It was over, DIO was defeated, and their journey was finally over.

After saying goodbye to their companion Polnareff, Kujo Jotaro and Joseph Joestar, often simply called Mr. Joestar, came back to Japan at the first chance they got, and entered the large Kujo residence, "We're back!" Joseph shouted, opening the front door, and then, he was tackled by a woman! To be more specific, her daughter, Holly Kujo, "Yay! You're both back! The doctors all took care of me, but I still felt so lonely!" She said while hesitantly detaching herself from the hug, Joseph laughed a bit, while Jotaro stayed silent, "Heh, I know right? This business trip took way longer than expected!"

And in fact, this 'business trip' took almost two months, the trip to go to Cairo and save Holly's life, it was a long and difficult mission, and many people died along the way, but they managed to do it. Joseph hugged his daugther as Jotaro tried to walk past her, face expressionless as ever, "Jotaro! I bet you thought about me a lot when you were out, right?" Holly said, turning her head towards her son, smiling, Jotaro just muttered a "Stop shouting, you're annoying" as he walked down the hallway, Holly, still smiling, ran right beside him, asking him what would he want for dinner, Joseph couldn't help but smile, everything came back to normal.

The next day, Joseph visited the residence one more time before going back in America the following day, he rang the doorbell, and the one who opened the door was Holly, however, she looked quite troubled, which was pretty rare, making Joseph instantly worried too, "Hey, daddy, have you seen Jotaro anywhere? When I woke up, he wasn't in his bed, or anywhere...", Joseph immediatly came up with the worst-case scenario, could Jotaro have been attacked? No, why would he? DIO was dead, and any of his remaining minions wouldn't have any reason to attack him, maybe revenge? However, there was no time to lose, "I'll check if he's at school, i'll be right back!" He said, trying to cover up his worries, Holly smiled at him, "Thank you, dad, but I don't think there's any reason to wo-" Before she could finish the phrase, Joseph had already gone to his car, and started driving towards the high school

Nothing, he wasn't there, sure, he was a delinquent, but it wasn't like him to just suddenly dissapear like that, he was about to come back to Holly to give her the bad news, before suddenly getting a call while he was entering his car, it was Holly, he couldn't even start to speak as she started to shout "Daddy! Come here! I found something strange in Jotaro's room! It's some weird glowing crystal!"

Holly was crouched on the ground, looking down at the weird, glowing red crystal, it didn't look like something natural, it was too...Perfectly shaped to be, Joseph was standing by the door, scratching his white beard as he got closer, "Don't touch it, Holly!" He said while he too crouched down, could it be part of a Stand? Only one way to find out, he reached out his gloved hand towards the crystal, picking it up, no, it was not part of a Stand, he could actually pick it up, the crystal felt kinda warm to the touch, but nothing else, where did this crystal come from? And why was it in Jotaro's room?

[To Be Continued] -