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Chapter 34


"Now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were."

- Rainer Maria Rilke.

The remainder of their middle school lives flew by quickly.

After beating Teikou in the Winter Tournament, Meiko has been on everyone's radar. From a team with no outstanding talents they managed to usurp Teikou in such a stellar match. Many players were watching out for Kise, as seeing him topple anyone who stood in his way was frightening yet awe inspiring. By the time the new school year around, there was an influx in future hopefuls, for once, Ishikawa was swamped with applications that weren't for the managerial position.

But, out of the tons of applications that he had received once the boys spent a week of training, they were dropping out like flies. Only twenty or so remained, and Ishikawa made sure to cultivate them for when his rascals were leaving.

When the Summer Championship came around, the boys were even more brutal than last year. This was because they didn't need hide anything, and played with all they've got. And like that, they made it to the finals, and faced Teikou.

To say the match was hell would be an understatement.

With Momoi having data on them and the Miracles now working as a team, things looked bleak for Meiko. Although they fought tooth and nail, Teikou still managed to snatch the victory.

Meiko didn't feel at all disappointed, more like they were even more fired up for the Winter. On that note, Meiko defended their Winter title, and wanted to give Hoshizumi a good farewell present.

The boys celebrated their win, but ended up tore up because Hoshizumi was leaving since he was now a third year and they were second years.

Hoshizumi graduated and because he had moved earlier on, he was going to attend Seirin. Kuroko froze on the spot when he heard it, but when the former captain had visited them in his uniform, Kuroko got yet another shock. In his previous life, he's seen Hoshizumi around Seirin. Of course he wasn't in the basketball club, but that didn't mean Kuroko wouldn't encounter him one way or the next.

Seeing the look on his partner's face, Kise inquired, "What's wrong Tetsucchi?"

"It's just that seeing Hoshizumi-senpai now made me realize that in my previous life I had seen him around Seirin." He answered. "But as you know, he wasn't in basketball."

"Wow, so we actually didn't change the future so much then." Kise let out a sigh. "I'm relieved."

"But I wonder what's going to happen to Seirin. If Hoshizumi-senpai is there, does that mean someone won't turn up?"

Kise shrugged. "I highly doubt that. I think that it'll just mean that Seirin has an additional player than in Future A." he then added, "Plus, with him there, your captain can finally get a break. I mean, he was the only one on the team whose threes were dangerous. With Hoshizumicchi there, they can rotate their shooting guards."

"Yeah, you're right." Kuroko conceded. Having finished with their little chat of the previous future, they joined the others who were surrounding their former captain.

Now in their final years and having retired from their club, the boys of Meiko were now looking at high schools to enter. They didn't seem that worried though, since they had gotten offers from various schools. Hayato and Masato had received offers from Touou, Abe had been sought after by Shutoku, Kikuchi and Ogiwara were wanted by Kirisaki Daiichi and Kaijou, Mochida was wanted by Seihou and East Maizuru High ―a school only second to Rakuzan in Kyoto. Kise and Kuroko were hounded by many. These two were the most famous of the entire team with their impeccable partnership and unbelievable plays.

"So, Kise, Kuroko which school are you attending?" Abe asked. "I know you're both inseparable."

"Seirin.", "Kaijou." Both boys replied simultaneously.

Everyone froze. Kise and Kuroko looked at each other with shock. How could they have forgotten about something so important?! It's obvious that they both still had some attachment to their high schools from their previous lives, but now that they've grown on each other so much, playing basketball without the other is just…unthinkable!

"Well, I don't know you'll work that out." Hayato said. "Seirin is rather new, and Captain goes there, but Kaijou is a real powerhouse. They even have that Kasamatsu and Moriyama guy we played against in our first year."

"Don't worry; I'm pretty sure they'll find a way to sort this out." Ogiwara said. "But any school that Kuroko's going to, I'm going too!"

"Really? Why?" Mochida asked.

"Because I can't let Kise manipulate him for another three years."

"Dude, you're evil!" Masato laughed. "No one is coming in between you and Momoi so why are you disrupting their love?" he snickered.

