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Showdown 2/?

Doc and Kim rushed into the small gas station, kneeling next to Faith. Immediately Kim started to check Faith's pulse while Doc tried to figure out what was going on.

"What happened to her?" Doc asked, noticing the lack of blood.

"She was shot, but the bullet hit her vest. She said something about being in a lot of pain and then she blacked out." Bosco replied, his voice sounding desperate.

"BP's 138 over 80, Doc, we need to get her to Mercy."

Doc nodded, "Go get the stretcher." He moved closer to Faith and placed a neck brace on her so she wouldn't get hurt while they were moving her. "Did she hit her head when she fell?"

"I don't think so," Bosco replied, trying to remember. It had all happened so fast.

"What's wrong with her?" Sully asked.

"I don't know." Doc replied as Kim came back with an orange backboard. She knelt down next to Doc and on the count of three they placed Faith on it and tightened her in. "We're going to Mercy, Bosco you want to ride with us?"

"Sully?" Bosco asked and the older officer nodded, letting him know he and Davis would take care of the squad car. "Thanks."

"No problem," Sully replied and the back doors to the ambulance closed and they took off, lights and sirens blaring.

Davis walked over to Sully with a questioning look. "He got away." Sully nodded, not taking his eyes off of the fleeing bus. "Damn, Sul, what happened?"

"I'm not sure."


The emergency room doors to Mercy Hospital slid open as two paramedics and police officer rolled a gurney in, worried expressions on their faces. Doctor Thomas met them at the door, "What happened?"

"Faith was shot, the bullet hit the vest. I checked, there was no blood, but she said she was in a lot of pain and then she passed out." Bosco answered for what seemed like the millionth time.

"Did she say where she was in pain?"

"Everywhere. She said everywhere." After a pause Bosco spoke again. "What's wrong with her?"

Dr. Thomas nodded for Doc and Kim to roll Faith to exam room two then looked at Bosco. "It could be a number of things, Officer Boscorelli. I won't know until I examine her. Why don't you call her husband?"

Bosco nodded as Dr. Thomas followed Doc and Kim. Running a hand through his hair, he wondered what he would tell Fred, or if he should even call him at all until he had news? He's her husband, he needs to know.' Bosco said to himself, hating the fact that logic won out. The last thing he wanted to do was talk to Fred; he'd probably find a way to blame him.


Dr. Thomas placed the smelling salts under Faith's nose and watched as she started to stir. "Officer Yokas, do you remember what happened?"

Faith blinked a couple of times against the brightness of the room and then focused on the doctor. "I was shot."

"Do you know what day it is?"

"It's Friday, and I'm fine... Why am I in the hospital?"

"You blacked out. And frankly I have to say you had everyone a little worried there for a moment." Dr. Thomas said with a frown.

Faith tried to sit up but pain shot through her chest and lower abdomen. "Ah!" She gasped.

He placed a hand on her shoulder, "You might not want to do that. The bullet hit your vest at close range, you're lucky it didn't tear through."

"Yeah well, I don't feel so lucky at the moment." Faith replied, sweeping some of her strawberry blonde hair out of her face.

"That's because you have one broken and two cracked ribs. At least that's what I can tell. I'd like for you to have an X-ray just to make sure nothing punctured a lung."

"No, that's okay," Faith replied, thinking of what Fred would say when he saw the hospital bill. Sure, their insurance covered it; just not all of it. She tried to get up again, wincing as she scooted off of the bed. "I know where to sign out." She reached for the side table and picked up her vest and shirt.

Dr. Thomas placed a hand on her arm, "Officer, I don't think you should leave, I don't even know why you blacked out."

"I'm sure it was nothing." Faith replied, placing her vest over her T-Shirt, biting her lip as she did so to keep the pain at bay.

"Well, since I can't force you to stay, will you make me a promise?"

"Depends on what it is."

"Go home and get some rest, and if you start having pain come back to the hospital."

Faith nodded her head okay' and then walked out of the exam room.


Bosco sat in the emergency waiting room, his left leg tapping against the aluminum floor with its own rhythm. He looked up as he saw someone walking toward him. He stood quickly when he saw who it was. "Hey, are you okay?"

Faith finished buttoning up her uniform shirt and glanced at her partner. "Fine, just a few cracked ribs, nothing that I haven't had before." Bosco nodded, but still looked worried. "Hey Bos, do you think you can give me a ride home?"

"Sure, I already cleared it with Lieu."

"Thanks," Faith said, noticing how uncertain Bosco looked. "What's the matter?"

"Well, I uh, I tried calling Fred but he wasn't at work and no one's answering at your apartment."

Faith started walking, albeit slowly, toward the exit. "Yeah, that's cuz he and the kids are visiting with his parents this weekend."

"Without you?"

"I had to work. Besides, I've never really cared for the in-laws,." she replied with a chuckle.