center This Time I'll Let You Go center


I never thought for a moment I'd ever be able to give you up. There was something inside of me each time I tried that knew it wasn't the end. Our lives were at stake, more importantly than mine was all of the times that Iyour life was at stake./I Your life was the most important thing is this world, yet I'd keep risking it for one more kiss, one more look, but I think this time I can let go.

I think I can let go of the only woman to turn my insides to jello, who didn't just turn my insides to jello with that first kiss but with everyone that followed, it never got old, it never became the norm. I think I can let you go.

I think I can let go of the only woman I would die for; not by taking a bullet, but because she wasn't by my side and I couldn't figure out why I should be living without her. The woman whose arms I spent hours in discussing my dreams, her dreams, our dreams, the one person I could let down all my guards with. The reason I wanted to be legit, the reason I would give it all up, the reason for everything.

I think I can let you go.


I'm almost ready, I know it's coming, but I can't let it end this way.