Ogiwara blushed. "I'm not! It's just that Kise's tendencies are a bit…" he purposely trailed off to let their minds wander. "Plus, Aomine is always third-wheeling! It's frustrating!"

The roof erupted into laughter. Ogiwara's face was priceless, but Kise and Kuroko understood what the brunet meant. Even though in the future they seemed a bit distant from each other, there's no way one would see Momoi and not see Aomine. They were always together.

Apart from this, Kise and Aomine would meet to play one-on-ones after school. It happened almost every evening since their first year, Momoi and Kuroko being the scorekeeper and referee, but whenever Ogiwara joined, it would become a two-on-two with Momoi as the scorekeeper. In this case, there were times when Ogiwara and Aomine were on the same team, another time it was Kise and Aomine playing against Kuroko and Ogiwara, another it was Kise and Ogiwara against Aomine and Kuroko.

These games would be quite fun, since Aomine wasn't a cold monster but a monster that loves basketball. But with Aomine and Momoi doing this almost every evening, even the rest of the Miracles started to join in, and so too did the rest of Meiko.

The two teams would attract a crowd of passers-by who simply got caught up in their breathtaking game. What was more, Teikou and Meiko were mixed being that each team never had the same boys from the same school together. Through a lottery the teams would be chosen and sometimes, it ended with the people who had terrible personalities on the same team.

Once when they were playing three-on-three, a team had Aomine, Abe and Murasakibara; another time a team had Akashi, Hayato and Haizaki, another with Midorima, Kise and Kuroko.

They played four-on-four as well, and the most dangerous combination came from the most unlikely of sources ―Kise, Aomine, Ogiwara and Kuroko. It was a given that Kise and Aomine were dangerous, but add Ogiwara and Kuroko with his frightening precision into that mix was lethal.

Throughout these little street matches, Teikou and Meiko had developed into a friendship that no one saw coming. And thanks to this, in actual matches, Teikou weren't the condescending bastards that they turned out to be in their previous lives. Not only because Meikou had beaten them in Winter, but because they saw that hard work, perseverance and teamwork can make anyone become victorious.

And thanks to this, Middle school basketball was saved.


The cherry blossoms swayed in the wind, littering the streets and sidewalks. It was spring, the season which symbolizes new beginnings. That also included a new school year. Seirin Private High School was buzzing with chatter and excitement, as the new students rolled in; the older ones were trying their best to recruit members for their clubs and societies.

Four boys who stood out like sore thumbs could be seen trying to navigate their way through the mass of a crowd, but were stopped ever so often by the senior students.

"Interested in rugby?" one of the boys were approached by the captain of the team, just because he had a big frame. He had raven-black hair and dark eyes. He wore Seirin's uniform normally, his black jacket with the stand-up collar was zipped all the way up, and his pants were neatly ironed. He was Mochida Reiji and he humbly declined saying that he doesn't like the sport and never played it before.

"Have you ever played Shogi?" another boy of the group was then approached after they had cleared the rugby obstacle. He had lush brown hair which curls around the nape of his neck and wore glasses. Unlike Mochida, he wore his uniform somewhat like what they would call a 'yanki'. His jacket was unzipped, revealing a bright orange shirt beneath. He lazily had both his hands in his pockets. He too, declined their offer and moved off swiftly before he snaps. Everyone who knows Abe Motoharu, knows that his mood swings are pretty severe.

"You gotta play baseball if you're Japanese!"

"Swimming! It feels great!"

This time, the group was approached by two boys simultaneously. But these seniors' eyes were locked on the two twins of the group. However, one of the twins had bleached blonde hair which emphasized his light brown eyes. The blond, like Abe, had his jacket open, but no colourful shirt underneath. Around his neck, he had a gold chain, and dangling from his belt hoop around to his back pocket there was a silver one. His brother wore multiple coloured armbands on his right hand, and had piercings on his right ear. Due to their lean build, they seemed like the perfect recruits. They only exchanged glances with each other before answering with a cold tone:


They then moved away from the disappointed Senpai and looked around for the club that they wanted. After scanning the crowds, Abe spotted a black-haired boy waving a make-shift flyer and shouting out 'basketball club'. Instantly, he quickened his pace which prompted the others to follow him.

