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"H-Hinata-sama…" A teenaged fanboy of Hinata sniffed, his eyes fixed on his TV as he re-watched some Hinata moments of the anime Naruto in his bedroom. The current episode showed Hiashi passing Hinata's training to Kurenai. Some fans saw it as Hiashi disowning Hinata.

"Hiashi, you piece of damn cool Hyuga," the fanboy semi-cursed with a scrunched face and a growl in his voice. "I hate you so much in this episode!" He shouted and violently threw a pillow on his wooden floor.

He always hated seeing Hinata getting treated badly. No girl as nice and as kind as Hinata deserved to be treated like a trash!


The fanboy instinctively looked behind him at hearing the familiar notification alert of his phone. Giving Hiashi one last glare on the TV, he stood up from his sitting position on the floor, and then walked towards his bed. He snatched his android phone from his bed. It was lit with the opening screen of the mobile game that he usually played. His face scrunched in confusion.

'Strange…' He thought. How did the game launch on its own? He was sure he locked his phone, too.


A dialogue box appeared next on the screen. It said:

[What is your name?]

Below this question was a text input box.

'What bullrainbow is this!?' He mentally semi cursed. Did his game got reset? His eyes widened with a crazed look and his lips tightened in a straight line. He better not lose all of his progress!

Hoping to be proven wrong, he typed in his name. K, A, B, E.

"Kabe." He recited and then pressed 'OK'

A new dialogue box appeared.

[Congratulations Kabe, you are now Hinata Hyuga's sensei!]

Seeing Hinata's name shocked him and he stared at the screen wide-eyed.

A new dialogue box appeared, showing a video this time. It was a video of a 12 year old Hinata, doing her everyday off-screen routine.

[In the toilet, Hinata took off her pants,–]

"Hic–!" Kabe's voice hitched. He covered his burning face with his hand, as his widened eyes kept on watching. Good thing her privates were blocked by the camera's angle, or else he would've fainted! He completely forgot about losing his previous game data.

[Hinata stayed still as she was about to sit on the toilet seat. She carefully lifted her head and scanned her surroundings through the corner of her narrowed eyes. She had felt like someone was watching.]

After about thirty minutes of watching Hinata doing mundane things, Kabe had come to the conclusion that the video was a surveillance on Hinata.

Kabe was freaking out on the inside, kind of. He was mostly exhilarated. This strange phenomenon was just unexplainable. He was high!

[Hinata laid in her futon, soundly asleep.]

Kabe closed the video screen and met the home screen of the strange game.

A tutorial popped up.

[Your role as Hinata Hyuga's sensei, is to help her become the number 1 shinobi.]

Kabe's eyes were stuck in their widened state. He flexed his fists to let out some of the excited tension inside him. He then tapped [OK].

[To help her, you must communicate with her. Go to the 'Store'.]

Kabe tapped the store's icon.

[Buy her a 'Touchscreen Phone'.]

Kabe tapped [Buy] under the 'Touchscreen Phone' picture. Then the surveillance video screen of Hinata resurfaced. It seemed time had skipped, as the sky appeared blue above a dense forest.

"Hinata-sama!" Kabe screamed like a girl when an enemy shinobi aimed to slash her cute face with a kunai.

[Out of nowhere, Kiba and Akamaru performed Gatsuga. They spun at a ferocious speed, targeting Hinata's assailant, who jumped back and redirected his attention to the newcomers.

Suddenly, a phone appeared out of thin air and floated in front Hinata's face.

Hinata quickly jumped back and kicked the phone, thinking it was an enemy.]

"NOOOO don't destroy it Hinata-sama!" Kabe shouted, on edge as he watched. He glanced at his game money balance, worrying as the phone costed a lot.

[The phone disappeared in a puff of smoke upon getting kicked, but then reappeared in the same position, with no damage whatsoever.]

"Phew~…" A sigh of relief left Kabe's lips. Then a dialogue box appeared.

[Hinata is physically tired with low chakra. Go buy her enhancement pills.]

A minimise button appeared on the video, which Kabe experimentally tapped. It made the video cover only half of the screen, letting Kabe access the game's tabs on the other side of the screen, as he kept watch on Hinata. He opened the store and bought some 'Soldier Pills'. They would replenish Hinata's chakra and nourish her body, allowing her to keep on fighting for three days and three nights without rest.

[Hinata's shoulders were tense as she stared at the invincible little thing that floated in front of her. She had delivered a number of strikes to the phone, but the phone kept on disappearing and reappearing.

