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In the ancient times of Remnant, when humans nor Grimm existed, there were a variety of species living there. From the smallest ant inside it's home to the heavenly beings that flew the sky, they all existed. However, there was one species that stood apart from them all. They were powerful that only a few could oppose them. They were the Dragon Race. History has always depicted dragons as beings of power. This was true, as they were the ruler of Remnant of long past. Soon, the 'god of light' and 'god of darkness' started to wage war against each other. The two brothers quarreled, and the land they fought upon would always be wastelands. However, the other species took solace at where the dragons resided. For not even the brothers dared to openly fight in there.

Even when the younger brother of darkness created grimms, the dragons took no notice of them. Legends say that it was the older brother who put his foot down after the creation of Grimm, but that was for from the truth. It was when the creature the younger brother had created decided to attack a young hatchling did they make a mistake. The Grimm tried to take the form of a dragon to trick the hatchling away from its nest. However, it was stopped when the nesting mother came forth and almost killed the Grimm. The Grimm dragon fled for its life. The dragons were furious and brought their wrath to the older brother of light with an ultimatum. Either he stopped his younger brother and both leave Remnant forever, or the god of darkness would cease to exist. The brothers knew that the dragons had the power to do so. Unwilling to have his brother die as well as also disliking what his brother had created, the god of light forced his younger brother to apologize. It was then, he proposed to create one final creation together.

Interested, the dragons watched them create humanity. The ability to choose life or destruction. When humanity had become self-sufficient, did the brothers obey and leave Remnant. The dragons watched as humanity slow grow. Soon, Faunus also came forth through another creation of another 'god'. Still, the dragons were content in observing, so long as they weren't disturbed. After a while, many of the dragons decided it was also time for them to leave Remnant, and let the age of humans come forth. However, before they left, some of the dragon-kings of their elements made contact with a clan of humans and faunus they viewed as respectable. From there, the Dragon Clan was born. Being able to wield the powers of dragons, they grew in size and power. Each member had different types of power, depending on what their souls contracted to what elemental dragons. After the contract had been made, the dragons left Remnant. Many years passed, and the Dragon Clan became extinct due to all kinds of assaults, ranging from jealousy to fear to discrimination as well. Some of the legends today can be traced back to the Dragon clan, although many people have forgotten about that clan. Some say the silver-eye warriors were a descendant of the light dragon contracts. One legend could even say that the wizard who gave the four season maidens their power was a dragon in disguise. None of these could be proven, though, and the legends of dragons were lost in time to many. However, it's blood was carried through the human bloodline, and the potential for the Dragon Clan to arise again came forth in a young boy. Our story starts at the continent of Sanus, far North of Vacuo, isolated from many.

A young blonde boy about ten years old was laying down on the field, crying. This young boy's name was Jaune Arc. Or rather, was Jaune Arc. Right now, his father, Vlad Arc, a rather buff man with yellow goatee and combed back yellow hair, was debating on whether or not to let the boy even use the Arc name. The boy just couldn't learn the Arc style of fighting. His muscle structure and bone structure wouldn't allow him to wield the style to its full potential. It involved pouring all your power into strikes, weaving your blade in arcs. When done correctly, the enemy would be unable to stop its progress. However, when Jaune tried to follow this style, his father found out that he was lacking in power. Even with all the training he put Jaune through, Jaune was unable to create arcs of unstoppable power like the rest of his family who were huntresses. His seven sisters were able to at least perform the basics of the Arc style, even if they weren't all fighters. Vlad didn't even consider telling Jaune about Aura at all. If one couldn't perform the basics of the Arc style, then he considered that Jaune wasn't worthy of it.

"How did I end up with a son like you!" Vlad spat out angrily for the hundredth time.

Vlad then kept belittling, telling Jaune he was failing his ancestors, failing the Arc name. That he would not take Jaune to get his own weapon, even if he was of age. It was important for any Arc hunter to find out what weapon suited them the best at a young age. That way, they could truly master and bond with their weapon. In the Arc tradition, when the child came of age, they would be accompanied to a well-known blacksmith, where they could see the process of their weapons being crafted. After going through a few pre-made models as well as designing their own weapon, then they would have their weapons crafted by the best blacksmith money could buy. This was done to allow the children to see all the hard work that went into crafting their chosen weapon, to allow them to understand the privilege of wielding a weapon.