"We'd like to sign up." Abe said. The raven looked torn between surprise and gladness. "I'm Abe Motoharu and this is Mochida Reiji," the boy nodded his greeting, "and those two are Kaneshiro Hayato and Masato. Hayato is the blond."

"I'm Izuki Shun, nice to meet you." he perked. He then turned to face his companion who had the face of a cat. "I'm going to carry these off to Coach and Hyuuga, keep handing out the flyers."

They then moved off. As they walked, Izuki asked them many questions, not making it seem like an interrogation, but he was really curious. Four first years want to join the club at once. Add that to the three that they had received earlier, then that would make a total of seven. He just hoped that they would be willing to stay.

"You know, we watched your match when we were in middle school." Hayato said. "Your captain seems like my new best friend." he joked. However, he did not miss the obvious glare he received from Abe. They were best friends after all. Even if neither wanted to admit it.

Izuki chuckled. "Until you meet Hyuuga, I think you'd say something else."

"Why? I think that shooting guards should unite under my rule."

"I see." Izuki said, quite confused about that statement. When they reached up to the table, the former Meiko stars saw a brown haired girl sitting with a dark haired teen who wore glasses. "Hyuuga! Coach!" Izuki waved to them, unable to keep quiet until they had fully reached up to the table. The two then looked up and they saw happiness oozing out of the female while surprise came out of the boy.

"They want to sign up?" the bespectacled teen asked. "That's quite the amount at once!"

"Welcome, welcome!" the girl greeted with a smile. "I'm Aida Riko and this is Hyuuga Junpei."

"Nice to meet you." the four chorused. Riko then gave them each a sign up form and quickly, they had filled it out. After they were finished, they returned the papers and she read their information, mainly, the school that they used to attend. She was alarmed.

"You all used to go to Meiko?!" she shouted. That drew the attention of Hyuuga and Izuki.

"Yeah," Mochida answered. "Is there something…?"

"Then that meant, you were apart of that history making team that defeated Teikou!" Hyuuga shouted. "And Hoshizumi's kouhai!"

"Das rite," Masato smirked, adding a little flare to his speech. "That's us."

"So what about the others?" Izuki asked. Hoshizumi had talked about all of them rather often.

The boys looked at each other before answering. "You'll meet them sooner or later." Abe grinned. Just then, they heard a shout and looked in the direction. There, they saw a raven-haired boy with green eyes sprinting towards them. He was their one and only captain in Meiko, Hoshizumi Shou.

"Guys! You're here!" he said, sounding as he'd tear up. "I can't believe you decided to come to Seirin!"

"Well, we watched your match in high school." Abe said. "That and, we really couldn't think of a school that'll fit us. I just love the fresh smell of usurping powerhouse schools in the morning."

The others laughed at his statement.

"So where are Kise, Kuroko, Ogiwara and Kikumo? Are they late?" Hoshizumi asked. Since four of them were here, he thought that the others were following suit.

"You'll soon see them, Captain." Hayato said. They then bid their farewells and headed towards the auditorium.

"Man~ these first years are amazing!" Riko cooed with delight. "First it's the guy from America and now these four who managed to defeat Teikou three times! I can't wait!" she rubbed her hands in a sinister way.

Hyuuga had a feeling that this year, they were in hell.


Kise stood outside of the gates, glancing at his clock almost every second. He was dressed in his uniform, but wore a black cap to hide from his fangirls. After a minute more of waiting, someone called out to him.

"Hello, Ryouta-kun."

That voice made every hair on his skin stand up.

"Tetsucchi!" he screeched and then lunged at the boy for a hug. This time, Kuroko returned the hug and for what seemed an eternity, Kise embraced the boy, not wanting to let go. It was almost as though he wanted soak up every bit of Kuroko as he refused to let go.


They then broke apart at that.

