Truth Revealed

Witches Rune

We all know Bella's story right? Or so we thought. However, that's not what really happened. Her real name's not Isabella Maria Swan, she's not who we all thought she was. Just to make things even more confusing, she's not even from the U. S. either.

Chapter 1:

Yammato... Yammato... Yam-

My thoughts were always about him, I never could get him out of my head. It seemed like all I could think about was of him, and yet at the same time, I had to push him out of my head.

Even though my new family and I are one big happy family, we all have our secrets, or rather, everyone's opening up to everyone else, however, everyone but me, that is.

I had always had a way of keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself, but when I had moved here to the United States, it was very uncommon for me to open up to someone else, moreover, I always have to at least spend a few hours a day with my parents, who also moved here with me, they're posing as an American divorced couple, Mother went to go live in Phoenix, Arizona, while Father and I, we both live in a small town called Forks in the state of Washington.

It's not bad here, besides the rain, it's actually pretty good, however, much to my new family's delight and me and my parents' discomfort and shame, I ended up marrying vampire mind reader Edward Cullen, which led to my turning into a vampire, and the birth of our daughter, Nessie Cullen.

I could never really explain anything about my homeland to the Cullens', it didn't go so well, I would never ever let anyone in, besides my parents and Yammato, who I offend found myself thinking a lot about now these days, Edward couldn't read my mind because of my shield that I had kept around me most of the time, he would, however, ask me what I'm thinking about from time to time.

Which would lead to another lie about what I was really thinking about.