Year 1. 2006 , Birth- age 6, Moving talk

Year 2. 2007, 6+ - 11, 1st birthday, The New House

Year 3. 2008, 11+ - 15, 2nd birthday, Period

Year 4. 2009, 15+ - 18, 3rd birthday, Nahuel

Year 5. 2010, 18+ - 20, 4th birthday, Dating

Year 6. 2011, 20+ - 22, 5th birthday, Joham

Year 7. 2012, 22+ - 23, 6th birthday, Pregnancy

Year 8. 2013, 23..., 7th birthday, Forever After


Year One

Chapter 1, Moving talk

Chapter 2, Nightmares and Meetings

Chapter 3, Dinner Plans and chaperones

Chapter 4, Rose and Valentines

Chapter 5, Barbie's and Cars

Chapter 6, Agreement and Charlie

Chapter 7, Quileute & Bonfires

Chapter 8, School and a Wedding




Year One, Chapter One

Moving talk

Renesmee's Point of View

It was the third of February, 2006, just over one month after our encounter with the Volturi, the rulers of our Vampire world. We had been successful and things were peaceful again between us. Life had begun to settle into a comfortable routine.

Some in the Cullen house had started talking amongst themselves soon after, that maybe, it might be time to leave Forks, Washington. It was thought that we needed to move and start over, not only because of the recent unpleasant memories now associated with this area but because my father, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents have been here too long and people were starting to notice that the family didn't age; moreover Grandpa and Grandma's ages never matched up, even at the beginning.

My Grandpa Carlisle was eternally 23, but was currently trying to pass for someone closer to 35. People at the hospital where he was a doctor were getting more and more suspicious, and the plastic surgery rumors were only keeping peoples suspicions at bay to a limited degree. And Grandma Esme was forever 26 not someone looking old enough to have been married for the past decade.

It was a bit better for their "children". Although Uncle Emmet, Uncle Jasper and Aunt Rosalie could pass for high school seniors, being that they were first turned into vampires when they were each between 18 and 20 years old, it had been harder to pretend to be the 16 year old Juniors they had claimed to be, when the Cullens first moved to Forks, four years ago. Now, however they are easily passing for 20 year olds.

My dad, Edward, still looks 17, instead of the 19 years old he is trying to pretend to be, but again it's not that bad. Aunt Alice was changed when she was 19 but at only 4'10 she can pass for much younger which is good because she started out as a 15 year old sophomore, and now is now able to keep up the charade as a 19 year old.

My mother, Bella, is still the 19 year old she is suppose to be, although if you ask her, she will forever claim to be 18, just shy of her 19th birthday when she gave birth to me and was changed into her new vampire self.

Then there is my Jacob. Jacob Black, is a shape shifting werewolf who is technically 17, but appears, and will forever look to be around 25 years old. That is, he will if he continues phasing; this is due to the changes that occurred with him when he first became a wolf. He has effectively stopped aging and became immortal like the rest of my family. He is the Alpha, the leader, of his wolf Pack and the biggest, fastest, strongest, bravest wolf in La Push. He's perfect and I love him.

Lastly there is me, Renesmee Carlie Cullen, Nessie for short. I have only been alive for five months, but appear similar to a three year old toddler and have the mental equivalency of a young adult. I grow so quickly, that I must mostly remain hidden from humans for now, probably until I stop growing, when I turn seven.

Everyone will probably agree easily to move with one exception . . . my Jacob. I surmised that my mother is going to put up somewhat of a fight since it means having to move away from her father, my Grampy Charlie, but I believe she will eventually be okay. Jacob is the only one I am truly worried about.

The whole family, Grandma Esme, Grandpa Carlisle, Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Aunt Rosalie, Uncle Emmett, Mom, Dad, Jacob and I of course, were sitting around the dining room table, well I was sitting on my Jacobs lap. I heard Grandpa Carlisle speaking to my dad earlier in the day regarding his desire to call this family meeting. His intent being to discuss the upcoming move and pick a suitable location.