Jaune Arc would not get that privilege. His father had deemed him unworthy, even if it was a tradition within their family. Sure, there might be complaints, but Vlad Arc always had his way. He didn't want to break tradition, but he sure as hell wasn't going to allow... "that boy" the right to have his own weapon. Jaune's family begged Vlad to reconsider, that maybe unlocking his aura would prove something. His seven sisters begged Vlad to at least consider it, but nobody wanted to oppose him. He had an iron grip of what happened within the family. His mother, Yu Arc, had no control over her husband's actions either.

Soon, Vlad returned, along with the rest of the Arc family. With him was a shield and sword. Crocea Mors, an ancient blade used by the Arc ancestors. However, it had no special functions when compared to modern weaponry. Unable to transform at all, it provided no range attacks. The shield could transform into a sheath, but that was the extent of it. The weapon itself had been gathering dust in the attic, lost and forgotten until Yu Arc found it. Since Vlad was so committed to following his decision, she appealed to him to at least allow Jaune a weapon. Since it didn't cost him anything and was making room in the attic, Vlad complied. The blade was covered with dust, and the hilt of it was ragged and covered with a simple cloth over its rusty parts.

"Jaune Arc. The Arc family has never had anyone who could not even master the basics of the Arc style of fighting. You have shown that you are unable to even wield this style. Therefore, I, Vlad Arc, banish you from the Arc family! Let it be known today that you are not Jaune Arc anymore, you are just Jaune. You are not my son! You have 24 hours to depart from this land. You will never call yourself an Arc again," declared Vlad Arc.

He tossed Crocea Mors to Jaune along with the shield. The shield, however, had been slathered with black paint over the usual white background with the golden Arc at the middle, covering the usual Arc symbol, to prevent anyone from identifying him as an Arc.


"Are you serious, Dad?"

"He's too young!"

"Silence!" shouted Vlad, "I have made my decision, and you will follow it!"

The sisters became silent, though they were all steaming in anger. The eldest, Xanthe Arc, was only 17 and was not an adult yet. Still, she swore as soon as she was 18 that she would find Jaune and take him in, even if she had to split time from Beacon academy to be with him. Perhaps Ozpin could allow him to stay as an intern. Family was family, and in her view, they should be together. Still, that was a year away, and a lot could happen within a year.

Jaune couldn't stop his tears from shedding after hearing his heartless father's decision. Soon, he had everything he owned as well as any items he could carry to survive in the wilderness. As Jaune was about to depart, Yu stopped him for a bit.

"I'm so sorry," cried Yu, "So sorry." She proceeded to hug him. His seven sisters had already come by and say their goodbyes, promising that they would rescue him when they were old enough.

"I couldn't convince your father to stop, but I can give you something to help you. The sword and shield was from your father, who I convinced to allow you to have something to defend yourself with. I will unlock your Aura for you, at the very least."

"Aura?" asked Jaune.

Yu nodded her head before giving him a large Scroll tablet and a solar charger for it. "This has everything you need to know as a Huntsmen, as well as some basic information on how to live in the wilderness. I know you still dream to become one. Now Jaune, close your eyes and concentrate," said Yu as she placed her hand on his cheeks. Then she began to recite the words. These words felt like it gave power and hope

"For it is in passing that we achieve immortality. Through this, we become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and unbound by death, I r-"

"Stop," commanded a voice. Jaune and Yu turned around to see Vlad, very angry.

"You were only allowed to give him one blessing, and that was the sword and shield," said Vlad as he strode over, separating both of them.

"But.. wasn't that yours?" asked Yu.

Vlad grinned creepily, "I gave him the right to live in exile. That should be enough. However, looking back at it now, I feel like I was too generous. Gotta make sure nobody traces you to us. Can't have a weakling like you be known to be connected to me."