"Jeez, it's the entrance ceremony, Kise. Stop acting like you didn't see Kuroko yesterday." Ogiwara said, rolling his eyes at the blond. Beside him, there was another boy, none other than their manager, Kikuchi Motoki.

"Mou~" he pouted. "You wouldn't understand Ogiwaracchi, Kiku-cchi."

"I'm the childhood friend, try me." Ogiwara grinned triumphantly.

"I really don't care, but this is a public space. Have some decency." Kikuchi reprimanded. "Leave your affection for private areas."

But knowing where this was going, Kuroko quickly intervened. "Let's go, we have to sign up remember?"

The four then moved off, trying their best to navigate through the crowd, Kuroko felt like he was being sandwiched as on his left there was Kise and on his right was Ogiwara. Neither boy wanted to leave his side; Kuroko sighed, realizing that he'd have to endure three whole years of this. Behind them, there was Kikuchi, seeming as though he wanted to laugh at Kuroko's misfortune. By the time they reached further inwards, Ogiwara spotted an obvious Senpai. He was clothed in his basketball jersey and was handing out flyers to some boys who had stopped.

"Senpai!" Ogiwara called out and then hastened his footsteps. Kise and Kuroko followed, even though Kise would have guided them.

"Oh, aren't you a bit enthusiastic on your first day of high school?" he asked. He had ash-blond hair and wore glasses.

"Of course! Basketball gets me so pumped!"

"I see." he smirked. "I'm Nakamura Shinya, you?"

"Ogiwara Shigehiro."

"Kise Ryouta."

"Kikuchi Motoki."

"Kuroko Tetsuya." at Kuroko's name, Nakamura jumped as he hadn't noticed him at all.

"Was he…?"

"He was there the whole time." Kise, Kikuchi and Ogiwara answered. Nakamura then proceeded to give the boys the flyers. Then Ogiwara started to look at the uniform with amazement, and started to fantasize loudly about him wearing it in a match. Everyone laughed at that, but deep down, Kise was wondering if he'll get back his number seven like the good ol' days.

"I want to wear number seven!" he said, unable to keep his mouth shut.

"I highly doubt that would be possible, Ryouta-kun." Kuroko said.

"Don't be so pessimistic Tetsucchi!" Kise whined.

"You know, I still find this as an outrage." Ogiwara said as he went in between them. "I'm the childhood friend and all I get is Ogiwara-kun. Come on, Kuroko, don't be like that."

"Don't be like what?"

"You know what I mean, call me Shigehiro or even Shige!"

"Absolutely not!" Kise rejected. "I had to wait years before I could even hug him without being jabbed! He's exclusively mi―"

"No! I can't let you monopolize Kuroko for another three years! How greedy can you get?!"

"Greedy?!" Kise gasped. "I have waited an eternity for my chance!"

"You scoundrel!"

"You're in high school!" Kikuchi then roared. "You can't be carrying this drama here as well!" his face then darkened. "Or do you want me to discipline you?"

"No sir!"

Throughout all that, Nakamura could only look on with shock and fright. They weren't even in high school properly and had this kind of drama going on already? He then chuckled, remembering that they'd have to face Kasamatsu.

"All right drama queens, let's get you signed up." He then said.

"Yosh! Off to the basketball club we go!" Ogiwara then shouted with glee, seeming like he hadn't taken notice that he was being referred to as a 'drama queen'. But before they could start their walk, Kise felt someone crash into him, prompting him to turn around.

"Hey! Can't you ―" the blond instantly broke off when he saw who were before him. The boy was grinning his face off, the female beside him had a look of playfulness.

"Yo," he said with a grin. "Don't you dare think that you'll be escaping me for the next three years."

"A-A-A-Aominecchi!?" Kise screeched, stricken with disbelief. Even the others were shocked to see him there. Kuroko, he was as pale as a sheet.

"Momoi-chan?!" Ogiwara followed suit. "I thought you were going somewhere else! Why and how did you end up at Kaijou?!"

"I have to babysit him, of course." She smiled as she pointed her thumb in Aomine's direction. "I can't tell what he'll do if I'm not around."