"Thank you everyone for meeting me here today, since this involves us all," Grandpa Carlisle began. "As you are all aware we have been in Forks for approximately four years now but in light of recent events I believe it is time for us to move on."

"WHAT?" Jacob yelped from his chair. "You can't just leave. I thought we settled this back in September?"

I knew why Jacob was so upset. He had imprinted on me the day I was born, the first moment he had looked into my eyes. Aunt Rosalie was holding me while my father was desperately trying to save my mother after my traumatic birth. It's events like that that make me wish I could not always remember every single detail of my life. But then I think that if I did not have such perfect recall I might not remember the look on my Jacobs face when he first saw me. It was love at first sight. Not romantic, I was just a baby after all, but still love. We are bound together, forever. He can no longer leave me anymore than I can leave him.

Carlisle continued, "Jacob, circumstances have changed. Of course we understand that you cannot be away from Renesmee, since you imprinted on her, and we are taking that into consideration regarding the proximity of our destination. While this means that we are asking you to break from your Pack, at least temporarily, we are also taking that understanding into our deliberations for the destination of our next move.

"Huh?" was all Jacob seemed able to get out.

At the same time Rosalie started screaming. "You want the dog to come with us? Now we're never going to get rid of the stench."

"Hush Rose!" Grandma Esme snapped, then turned to us and added "Jacob, we were assuming that you would want to come with us and we would all love to have you." Since I was sitting on his lap I could feel him relax beneath me, as soon as she said this.

Uncle Jasper spoke next. "We need to be logical about this move. I believe we need to move, yes, but we also need to stay in the area."

Some confused looks swept through several members of the room, but not all. I assumed my father already knew want Jasper was going to say since he could read his mind. And by the sound of the conversation, Grandma and Grandpa were already in on some of the details of the travel plans, even if all of the details have not been worked out yet. And Aunt Alice must have seen us moving, in one of her visions of the future.

But as Jasper continued his plan made a lot of sense. Always the (battle) strategist. "Obviously we need to leave the immediate area, for three main reasons."

Three? I could only think of two currently. What was I missing?

"First, as Carlisle stated, we have been here too long and cannot risk human exposure."

Agreeing nods swept across the table.

"Second, we've already been exposed to too many unknown vampires, who are a possible threat. A lot of vampires now know not only about us, and our vegetarian diet, but also about Renesmee, one of only a handful of half-vampires. While those that stood witness with us should not be a threat, I cannot think the same of those that stood with the Volturi."

"What about the Volturi? They're still a threat too aren't they?" Jacob asked, as if it was the most obvious statement in the world.

"The Volturi are always a threat," Aunt Alice grinned, "but not immediately. I saw to that. They publicly went on record in front of the majority of the vampire world, stating that we broke no laws and Renesmee was not a threat, so I don't see them attacking; at least any time the near future"

"Great." I heard Jacob mumble under his breath.

"Third", Uncle Jasper continued, "we should leave the immediate area unless we want the entire Quileute tribe changing into werewolves." he said with a smirk in Jacob'sdirection.

Jacob had a puzzled look on his face again, and I wasn't completely sure what he was thinking.

"That being said, I don't think we dare go too far. We should stay close enough to Forks to monitor any possible nomadic vampire curiosity in the near future, yet far enough away that we won't continue to set off the Quileute wolf gene. And also," he now turned to speak directly to my Jacob, "if you do choose to come with us, it would seem best for you to be able to stay in communication with your Pack. At least for this move. That limits us to within 300 miles from here, I believe."

Jacob just nodded.

Now I was confused, which almost never happens given my perfect recall, vampire enhanced thought processes and advance brain. But I had to ask something. "Wait, why is there a question as to whether my Jacob would come with us? If the whole family had to move wouldn't that include him too?"

Why didn't Uncle Jasper, or the others, think Jacob was a part of our family? I knew Aunt Rosalie wasn't always the nicest to him, but even in the closest families not everyone always got along. But he was my family, I didn't think anyone else would want him gone, how could I have missed something that big?

