she said "So can you tell me how your magic works".

I figured I might as well explain a little.

"Its different for me because I have these" I informed.

With some effort I was able to use my mouth to get the cards out of the pouch, but then I ended up playing my own version of 52 pick up. For a moment the cards filled the air. Thankfully Sparkle was able to use her powers to stack them neatly on the table closest to her.

"Thank you" I said

Then with my hoof I spread some of cards out across the table.

"A Planeswalker can use what's called Mana, it magic drawn from the land, and with this energy we can cast some very powerful spells, summon creatures from other planes and even create magical artefacts" I explained "I'm new to all this so I don't what I can do yet, but once my Mana charges up I'll be able do some impressive magic I'm sure".

With the right card I could lay waste to the entire of Ponyville.

"Can you show me how you cast a spell?" Sparkle requested.

If she did something for me I would.

"Sure" I replied "But first I need you tell me how to use this horn".

That made her laugh.

"Okay the first thing you need to know..."

That was as far as she got because someone interrupted us.

"Twiliiiiiight, it's Rarity!" a voice called out "I'm here to return those books I borrowed".

I got the impression that this was just an excuse for her to come over. I was clued into this by the total lack of books she was carrying.

"You will be glad to know that I managed to convince Pinkie Pie to hold off on the welcome to Ponyville party" the fancy unicorn informed me, while completely ignoring Sparkle "I told her you needed a chance to settle in before meeting everyone".

I was pleased by this news.

"Thank you Lady Rarity" I said "That was most kind".

She struck me as the kind of pony who would respond well to being talked to as if she was someone noble. Plus a little flattery never hurt.

"Oh it was no trouble at all" she replied "but if you insist on thanking me perhaps we could have lunch together".

That didn't sound horrible, but I was lacking in funds. Thankfully Twlight understood my problem without it being expressed.

"Why don't we all go" she suggested "We can give you a tour and then I'll buy us all something to eat, and you can me more about Planeswalkers".

That seemed like a good idea to me.