At this, he grabbed Jaune by his hair, forcing him to look up. Vlad then roughly put his hand onto his cheek before reciting his lines. This one lines, however, gave him despair.

"For it is in passing that you understand your failures. Through this, you become a paragon of dishonor and condemnation for all to see. Finite at distance and bound to death, I bind your soul, and under my foot, forsake thee."

Jaune screamed as he felt his basic life force slipping away. It became harder and harder to breathe. It felt like he was being jammed into a tiny box.

"You're killing him!" screamed Yu, causing all seven sisters to scramble towards Jaune. However, Vlad stabbed his sword into the ground, causing them all to cease.

"I'm merely binding his soul. He's a disgrace to the Arc, so I'm making sure nobody can release his aura except me. If he dies, then it's not my fault," spat Vlad as he turned around, "You're all not allowed to help him. If he gets through it, then he can get his sorry ass out of my land. It's up to him now."

He gave Jaune one last look before spitting him on the face. He grinned as he walked away. Finally! The weakling was gone! Perhaps his mistress's son could be the heir. That boy certainly took the Arc style much better than that weakling. His wife certainly gave all the good parts to his daughters.

Aura, even when it wasn't unlocked, would always stream within the body. However, what Vlad did was completely binding it inside his body, not even letting it leak out. Jaune would now be the weakest human alive. Even if Jaune lived through this, he wouldn't live for any longer in the outside world. The Grimm or any bandit would make quick work of him without even trying. And with all the negativity Jaune was bound to have, it would Jaune would be lucky if he lasted two days.

However, as Vlad walked away, he felt a sudden chill go over him. It was as if someone ancient was staring at him in disgust and anger. It wasn't pure rage, but it was enough to make him stop. He looked back to see Jaune's body floating in the air now, aura flowing out of his body like a flood. Soon, it seemed to form a dragon's head.

"Impossible! He shouldn't have any Aura! I bound it within his body!" said Vlad. He quickly turned to the rest of his family, "Did you do something to him when I forbade it!? And what creature is this?"

"Foolish human," said a voice. It seemed like there were seven voices all talking at once, at the same time, "This is something that was in this boy long ago. Something ancient and rare. Since you have shown clear distaste for your son, we will take him to raise him as our own. Do not even attempt to find him. You have already broken a cardinal rule, never awaken a sleeping dragon. However, we will be... merciful this time as it allowed us to finally reach one of our people. The next time, will not be so."

A bright flash of light blinded them all, and when their eyes readjusted to the light, Jaune was gone, along with his stuff.

"Hmph, a lowly creature, warning me? I have no need to worry," muttered Vlad Arc as he turned to head home.

Jaune had no idea where he was. All he know was that he had been at home in pain. Then suddenly broke through the barrier by pure force with the emotion of anger at the forefront. The power cuddled around as if protecting him from evil. Jaune blinked again to see that he was laying down on a patch of grass. However, around him, was an empty void.

"Where am I? Am I dead?" Jaune asked himself.

"No, but you were about to, and you might still be once we're done with you," grumbled a voice. Its voice seemed to be very deep and sounded like someone who had lived through centuries.

"Who's there!?" shouted Jaune., "Please, don't hurt me."

"HAHAHA! This human is funny!" said another voice, "We just saved him, and he thinks we're here to hurt him!"

"Don't be so rude. It's understandable that he's afraid since he doesn't know who we are, nor does it help he doesn't see us. Add to the fact that he's merely a child," chided a female voice.

"Then-n sh-show yourselves!" cried out Jaune.

"As you wish then," said the voice.

The light brightened, causing Jaune to close his eyes. As his eyes adjusted, he noticed he was surrounded by 7 different dragons. Some looked like the Eastern style dragons, others took on the Western style dragons. Some had wings, others didn't. He stared at them all in awe.

"What are you?" asked Jaune.

"Hmph. Your education is sorely lacking. We are dragons. The original rulers of Remnant until our departure," muttered the fierce red-scaled dragon.

