Forever there for you

Summary: There was a saying growing up, Soulmates in blue and friends in black. Now everyone has friends, but the one who's name was inked into your skin is said to be the one friend who'd never disappear and would do anything for you. These names could come and go, most appear after you've known someone for a long time. But for a certain group of people they've always had Barry written neatly across their skin in black.

Character(s):Martin Stein, Ronnie, Caitlin, Cisco, Earth-2 Harrison Wells, Jesse "Quick" Wells, Joe, Iris, Wally, Eddie Thawne, Captain Singh, Oliver, Felicity, Diggle, Roy, Ray Palmer, Thea, Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart, Mick Rory and a few others.

Warning(s): Spoilers, Soulmates, Platonic Soulmates, blood, panicking, introductions, awkwardness, fighting, feeling giddy, PLENTY OF AU-NESS GOING ON HERE, more warnings to be added later.

I do not own the Flash or the Arrow but I got bored and decided to write this, sorry if it sucks.

Chapter Six: Caitlin

All her life Caitlin's had to deal with her mother's disapproval of there being a name marked on her skin since the day she was born. She didn't understand why it bothered her mother, shouldn't a parent be glad their kid had a best friend from day one who'd be there for them?

Caitlin was beyond happy when years later she met her actual soulmate, and even happier when they learned they both had the same name for their platonic soulmate, of course Barry was a common name not as common as Courtney or Steven but still pretty common. They knew the chances were that the names were the same but the people weren't, but something in them just knew that their Barry was definitely one and the same.

It never occurred to Caitlin she would never get the chance to have the both of them by her side at the same time. Years have past, and Caitlin was the happiest she's ever been, she was in love and engaged. Then the particle accelerator exploded and all of that was ripped away from her in a matter of seconds.

Her days passed by slowly after that.

She counted find the energy to much of anything anymore. As days turned to weeks and weeks to months, Caitlin felt trapped in her dark thoughts and the everlasting anguish she felt waking up every morning without Ronnie by her side. One thing that made her feel bitter was how she couldn't help but wonder,

Where was Barry?

He was her platonic soulmate...her only one left. She didn't dare look at Ronnie's name in the mirror anymore. It was easy to ignore it being on her angel bone. Barry's name on the inside of her forearm however, wasn't. Where was he when she needed him so desperately?

She got her answer the next morning when Dr. Wells called her back to Star labs, a place she had been avoiding, and told her about her new 'Patient'.

Someone who'd been struck by lightening and doused in chemicals the night of the explosion was was currently in a coma where Star Labs was the only place equipped with advanced enough technology to properly look after him.

One Bartholomew Henry Allen. Better known as "Barry" by the Wests' and that one detective, Eddie Thawne who constantly visited him in the Hospital. The moment she learned his name Caitlin felt as though the floor had disappeared and she was falling fast, she hoped to god he wasn't who she thought he was but the moment she had him settled in what would now be his room at Star Labs she had to check. She shooed the others away, claiming to need quiet and time to think as she examined Barry. In reality she needed a moment alone to touch his skin and see.

It was him.

The moment their skin touched, she felt something akin to electricity sear across her skin. On her forearm, exactly where Barry's name laid in neat cursive.

It felt like the night of the explosion all over again.

She had lost Ronnie, but held out some hope for Barry. Only now it seemed she had lost him before she ever got the chance to know him.

"No!" Caitlin hissed.

She couldn't give up.

Not now. Not so soon. Barry needed her, she had to be strong for him, she had to do whatever was in her power if not more to help him heal. Because he was going to get better if it was the last thing she did.

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