A dialogue box appeared to the floating phone in front of Hinata.

{You have received soldier pills.}

The phone didn't seem to want to harm her. It hasn't initiated any attacks. Her hand hesitantly reached the phone.

'My teammates and I could use some Soldier pills right now.' Hinata justified her reasons as to why she should tap the use button on the phone's screen. She held the phone as far away from her body as possible, fearing it was only acting nice, then would suddenly attack. She then tapped {Use}.

Out of thin air, soldier pills appear and floated in front of her.

'Unbelivable…!' Hinata inwardly exclaimed, her eyes wide. What power was she witnessing?

"Aah!" Kiba's pain filled cry reached Hinata's ear and got her focus back in the battle.

Pushing her amazement and wonder on the side for later, Hinata took the pills and swallowed one, and then her slouched posture straightened with power. She sprinted towards Kiba and the enemy. She aimed a gentle fist at the enemy's chest. The enemy jumped back and Hinata quickly grabbed the opportunity to feed one soldier pill to a crouching Kiba. Upon swallowing the pill, his pained and shaky posture steadied as his body straightened.

"Thanks Hinata!" Kiba exclaimed as they both resumed attacking the enemy.]

"WOOHOOO!" Kabe cheered as Team 8 successfully completed their C ranked mission. Money flowed into his game money balance and Hinata's experience bar also filled up a bit.

It was so awesome! It was like he was a part of the team, acting as their personal financier or inventory or whatever. Their success was his success.

A dialogue box appeared.

[To avoid freaking out your student, talk to her directly. Send her a message and introduce yourself.]

'I-I can talk to Hinata-sama…!? MY GOSH!' Kabe felt like exploding in extreme excitement.

Kabe tapped [Ok] and then he was pointed to the chat icon.

[Hinata studied the phone in her hand as her team camped for the night. They should reach Konoha tomorrow morning.

{"Hello Hinata-sama"} A message appeared on Hinata's phone screen.

Hinata jumped a bit in her sitting position on a tree branch, as she took her turn to watch out for enemies. She noted how she was addressed as 'Hinata-sama'. She then tapped {Reply} and typed in a:


It was quickly followed by a:

{"May I ask who I'm speaking with?"}


'You are speaking with your future husband, my dear Hinata-sama.' Kabe giggled at his own fantasy, but then got prompted by the tutorial to properly introduce himself.

[Hinata's eyes were fixed on the phone screen as she anticipated, unblinking, for a new message to come. She was still so confused about what was happening. She needed answers!

{I am Kabe, your new sensei}

{I will take care of you, my Hinata-sama}.

Hinata blushed cause of how intimate his declaration sounded in her head. He even called her 'my Hinata-sama'.]

Kabe had went through the tutorial with Hinata, after explain enough to her.

Kabe was the only one who could access the game money, game shop, and anything game something.

Kabe could see Hinata, but she couldn't see him.

Kabe could gain game money and experience for Hinata through official Konaha missions, side missions, Hinata training, and so on.

Kabe could actually use his real money and buy premium things from the premium store.

Hinata could make her phone appear and disappear anytime without the use of a hand sign.

Hinata spends her chakra whenever she used her phone.

She has her own inventory, where she could store Kabe's gifts.

She couldn't send Kabe gifts.

"Kyaa Kabe-kun, we see each other again!" A blushing teenage girl giggled.

"Yes, may I take your order?" An uninterested Kabe went straight to business, no plans to entertain her, or anyone in that matter. He was there at Wacko's to work, so that he would have money to buy Hinata premium gifts from the game store.

He unfortunately couldn't have his phone while he work, but he made sure his phone was kept on and that Hinata's video surveillance was open, so that a time skip wouldn't happen.

The girl pouted and gave her order. Before she left to go to the waiting corner, she said, "I'll see you tomorrow at school Kabe-kun!"

'Ugh, that's right. Hmph.' internally sighing, Kabe massaged his head. He got high school to worry about, too. He shook his head.

'The things I do for my Hinata-sama.'

A half-smile half-smirk appeared on his lips as he thought of Hinata.

'Ahh, the things you do to me, Hinata-sama.'

"I still don't see anything, Hinata." Kurenai informed.

Kiba had questioned Hinata where the pills came from. He had seen them appear out of nowhere in front of Hinata. So Hinata tried showing them the phone.

Hinata retracted her extended hand that was holding the phone. "R-Really?"

