Extra-Physical Therapy
by Cyberchao X

CCX: I'm working on a new chapter for another of my older multis, but until then, have this.

011: Boys

"You here, Marona?" Castile asked.

Unsurprisingly, she was. "Oh, Castile! I wasn't expecting youuuu…" Marona trailed off as she caught sight of her best friend/lover. "You came here straight from school I see…"

"Yeah. Figured you'd want to see me in my school uniform."

"The boys all over you?"

"They'd like to be," Castile grinned. "Though it's not like the other girls aren't dressed the same way. I like to think I wear it better than most of them though."

"I'll bet. And? What is your opinion?"

"I like the attention…I guess. But I already have someone special. You. Go on, get it over with; I know you want to and I kind of want you to."

Marona grabbed Castile's butt. "Marona? I didn't come to your island in my uniform for you to get coy on me."

Marona repositioned her hands beneath Castile's skirt. "Better?"

"Better," Castile responded, before moving in for a kiss.