"Based on his expression as well as his families expression when they saw a dragon's head, I think it's safe to say that they don't know what dragons are," replied the green feathery female dragon.

"In short kid, We're awesome and you should bow to us!" laughed a black-scaled male dragon.

"That's not even a proper attitude," scolded the yellow-scaled female dragon.

"I suppose we should introduce ourselves to our young contract holder," said a majestic blue-scaled dragon

"Contract holder?" asked Jaune.

"Indeed, young one," said a green feathery female dragon, "Only one of a specific descent may even make a contract with us. Although I find it unusual that you are able to all seven of us, especially dragon-king tier."

"Contract? Dragon? Descent?" asked Jaune, who was completely confused, "What do those mean?"

"Great. So he's stupid," said the brown-scaled dragon.

"Now, now," said a white-scaled male dragon, "He's only ten. And from what we gleaned from what we saw, his father didn't really take much on educating him. In short, due to your vast aura reserves, which I must say is quite impressive even for someone your age, along with the blood of the Dragon Clan which has been diluted quite a bit through time, combined with a stroke of luck, resulted in being able to form a contract with us as your 'Semblance', you could say. With your power, the Dragon Clan will once more walk on Remnant."

Jaune's head was spinning. He still couldn't quite understand everything, but he managed to get a general idea.

"So something of a miracle happened, and so now I can make contracts with you all?" summarized Jaune.

"He can be taught!" laughed the black dragon. The white dragon automatically raised his claw and smacked the black one on his head.

"In short, yes," said the red dragon, "We have already seen your memories when we felt our holder. We can see your desire to become a Huntsmen, but more importantly, someone who wishes to help and protect those in need. Your will to help has fulfilled one of the conditions to becoming our contract holder."

"Your father was a fool," murmured the blue dragon, "He didn't even attempt to try to correct your style, modify, or even attempt a different style. Thankfully, your body structure is perfect for the martial arts we have in mind for you."

"Be warned, though," said the yellow dragon, "You still need to train your body. The training that we will put you through can be considered hellish if you chose to form a contract with all of us, as well as conditions, all applying to you."

Jaune pondered it for a bit. His ex-father would always jay just jump into the fray, for it would always work out. His mother lectured to Jaune about the importance of looking before leaping. Deciding that his mother would always be right, Jaune asked, "Can I hear the conditions?"

The green dragon smiled kindly, "Good. You're already learning caution."

"Hmph," huffed the red dragon, "Even you have to start somewhere I suppose. It's pretty simple. Protect those who deserve protection. Safeguard your personal belongings. Don't rape. Don't kill unless self-defense. All in all, the same code as a Huntsmen. But most of all, show your pride as a dragon contractor. Don't let anyone trample over you."

Jaune nodded before asking, "Is that for all people who are contractors with dragons."

The brown dragon shook his head, "It's only because you hold the contract as with dragon kings. We are naturally protective of our race as kings. There is one more thing, though. Because there are seven of us, you're going to have to find a mate for each element. That means seven."

"Ewww," said Jaune, "I don't wanna marry that fast. Girls except my family are icky."

"The young fool doesn't even know how lucky he is! He gets to have a different flavor each day! Sometimes more!" roared the black dragon.

"He's still a child. Humans don't hit puberty until their teens," chided the green dragon, "Don't worry Jaune. This can be explained more as you grow older."

"Then I accept," said Jaune.

"Stand up, Jaune Arc. Stand in the middle and show us you are not afraid. Prove to us you are worthy," said the blue dragon.

Jaune stood up and looked at each one of the dragons in their eyes, allowing them to see his the depths of his soul.

"Be prepared. When we form the contract, this will hurt. Knowledge of how to fight will be given to you, but you must train your body to wield it, as we have warned you. We will all be able to communicate with you through your mind. You will no longer be known as Jaune Arc, or rather formerly Arc. You will be forever be known as Jaune Ryu-Long. This is your last chance to back out." said the red dragon.

"I accept," said Jaune.

"Good," replied the blue dragon, "Then let us begin."

At once, all seven dragon started to inhale deeply. Jaune could see different elements forming in their mouths, but he stood still and tall, waiting for what was to come.