She had tried to make the phone appear and disappear, thinking that it would make them finally see it. But it seemed she was the only one capable of seeing it.

Kiba scratched his head as Akamaru whined.

"Could you summon an item from the phone?" Shino spoke, curious about this new ability of Hinata's that Kiba spoke of. Not seeing the phone was slowly making them sceptical, and he knew it was eating at Hinata's self-esteem. Maybe there was another way to prove what she told them. They can start at what Kiba already witnessed.

"Yes, Shino-kun." Hinata nodded vigorously. She looked at her phone and started tapping on it.

"It kinda looks like your making some weird hand signs Hinata, hehe." Kiba notice as Akamaru barked.

"O-Oh?" Hinata looked up. "I-It looks w-weird?" Hinata's head and shoulders dropped as a depressed aura surrounded her.

"Kiba." Kurenai reprimanded Kiba with a look.

"No no no, it's not bad Hinata!" A guilty Kiba frantically waved his hands.


Shino pushed his glasses up. "It's weird in a cute way Hinata. I think that's what Kiba meant."

Hinata looked up at Shino with a cute blush, and then looked down with a small smile. "T-Thank you Shino-kun."

Kiba whipped his head at Shino and narrowed his eyes at him for making Hinata blush. Shino only stuffed his hands in his pockets and nodded at Hinata.

"What will you show us, Hinata?" Kurenai asked, reminding Hinata of her earlier objective.

"O-Oh! Yes, it is…" Hinata browsed her inventory, wondering which item to summon. She saw the low grade equipment that appeared on a dialogue box when her team finished their mission.

"Kiba-kun," Hinata called on to Kiba as she tapped on a weapon.

"Yeah?" Kiba asked, and watched as a deadly and expensive looking claws on metallic gloves appeared and floated in front of Hinata.

Amazed gasps came from Hinata's team, which kinda made Hinata shy. They stared at her afterall.

Hinata grabbed the claws and approached Kiba. "Y-You can have this Kiba-kun."

"U-Uhm, are you sure Hinata?" Kiba looked back and forth at Hinata and the claws.

"W-We accomplished the mission as a team…" Hinata trailed off. This made Kurenai smiled. She felt proud at the team spirit that Hinata displayed.

Hinata summoned another item. It was a charm sunglasses that slightly increases the maximum HP of Shino's bugs. Shino and Kiba thanked Hinata, as they tried on their new equipment. As soon as they put their respective equipment on, a burst of light aura surrounded and exploded for a second. The two boys swiftly looked up with shocked expressions.

"I feel more powerful." Kiba declared.


"So do I." Shino testified.

"Amazing…" Kurenai breathed. She could see how powerful her team could get.

Out of her peripherals, Kurenai noticed a movement beside her. She looked down, only to see beautiful bottle of perfume held out towards her. She turned to look at Hinata.

"T-This is a genjutsu enhancer, according to the info, Kurenai-sensei." Hinata explained with a smile.

"Thank you, Hinata." Kurenai took the perfume.

"But what did you get?" Kiba asked, looking at Hinata.

Hinata summoned the last equipment in her inventory. It was the only one that had the label {Legendary} on it, while the others only had {Normal} on them.

The three watched as Hinata did the weird looking hand signs. Then a small golden tube appeared. They anticipated in excitement as Hinata's palm fully covered the tube. Hinata then pulled the tube apart.

"A LIPSTICK?!" Kiba exclaimed in disbelief.

During his break, Kabe watched with unhappy and tight lips, as Hinata stalked Naruto in the training grounds.

[Hinata had felt a little bolder after growing stronger in a short amount of time. Her team was currently resting from training for the chunin exams, when she decided to check on Naruto.

Hinata hid behind a tree, as Naruto approached. She quickly opened her inventory and summoned a {Enhanced Hyuga Ointment}. She had enhanced her ordinary ointment through the item synthesis tab in her phone. It was easy as she already had the required items for the item synthesis.

Naruto passed the tree that Hinata was hiding at.

"N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata called out.

Naruto jumped back a bit, and then faced her direction. "Hinata-chan? What's up?" His wide grin broke out.

Hinata blushed brighter and presented the ointment with two hands. "P-Please use this for your wounds."

"Huh? For real!?" Naruto asked as a friendly warm feeling engulfed him.

Hinata smiled. "Y-Yes Naruto-kun. I… I-I… I," Hinata squinted her eyes as her face flared up some more. 'I love you!' She couldn't say out loud.

