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She knows that she doesn't have much time left. She has no tears left to shed, and she can hear her baby crying and she cannot reach him. She must left to the nursemaid his care. And she hopes that her brothers and father can forgive her.

She's not very sure she can forgive herself. So she prays.

She prays for Bran, her big brother; so full of life and joy. So brave and fearless, so strong and quick witted and who always deemed himself as her protector. Bran, who would have fought the whole world had she asked.

He of easy smile and friendly banter, her big brother.

He is dead now. She can only hope that it was a quick death, that he didn't suffer, because he doesn't deserve anything else. And she mourns for the Lord he would never be.

Oh Bran, why did you have to rush to death? You who should have ruled Winterfell after father, with Lady Tully at your side and children in your lap.

And then the image of Benjen comes into her mind.

Her little brother, all alone in Winterfell while Ned wages war. Her playmate, her sparring partner, her baby brother. The one who knew her secret in that faithful tourney.

She doesn't know what will become of him, and she fears for his fate and prays that Ned lives so Ben won't be left alone. He doesn't deserve to be alone. Her little brother is made for laughter, for noble deeds, for wisdom.

And she hopes with all her being that he finds joy, that he finds love and weds and fathers children. He deserves so much and wishes she could tell him that, but she won't be able too, the Stranger is starting to call with a stronger voice.

Be happy little Ben, live for the both of us!

And then, she hears it. And is unsure as to if it's real or her fever that makes her hear it. But it comes again, stronger and closer, her name in Ned's voice.

She screams for him, throat dry with disuse. And calls again and again, until she can hear footsteps quickly approaching. And with a burst of the door, she can see her brother, her sweet Ned.

He is at her side in a blink of an eye and she drinks in his image. She feels to weak to say what she wants to say, so she raises her hand and places it on his cheek, he covers her hand with his and she smiles.

She is suddenly happy, she's glad that she won't be alone in her final moments. And is particularly glad that is Ned who is there with her.

Her sweet, shy, noble and quiet brother. The one she loves with all her heart, the one she wanted to both protect and be protected by. He who speaks with a quiet strength, who loves with all that he is. And whose words is worth gold. And whose word is worth gold. And she feels safe with him there, as if death could not touch her. He gives her more comfort than anything or anyone else could provide. He is her safe heaven, her refuge in these final moments.

And then she asks him a promise of him. She can feel her time ending, and begs with tears in her eyes, she begs for her son. That little boy who is guiltless of all.

And he promises, her boy will be safe.

And just like that, all the fear leaves her body. For she knows that he'll look after her boy as if it were his own. And she smiles at her brother one more time and she closes her eyes and breaths her last.

The Gods bless you sweet Ned.

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