"Of course not!" Aomine retorted. "I just need a scorekeeper!"

"Aominecchi," Kise said again after he recovered. "Why are you here?"

"For our after practice sessions." He said in a matter-of-factly. "You owe me that much."

"I don't owe you anything!"

Aomine sighed. "I really loved them so much that I became hooked. But then you transferred. So, I'm not going to let you go, this time around." He grinned. "You're the best person to play basketball with!"

"This is a disaster." Kise groaned.

"Well then, how about a two-on-two after this? Kuroko can always be the ref and Momoi-chan the scorekeeper as you said." Ogiwara then suggested. "I have a basketball."

"Sounds good to me," Aomine grinned. "It's time I repay the favour."

"Heh, I'll still kick your ass." Kise smirked.

"I'll kick all your asses if you don't get a move on!" Nakamura roared. Immediately, they fell into step behind the Senpai, but being that they were at the back, Kise couldn't help but feel a bit saddened. Even though they had changed middle schools, somehow, Aomine and Kuroko managed to be on the same team. It was then that he felt that Kuroko may eventually gravitate to him more; being that he was his first light.

However, Kuroko could read the blond like an open book. "Ryouta-kun." He called.


Kuroko pulled Kise down to his level and kissed him on his lips. "You are my Light, both on the court and off it. Don't forget that."

Instantly, he perked up. "I won't!"

They then hastened their footsteps just in time to hear Momoi telling Ogiwara and Kikuchi what happened to the rest of the Miracles.

"Don't tell me you know what happened to them?" she asked.

"No, is it something serious?" Ogiwara replied. The way Momoi had phrased it, made it seem like something tragic.

"It's grave. All of Teikou's regulars went off in pairs." She started. "Mukkun and Midorin are at Shutoku."

"But the worse ones are Akashi and Haizaki." Nakamura joined in. "They went to Rakuzan who already had three of the Uncrowned Kings. Imagine that line-up." The older teen then shivered.

Kuroko and Kise's eyes widened with shock. "Shit," the blond ended up saying. When they had saved the Miracles, they hadn't anticipated this savage turn of events. It seems that time around, the schools are far more powerful. Kise shuddered. To make it worse, whenever Meiko and Teiko met during these past years, he's seen how good Haizaki became. It wasn't better than Aomine, but if it was himself from before, the grey-haired teen would have probably given him a difficult time. So, him, Akashi and the Uncrowned Kings on the same team at the same time?

Kise nearly broke out in tears.

"So what?" he then heard Aomine say. "After all, you have me and Kise. Plus Satsuki is one hell of a manager. We'll be fine."

"Kikumo is a manager too!" Ogiwara then joined in. Kikuchi had kept quiet throughout all this.

"Yeah, but isn't it good now that Satsuki's here? He can focus on playing now."

"I'm better off as a manager. After all, I'm not called the Feudal Lord for nothing."

"Haah?" Aomine asked. "But I remember you. I think you were better than the black-haired guy that took on Haizaki."

"His name is Masato," Kikuchi corrected. He wondered if Masato would keep his hair like that, as the blond hair actually suited him and looked better.

"But anyway, leave all the work to Satsuki, that's her specialty. Trust me, Feudal Lord-sama." Aomine joked while throwing a hand around Kikuchi's shoulder.

The boy sighed in defeat.

"Man, I can't wait to start playing basketball!" Ogiwara then cheered. "Me, Kise, Tetsu, Kikumo and you Aomine…man, I can't wait to take down other teams!" Ogiwara shivered with delight.

Aomine then smirked at him. "It seems that we'll be getting along quite well for these three years."

Ogiwara shrugged. "I strangely agree with you."

As for Kise and Kuroko, even though they've made the future twice as hard, they were glad that they were able to save the miracles and hopefully, everything flows from here. Kise then locked his fingers with Kuroko and gave him a peck on his cheek, causing him to blush.

"Let's have even more fun with basketball for the rest of high school." Kise said, trying to hide a blush.

"Sure." Kuroko answered.

But one thing that was on all their minds was toppling the schools with the Miracles once again and emerging as number one.

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