"Remember our names, young one. For you will bring forth the Dragon clan on Remnant once again," said the light dragon.

At once, each dragon fired their respective elements at Jaune. It was painful for him, but he could feel each element fusing in with his body.

"I am Lung Wang of Fire," : red dragon. (male western scale dragon with wings)

"I am Andusk of Light," : white dragon. (male eastern scale dragon with wings)

"I am Othim of Shadow," : black dragon. (male eastern scale dragon with wings)

"I am Alaerth of Lightning," : yellow dragon. (female western scale dragon with wings)

"I am Aryz of Wind," : green dragon (female western feather dragon with wings)

"I am Fafnir of Earth," : brown dragon(male western scale dragon without wings.)

"I am Ryo-Wo of Water," : blue dragon(male eastern dragon without wings)

"And we have been given the title "Kings" of our respective element!" they roared as one, "Come forth, Jaune Ryu-Long! Show the world of our rebirth! Let those who threaten you learn why it is they who trembles before us! Show them what it means to face a dragon, and why nobody dares to oppose us!"

In a bright flash, Jaune disappeared from their view, going back to the real world.

"Hmm," said Lung Wang, "It seems that even with our contract, the binding that numbskull has placed on Jaune is holding. However, thankfully, it is no longer as life-threatening as before. All we need is someone to help him unlock his aura, although it seems that it has to be someone special. If only the mother unlocked his aura before his bastard father sealed it."

"It'll be fine, Lung Wang," said Ryo-Wo, "He will still access to some of our power, even if it is smaller than planned. He won't be terribly weakened. Perhaps it is for the best. We can focus more on training his body to its proper form."

Jaune woke up in pain. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and looked around to see he wasn't at his home anymore. He was in a huge cave, with all his belongings, including Crocea Mors. The cave was big enough to contain all seven dragons Jaune had met inside without being cramped.

"Ok, now where am I?" asked Jaune out loud.

"In the ancient nesting grounds," rumbled Lung Wang, "Located on a small island. If there was a map, we could show you."

Jaune quickly took the tablet out and opened a map of Remnant.

"Intriguing," said Alaerth, "So humans have been able to create such devices. This will make educating much easier."

"Education?" asked Jaune.

"You're still a child. That means your general education about the world is incomplete. We will teach you how to at least read and write at a proficient level for your age as you grow older. We will not have a contractor who only knows how to fight," lectured Aryz.

"So, where are we?" asked Jaune.

Fafnir quickly located their position, "Remnant's land has changed quite a bit since we were last here. However, from the ground, I can detect that we are on the southeast island. The island is called Menagerie. Interesting, though, is that they are all clustered in one place. And to make it more interesting, they are all Faunus. They must not be able to handle the deserts here."

Jaune gulped, "Will that be any problem for me?"

"No," replied Andusk, "The cave is a nesting ground. There is a pure water source nearby that you can drink without worry. As for food, there should be plenty of animals for you to eat, as well as a jungle for you to forage."

"I'm surprised it hasn't been exploited yet. Then again, these grounds have been sealed to prevent anyone from finding this place. Not to mention the natural protections too." said Othim.

"Now then. You will remain here for at least 2-4 years, depending on how fast you progress your training. Then, you will leave to explore this land of Remnant. Meet with new people, and perhaps find potential mates, as well as someone to fully release your bindings," said Alaerth.

Before Jaune could ask, Lung Wang interrupted, "Your father managed to bind some of your Aura. However, we are confident that it can be released in time or by someone. The second option would be preferable. Now, we need to begin your training."

Jaune was excited. Was he going to learn awesome sword techniques, moves that could wipe out Grimm in one shot?

"Run," said Lung Wang. Jaune stood there confused.

"Are you deaf? I SAID RUN!" roared Lung Wang. Jaune quickly obeyed in fear.

"And I want you to run at least 20 laps around the cave as a warm up!" shouted Lung Wang. Jaune grew in despair as he saw how big the cave was. The dragons weren't kidding when they said they were going to put him through hell in training.

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