Title: Showdown

Author: iwomans_sister

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Disclaimer: I don't own the characters from "Third Watch", and now that I've admitted that I wonder if John Wells will pay the hospital bills I charged up with them. Hey, he owns them! He should have to pay! :)

Spoilers: Yes, quite a few. Sadly, I don't know the names of the eppies. So, if you haven't seen every episode, I might spoil something for you.

Rating: PG-13

Genre: General/Suspense.

Authors Note: Darn, TW bunnies decided biting me would be fun. *growls* That's it, I guess I have to stop feeding them carrots. Hmm, I wonder what cold pizza will do?

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Summary: Faith stops to get a lottery ticket and things get a little messy.


Showdown 1/?

"Bos, stop here, I want to get something."

Bosco pulled the RMP into the small gas station parking lot. "What do you need to get?" He asked casually, silently hoping for some coffee.

"Something, don't worry about it," she replied.

"Faith," he said as she started to open her door, "you better not be getting what I think you're getting."

"Oh c'mon, Bos! The pot's up to 63 million!"

"There is no way you are buying a lottery ticket! Remember what happened the last time?" He shivered as the memory of almost getting his brains blown out resurfaced.

"Bos, there isn't even a line this time!" Faith protested. "Besides, you know what Fred, the kids, and I could do with that kind of money?"

Bosco let out a sigh and then gave in. "Fine, but hurry! I'm hungry and I want to pick up some lunch before things start to go crazy today."

"You're always hungry." Faith muttered as she got out of the police cruiser.

"I heard that!" Bosco replied through the now closed door.

Faith walked into the gas station and noticed she was the only one in there. Good' she thought to herself, I'll be able to get my ticket and back to the car before Bosco has time to complain.' She walked up to the checkout counter with a smile on her face.

"Lotto?" The man behind the counter asked.

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Well, besides the fact that you don't have anything in your hands, people've been buying lotto tickets all day."

Faith pulled out her wallet to pay but than paused, "Give me a minute, I forgot something. Where's your coffee machine?"

"That way." The man said, pointing at a corner to the right.

"Thanks," Faith replied.

"No problem, Officer."

Faith walked to the right side of the store and ended up at the coffee machine. She could use the caffeine, as well as a reason for Bosco not to be so upset about the stop. The bell on the door rang and Faith hoped no one was taking her spot in line. From where she stood she couldn't see the front counter. She pulled a 16 ounce cup from its dispenser and poured the hot black liquid into it, then put a lid on it. She reached for a second one.

"Empty your cash register!" Faith heard. For a second forgot she was out of sight. At any second she expected to find a gun on her, but nothing happened. How stupid could someone be, didn't they see the squad car out front? Maybe Bosco had driven across the street to the small coffee stand? Great, just peachy. I try to do something nice and I get a kick in on the butt. Bosco's gonna kill me.'

Faith set the coffee down and pulled out her gun, turning the corner she yelled, "Police, drop your weapon!" The man didn't even look at all shaken. She heard a click from behind her and than a cold metal object against her temple.

"Actually, I think it might be wise if you dropped yours."

The bell had only rang once, she hadn't expected two people. Then again, she hadn't expected the small gas station to get robbed either.

"Just great, Dan, I told you to make sure no one was in the store!" The man with the gun to her head said.

Dan' had a worried look on his face, "Sorry Vince, I did, I didn't see her."

Vince pressed the gun harder against her temple, "Give me the gun, lady, or your brain matter will wind up all over the wall."

Faith had no other choice,; slowly she released her grip on the weapon and let the man take it. "I hope you know what you're doing, you're not going to get away with this."

"Oh yeah, just watch me."

"Faith, what's taking you so long..." Bosco said as he walked into the store. He looked up and stopped in shock as he saw the scene in front of him. Immediately he pulled his weapon and pointed it at the man who had a gun on his partner. "Police, don't move!"

Vince let out a rich laugh, while Dan seemed to fidget. "Looks like we got ourselves a face-off."

"Drop your weapon!" Bosco repeated, worry and anger both flashing across his face.

"Or what? You'll shoot me? I'll shoot her first!" Vince replied. He glanced over at Dan and snarled, "Get the money."


"Just do it!" Vince yelled, "He's not going to shoot anyone while I have a gun on his partner. Trust me." He looked back at Bosco, hate in his eyes. "Put down your weapon or I swear to God I'll pull this trigger."

Bosco gave Faith an apologetic look, and was about to set down his gun when he noticed the look that flashed upon his partners face. She had a plan.

"I said put down your weapon!" Bosco watched Faith's eyes, then bent down to set his gun down. "And kick it over here."

Bosco kicked the gun toward Vince, and as it went sliding across the floor. Faith elbowed Vince, reaching down quickly for the gun and turning it on him while Bosco pulled out his spare from his ankle. Dan quickly turned around and pointed his gun at the two officers, giving the man behind the counter enough time to pull a gun of his own; a shotgun.

"I believe the correct term is a showdown," Bosco said. Keeping his gun aimed at Vince, he reached for his radio. "Central, 55 David requesting backup at 10th King and Lincoln."


"All available units, 55-David requests backup at 10th King and Lincoln."

Davis looked over at Sully, "Wanna take it?"

Sully nodded as he reached for the radio, "10-4 Central, 55-Charlie en route." He looked over a Davis, "I wonder what they've gotten themselves into this time?"


"10-4, David. Backup's on the way."

"You hear that?" Faith said. "In a few minutes this place will be swarming with cops. If I were you I'd be thinking about what I'm gonna be doing when I get to prison. It's not that fun of a place, I hear."

"Then again, you could give yourselves up. I'm sure you'll get less time if you cooperate with the police," Bosco added.

Dan started to sweat, perspiration dripping down his brow. He reached up with one hand and wiped it away. "Maybe they're right, maybe we should surrender."

Vince looked at him with a death glare, "I'm not becoming someone's bitch, you can if you want!" He pulled his trigger, taking off running as the officer next to him was sent to the floor by the impact of the bullet.

Bosco pulled the trigger of his own weapon, hitting Vince in the leg, but he kept running and shoved past Bosco. Instinct told Bosco to chase the man, but instead he ran to his partner's side, not caring if either of the robbers got away. He had to make sure his partner was alright. "Faith?" He said, bending on one knee and checked for a pulse. It was there, but weak. "Faith, are you okay?" She didn't respond.


"Sully, isn't that..."

"Yeah," Sully replied as Davis pulled the RMP over and got out. He started to walk up to the door of the gas station but a man came flying past him. Immediately he chased the man, as Sully went after the second man who came flying out the door.


Bosco started unbuttoning Faith's shirt, searching the vest for the hole. A sigh of relief escaped his lips as he saw there was no blood. "Faith, Faith, can you hear me?" She started to stir, and he felt like jumping for joy. "Faith, are you okay?"

"Hurts," she mumbled.

"Where, Faith? Where does it hurt?"

"All over," she said, a tear rolling down her cheek.

Sully came into the store, "I got one of the jag-off's, Davis is going after..." He paused when he saw the scene in front of him, "Crap, is she..."

"Call EMS, tell them we have an officer down!"

He reached for his radio, "This is 55-Charlie, I need EMS at this location, I have an officer down, repeat, an officer's down." He walked over to Bosco and looked down. Faith's eyes were open and she was looking at him, pain flashing across her face. "Help me," she whispered. Then her eyes rolled to the back of her head.