I waited for her plane to take off before I left the airstrip, I almost started to drive to the docks, the farm, to Luke's, to St. Timothy's, but then I realized there was no one single place in this town that truly connected us. Every inch of this town invoked a different memory, some happy, some sad, but everywhere seemed connected to us. In the end I just went home and went out to the balcony where I spent so much time thinking about her when we were apart.

It seems so impossible how much has happened in the past three days. That hidden room being found of Alcazar's, not Luis, but his brother, Roberto. Realizing that he had taken his brother's identity over three years ago and brainwashed Brenda into forgetting so much. Her forgetting she was married to Luis, that she had their child whom Roberto had convinced her had died, then us realizing they were still alive. Now she was in the air with Jason going to them, leaving me for good this time.

But remembering her final words will always make me smile, everything she did to make me say I love her the first time. When both of us were so afraid of our feelings, so afraid to say the words that made our deepest fears real. She didn't know I wouldn't let her leave, I didn't know she'd wouldn't leave. Then she said 'I love you,' and I said 'I know,' she was right when she said sometimes you need the words. When I finally said 'I love you' and she said 'I know' I never realized how freeing the words were, how I wanted to say I love you with every breath I took and how I never wanted to stop hearing her say the words back. They're in my memory forever now, I'll never forget how much 3 little words can mean because I can never forget her.