Aunt Alice turned to me and spoke. "No, Renesmee, that's not what Jasper means. No one" she glanced so quickly over to Aunt Rosalie I almost missed it, "wants Jacob to leave us. But he has another family on the reservation. He might not want to, or be able to leave them to come with us."

My heart sank at this news but I guess I could understand that. Jacob had his father, Billy, and sister, Rachel, back on the reservation. He, for all intents and purposes lived with my parents and me, at the cottage. It was hard for me to picture him living with his other family. He had lived with us for my entire life, not that it had been that long, but I just took it for granted. I guess it had not always been like that. But he had imprinted on me, didn't that mean he would be with me forever, wherever and whenever I went? Was I wrong? Was I being selfish? Was I taking him away from his other family? His real family? Weren't we his family too? Wasn't I his real family? Wasn't he. . .

I was snapped out of my head by the sound of my Jacobs voice. "I'm coming with you. I'll work something out with my Pack. If we stay within 300 miles it won't be a problem. I'll figure it out." He was talking to everyone, but looked directly at me when he spoke.

Oh no, I didn't even think about how this would affect his Pack.

"What about you family Jake?" my mother spoke for the first time. "Will they be okay without you? Or you without them?" She added thinking the same as me. We always seemed to be in agreement on most things.

"They have each other. My dad will be fine. He has Rachel to look after him, keep him company, and help him if he needs anything. And she has Paul." Paul Lahote was a wolf in another Quileute Pack under Sam Uley, he had a bad temper sometimes, but he had imprinted on Jacob's sister and loved her more than anything, he would never hurt her. She had been away at school but had moved back into her old room at Billy's ages ago to be with Paul. And Jacob told me that they already decided they were going to live with Billy for a time after their wedding, while they saved up to buy a place of their own. "Jasper is right we need to leave."

"What about you, Jake? Can you really leave them?" my mother tried again.

"It won't be a complete break yet, not totally, Bella," my father spoke up. "We can still visit now and then. You can visit Charlie, and Jacob can see Billy, Rachel, and his Pack. We will have to limit our travel to vehicles, no running, to minimize our scent trail. There will be no point in moving if we just lead more vampires to our new home. And of course, at that close of a distance it won't be too hard for them to visit us as well."

With that my mom seemed to relax a bit and the discussion moved on to choosing a new town to live in. When it was all said and done we all agreed on Hoodsport, WA. It was only around one hundred miles away from La Push, on the other side of the Olympic National Forest, well within the three hundred mile limit, and a three hour drive since we would need to go around the Olympic National Forest. But that meant my family and I would still be able to hunt there in emergencies, and we already knew the local "food supply". All regular hunting was agreed to be conducted further away, in Canada, everyone again agreed to travel back and forth by car, to minimize our scent trail in the area. The town had a high school that mom, dad, my Aunts, Uncles and Jacob would attend.

Jacob still had to complete his Junior and Senior years in order to graduate, since he had to drop out when he first began phasing into a werewolf, and everyone else would go to keep up appearances.

Grandma Esme agreed to home school me and Grandpa Carlisle should have no problem getting another medical job at the local hospital there.

We decided that we would wait to move until mid September, after my mother's and my birthday's so Grampy Charlie Swan would get to celebrate with his daughter at least once more. This also gave Grandpa Carlisle enough time to give appropriate notice at the hospital. They would have plenty of time to be able to find a suitable replacement, and he could secure a new job in Hoodsport. We, well my mother and Uncle Jasper, technically, also needed to get in touch with Mr. Jenks to create new identifications, school transcripts, credentials, and whatever else we would need for everyone to start over. I was told that he was a human who specialized in those types of things for the family, in exchange for a very generous monetary compensation. Everyone would get new identities except me and my Jacob, actually. He really did drop out of school his Junior year so he just needed to re-enroll and his father agreed to fill out the needed paperwork for Grandpa Carlisle to become his temporary guardian.

In the meantime, Grandma Esme was thrilled to be able to start working on finding a suitable house and converting it to meet our needs, so that when September rolled around we would be able to move right in to a completely renovated and furnished house.

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