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Becoming Us

It took a few days for the realization to hit.

I was engaged to be married.

I was engaged to be married to none other than William John Traynor.

As if the massive(for me, at least) ring on my finger wasn't enough of a constant reminder, the incessant 'harassment' by our family members, should have been. Or maybe it was the sheer number of catalogs we had amassed in just the past week alone.

"Have you two put anymore thought into which pattern you'll be going with?"

Ah, Camilla Traynor, planner extraordinaire. She had been supplying us with said magazines, referrals for caterers, numbers for photographers, names of musicians. And of course, numerous patterns of very expensive, very impractical(in my book, at least), fine china.

Now, one could not exactly fault her for her enthusiasm, any parent would be thrilled to have both of her children become engaged within only six weeks of one another - especially considering the trials and tribulations the eldest of the two siblings had gone through in the past three years. Not to mention the fact that if fate hadn't intervened, on more than one occasion in those three years, there would be no future wedding here to speak of.

The expression on Will's face was priceless and I had to bite down on my lip as to not show my budding amusement. We had yet to discuss what we would need to start our life together - I mean, we had only been engaged for a little over a week now. However, I did know for a fact that my husband-to-be found porcelain tableware, anything but a necessity in our cozy little annex. "Why would we need china, Mother? We have more than one, perfectly functional sets of dinner plates in the kitchen cupboard."

"Well yes, Darling, those are for everyday use," she replied, matter-of-fact. "You will need a complete service for at least twenty-four guests to entertain - "

A muffled scoff from Will cut her off. "Entertain? Just who would we be entertaining, Mother? We live in a renovated stable."

Mrs. Traynor's face fell slightly and I instantly began to feel sorry for her. She was only trying to help. "There will always be potential for company, William," but she shot back, recovering quickly. "Your business is expanding so there are now a great many work colleagues you'll need to accommodate - and what about Louisa's school friends?"

I could tell Will was about to counter with the quip that I hadn't actually made any friends since all of my courses thus far, had been completed remotely, so I flashed him a playful warning glare. To which he rolled his eyes at, of course. "As for now, I have no desire to invite any colleagues, friends or the like, over for any reason - " There was a pause as Will gauged his mother's reaction. When it hadn't changed too greatly, he continued. "Louisa and I will forgo the need for picking out china patterns for the moment, and if there ever comes a time when we actually do decide to have someone, who is not immediate family, over for a visit, we'll come up to the main house to borrow yours?"

"Very well, Darling" Camilla agreed, a small smile nearly cracking through that tough exterior. She cleared her throat as she shifted in her seat, crossing her feet at the ankles. "Now with that settled, we should probably move on to crystal ware."

It wasn't hard to notice, even before the soft groan had escaped Will's lips, that this line of conversation was beginning to grate on him. Georgina seemed to pick up on his annoyance, as well. "What about a date?" she asked, thankfully shifting the focus somewhat. "Have you agreed on one, yet?"

I glanced over at Will who was wearing much the same expression as I was.


"Yes, I suppose we should get on that," I intoned, a small giggle of playful embarrassment escaping my lips.

Will's brow was furrowed. He looked deep in thought, then glanced over at me. "Next logical step?"

It was now time for the Traynor women to turn bewildered. And maybe a little overcome that we hadn't actually decided on a wedding date - or even discussed it at all, for that matter.

"Um, yeah?"

Will ignored his sister's quip for the moment, and held my gaze. "No sense in dragging it out. Sooner rather than later?"

I briefly wondered if Will's sudden haste was due in part to his ever unpredictable health, but I quickly pushed that thought aside and smiled lovingly at him. "Absolutely." I wanted nothing more than to become his wife and would have said I do, right then and there in our kitchen, if I could have.

"Well the entire family will be gathered here in just three short months - "

"A double wedding?" Camilla gasped in both disbelief and elation. "Oh Georgina, that's an absolutely splendid idea." She rose from her seat and turned to us. "Will, Louisa?"

I was momentarily caught up in the excitement. "Yeah," I nodded in agreement, grinning from ear to ear. "It's brilliant really, everyone will already be here - "

"Then it's settled," Mrs. Traynor exclaimed, clapping her hands together before throwing her arms around us in a tight embrace. First Will, then me. "Just as soon as you can, Darling, get that guest list to me. I will go ring the caterer now, to let her know of the changes."

Georgina jumped to her feet as soon as her mother called for her, pausing only to mirror the congratulations previously given. "This is so exciting," she cried as she loosened her hold on me. "I'm thrilled we'll be doing this together." She then placed a quick kiss to her brother's cheek before disappearing through the annex door.

"What just happened here?" Will asked after a minute.

I glanced over at him and let out a small chuckle. "It looks as though we've finally decided on a wedding date."

There was no more talk of wedding preparations that afternoon, or even into the evening. Dinner conversation had been simple - I spoke of my studies, Will of his latest account. We'd given Nathan the night off, so Will's bedtime routine took up much of the rest of our time. Then once I'd gotten myself ready for the night, we settled into bed with a dvd.

"Having second thoughts?"

Will's voice startled me a bit. I thought he had drifted off mid-film, but instantly realized, that must have been me. "What? No. What are you talking about?"

He was smiling, his amusement at my groggy sputtering, obvious. "You've been playing with that for almost an hour now."

I glanced down at where my fingers were twisting at my engagement ring, and let out a small giggle. "I sometimes still have a hard time believing this is real," I confessed as I shifted onto my side and propped up on my elbow. Our faces was mere centimeters away, so I tenderly pressed my lips to his. "But never, ever a second thought." Will visibly relaxed, but not completely. There was still a bit of tension in his jaw. "What about you? What's on your mind?"

He didn't respond immediately, just continued to stare blankly at the television screen. It wasn't until I laid my head down on his chest, that he spoke. "I don't want to share a wedding date with my sister."

I was a bit taken aback by this, since he didn't seem at all opposed to the idea that afternoon. "Why not?"

"I don't know," he replied, giving his little version of a shrug. "I just think Georgie should have her own wedding day. And I want you to have your own."

"I'm not marrying myself, you know?" I quipped and he flashed me an incredulous smirk.

"Well no one gives much mind to the groom anyway, now do they?"

"I will," I countered, shifting to seal my promise with another kiss. I hoped that Will could sense the sincerity in my voice. I also hoped that he wasn't the one suddenly having second thoughts.

"I still like summer," he said after a moments pause and I nearly crumbled in relief. "A bit later though, I think."


Will gave a small shake of his head. "August," he suggested, as if he had it in mind all along. "The thirteenth."

To say I surprised by his suggestion, was an understatement. "Really?"

"Yeah," he replied, then seemed to reconsider due to my shocked expression. "Why? You don't think - "

"I don't really know what to think, Will," I cut in curiously. "I mean using the date you were scheduled to die, doesn't exactly scream wedding to me."

"We don't have to, if you don't want to. I just - ," there was slightly awkward pause on Will's part, but I wasn't sure how to proceed either. "A wedding date should be significant to both the bride and groom, right?"


"Well, I can't think of anything more significant than fate intervening and giving us a second, or third as the case may be, chance."

Tears instantly sprung to my eyes as I was overcome with emotion. "Now if I didn't know any better, Will Traynor, I'd suspect you were trying to replace all of those bad dates, with good ones."

"It's too late for that, Clark," he countered, the slight hint of amusement in his tone, masking his own building emotion. "You've already gone an done that for me."

"I love it, Will," I managed through my teary smile, then snuggled back down against his side. "You're right, that date is absolutely perfect."

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