Extra-Physical Therapy
by Cyberchao X

CCX: …Still sounds like it should be M-rated, even if it's better than the title I originally came up with. Although I reserve the right to make it M-rated eventually, and in fact originally envisioned it as such.

So, yeah. Drabbles. Not usually my style, but it seems like all I can do here.

001: Catch Me

"You're looking a lot better!" Marona said.

"I feel a lot better," Castile replied. "I can even walk around without help…for a little while."

"Really? That's great! Can I see?" Marona asked excitedly. "Ah, but I'll be right here to catch you if you stumble."

"Well, then, I just might have to do that," Castile teased, and Marona turned red. Castile got up, took a few steps…and fell. "Oops. I guess I'm really not as good as I thought."

"That wasn't on purpose?"

"That wasn't on purpose. Though…I'm not unhappy with the result." She looked around to see if her parents were watching, and seeing that they weren't, she kissed Marona. Her parents had come to trust Marona enough to leave the two girls together, but she doubted that would remain the case if they realized how they really felt about each other.


"She started it," Marona replied. Well, okay, they weren't exactly alone. Ash had his doubts about their relationship, too, noting that due to their separate circumstances, neither Marona nor Castile had ever had any friends, just family (Castile actually found this somewhat of a relief the first time Ash raised this objection, as Ash and Marona weren't actually related; Marona pointed out that Castile's older brother wasn't a blood relative of hers, either), and as such, wouldn't have anything to go on as to the difference between platonic and romantic love.

"Just…try to keep things friendly. I don't want you losing your chance to be together."

Castile disengaged from the embrace, though she continued to hold Marona's hand. Ash had a point, even if Marona wasn't the outcast that she'd been when Castile had met her. Actually, that was all the more reason to be careful; Marona wouldn't be lonely without Castile anymore, so if they were separated, they could just…move on. That wasn't a happy thought. "Come on. Let's see if there are any snacks to eat."

CCX: That…wasn't quite the "drabble" I expected it to be. Still plenty short, but Ash originally wasn't even supposed to be in this chapter. Though really, the biggest challenge with this fic is remembering that Castile still has parental supervision, since her parents are hardly relevant to the game's story beyond their initial chapter while Castile remains a major supporting cast member. It'd be so much easier if she was a "Free Range Child" like Marona.