She shoved the ointment in his hands and blindly sprinted off with her still squinted eyes and red face.

Naruto scratched his head. "Weird…"]

Kabe clenched and unclenched a hand in a stress ball. It was hard watching Hinata give another boy attention. He felt like he and Hinata had made quite a good connection through their chats, but he saw that Hinata still had strong feelings for Naruto.

Now, Kabe used to root for NaruHina, as Sakura treated Naruto badly in the beginning, but then he didn't appreciate how Naruto ignored Hinata's nearly dying confession. He also felt angry at how Sakura was the one giving Naruto a congratulatory hug after beating Pain, as Hinata only watch and stood with the crowd.


Kabe reread his past chat conversation with Hinata.

["Good night Kabe-sensei" Hinata messaged.

"Good night my hime *kisses*" Kabe replied, which made Hinata's face burst in flames.]

Kabe was practically flirting with Hinata. His heart beat went faster. Hinata felt so close. So reachable.

'But only through a phone.'

Kabe's shoulders slumped. Hinata was still so far away. Untangible.

Was there a way to be able to stand right next to her?

After work, Kabe freaked out when he saw that his phone was dead. It was left on, hidden inside a locked bag, and was plugged to a charger.

Kabe unplugged the charger from the wall. He noticed that the plug's switch was turned off. Someone must've turned it off. He gathered his belongings and hurried home.

Once he got home, he went straight and plugged his phone on the charger. Without waiting for the phone to fully charge, he turned it on.

"Come on, hurry up, phone." Kabe tapped his foot in anxiety.

His phone booted up.

"Yosh!" Kabe let out a happy cheer, and then quickly launched the game. He then tapped [HCCTV] to open Hinata's surveillance video.

[At the forest of death,]

"Huh? Chunin exams already!?" Kabe exclaimed. He missed a whole lot. Hinata's team had just started their training, last time he watched her.

[Team 8 shook, as Gaara ignored Temari's pleas to head to the tower already. He had wanted more blood after only just killing another team.

Hinata's phone chimed, a sound that only she could hear. It was the notification of her Kabe-sensei finally being online.

"Hinata, watch out!" Kiba shouted as he and Shino jumped away from the sand that tried to trap their feet.

Hinata looked up at her teammates in attention. They now had utter terror written on their faces. Hinata tried to jump to them, but couldn't.

'Oh no…' Her eyes widened in fear. She had let her guard down when the notification distracted her. She stared at Gaara, who looked about to clench his held up hand, as the sand on her feet rose up to cover more of her body.]

"No no no no!" Kabe browsed the game store in panic, wanting to find something that could get Hinata out of that situation, when on the video…

[Gaara's siblings and Hinata's teammates watched in shock and in relief, respectively.

"How did you–" Gaara's eyes dilated, as his closed fist hung in the air.

Hinata stood shaking at almost meeting her demise. Her hands fixed in what Kiba calls as her weird hand sign. Hinata looked down at her phone, and on her inventory, she read {Gaara's Sand}.

Hinata had just inventoried Gaara's sand that was on her body. She had used a special item to store real world things in the inventory.

Temari and Kankuro couldn't believe it. It was the first time that someone survived Gaara's Sand Coffin.

"Give me my sand back." Gaara commanded threateningly.

Hinata tensed at being addressed by Gaara. She still shook as she looked down on the inventory. She saw the {Legendary Lipstick}, tapped on it, and then it appeared in front of her.]

Kabe sighed in relief, "Thank goodness!" He had a hand on his chest to calm his wildly beating heart. He felt very proud, too, as Hinata saved herself on her own.

Now, she finally decided to use the lipstick equipment. Kabe and Hinata's team had wondered what it could do. Kabe didn't get the chance to ask.

Back to the video

[Kiba and Shino paled as they watched Hinata put the lipstick on, while Temari and Kankuro's sweats dropped, on the other hand.

"Do you have a crush on my brother?" Kankuro asked.

"This is not the right time for seducing him, you know." Temari's eyebrow twitched at the absurdity of it. She also felt like puking at saying the word seducing and referring to her brother in one sentence.

Hinata blushed but didn't say a word. She sprinted towards Gaara and held his face. No sand was around to block her.

"Hinata!" Shino shouted in concern.

"You don't have to do this Hinata!" Kiba shouted, trying to convince Hinata to abort what she was about to do.

But Hinata had already focused a good amount of chakra on her made up lips. And so she closed her eyes and kissed the shocked red head.

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