Can't Keep My Hands To Myself

Summary: Jacob's heated skin, muscles loosening under the pressure of her cools hands. The sounds he made when she worked on a hard knot. The way his eyes would be darkened when he finally opened them. Bella's fingers twitch, and she bites her lip. She was in trouble.

Chapter Four: Don't Keep Your Hands To Yourself

"We all have a sea inside us; can you hear it? Can you hear the ocean roaring?"
― Dianna Hardy, Cry Of The Wolf.

Jacob's hot. Extremely hot, and with all the skin to skin contact they've been having lately, it is no surprise that she had a moment of weakness, but it won't happen again…at least, not while Jacob was in the house.

It's not like all they do is sit around. They go to the movies, hang out in the garage, see their other friends, and whatever, but Bella was finding it harder and harder to keep her hands to herself.

And it wasn't just when she was giving him a massage. She was constantly touching him and she wondered what Jacob thought about it.

She enjoys the closeness between them. She enjoys the fact that on cold nights, she can sit on the couch with Jacob and he'll keep her warm. She enjoys the way that she can tell Jacob anything and he won't judge her. She enjoys their friendship and she promises herself that she's not going to ruin it.

Then Jacob will moan, melting beneath her hands, and Bella will imagine Jacob making those sounds above her, thrusting into her body.

Bella squeezes her thighs together and tries to shake those thoughts away, as she heads to her room with a bottle of massage oil.

Jacob suggested that they do it in her bedroom this time, so they'd have more room, and Bella hoped that she could control herself.

Bella opened her room door and fought back a groan.

Jacob had already taken off his shirt, leaving him in only his cut off jean shorts, and is laying face first in her bed. Bella stands there for a minute, just staring, until Jacob lifts his head to look at her.

"Something wrong?" he asks, raising an eyebrow, and Bella shakes her head, gripping the massage oil tight in her hands, as she climbs on to the bed.

She sits on Jacob's lower back, her thighs on either side of his body, as she starts on his neck and shoulders. Jacob makes a pleased noise, shifting beneath her and Bella can feel herself getting wet.

Bella tries to put more weight on her legs, keep her crotch from touching his back, but she could still feel the heat from his body though her clothes. Bella pours more oil in her hands, spreading it across his back, and rubbing it in with her palms. She dug her fingers deeply, but gently into his skin, pushing away the tense muscles.

"Lower," Jacob moaned, as Bella worked her way down his back, "Mm,"

Bella start to work her way back up, trying to lose herself in what she was doing, instead of the sinful sounds coming out of Jacob's mouth. She pours oil onto the dip of Jacob's lower back and runs her hands up to the nape of his neck and then back down circling around his shoulder blades.

"So good," Jacob moans, shifting again, and Bella loses her balance, sitting directly on his back, "So much better,"

Bella can feel the oil soaking into her sweat shorts and leans forward, moaning softly as she slides.

"Bells?" Jacob questions and Bella, bites her lips, trying to concentrate, but ir's difficult, beween the heat of his soft skin, the hardness of his muscles, and the slipperiness of his back.

Everytime she moves to massage a part of his body, she grinds herself against his back, unable to help herself.

"Higher," Jacob says, and she slides forward, panting, "Almost close,"

Wrong choice of words, Bella thinks, as she presses forward, feeling the pressure build.

"Thanks, Bella," Jacob says, then lift his head, "Do you want me to turn over?"

"Yes!" Bella moans, loudly, and then covers her mouth with her hand.

There is a moment of awkward silence, as Bella freezes, wondering if she gave herself away, and then Jacob starts chuckling.

"Where you answering my question or did you finally cum?" Jacob asks, and Bella pales.

"You knew?" she asks, and Jacob rolls over, switching there positions, so he's ontop of her.

"You were humping my back, honey," Jacob states, smiling, "And I'm a werewolf. You think I don't know what it smells like when your horny? You think I didn't hear you getting yourself off in the bathroom the other day?"

"Why didn't you say something?" Bella asks, mortified, and Jacob's eyes darken with lust.

"I was waiting to see how long it took before you broke," he says, his hand rubbing her thigh, "Now, how about I give you a massage this time?"

Jacob smirks, taking off her wet shorts, and underwear.

"Please," Bella begs, as the air touches her heated sex, her hands reaching up to touch his shoulders.

If he didn't touch her soon, she was going to lose her mind.

He moves suddenly so that his hand is cupping her sex, and one of his fingers sinks slowly into her.

"Where should I start?" he asks, leaning down, as Bella arches off the bed, working herself against his hand, moaning.

He presses his lips against hers, and Bella kisses him back with every bit off passion she has in her body, her hands roaming his body.

She doesn't know why she didn't just jump him from the begining.