Alright guys or girls, so right now I have a Fairy Tail/ Ace of the Diamond crossover story in the works and I do have the first chapter posted already. I hate to do it but I'm ganna use the just fairy tail section to get some advertisement, sorry if you think it's a dick move. But, to fill that in here's a piece from the first chapter


Freed brought his focus back onto the catcher, more importantly the mitt. Not an ounce of the hesitation he once bore present.

He started his wind up, bringing his left knee up waist height, keeping it bent at a 90 degree angle. He then took a large step with all his weight behind it, his left foot landed facing Jellal. Freed transferred the weight to his arm as he fully swung down giving all his power and put the necessary spin on the ball for a slider.

Freed grunted as he threw with all his spirit, hoping to end the inning and impress his Ex. Not to mention the HC. His leader, teacher, coach, and some other weird stuff he wanted to call him.

"Don't stand in my way first year!" He yelled in his head.

"Just where I want it, a perfect pitch. Exactly what you can expect from Freed" Jellal thought.

"Nice pitch" HC Laxus nodded

"Exactly where he wants it, as expected of Freed" Erza thought

"Same Freed as ever" Mira thought

"Kaheh" Raichi saw the ball coming

He could hit this.


The sound of an explosion went off and the ball was hit with the force of a bomb.

"Grk!" A strangled noise came out Jellal. That was the pitch he called and the pitcher threw exactly where he wanted him to. So how.

How did it become a homerun?!

The sound of birds chirping and flying rapidly off trees caught their ears as they saw Elfman slow his run a few meters away from the far right fence between him and center.

It was a liner to the trees..

Freed swallowed the lump in his throat as he stared at the trees the ball flew to

"Kahahaha... Hahahaha..."

Raichi froze in his finished swing, body twisted, left knee bent toward the ground, and the bat behind his back with only his right hand on it and left hand thrown away from his body…

"Hahaha. A-Amazing. That ball, it bent right in front of me!"

Jellal stood up gazing at the trees the ball had flown- no more like blown through. He glanced at the kid that just hit it with sweat dripping off his face

He might as well as shot a bullet into those trees.

"Who the hell is this kid?!"


so what do you think? If you wanna go ahead and check it please do so. As I said earlier the first chapter is already up. The story will be focused mostly on Raichi, and will be about baseball and school life. I'll try not to make it boring though, lol. Anyway please check it out and if you've got any ideas or suggestions that can help me out please let me know. Or even if you don't like it, that's fine too.

Also the story will be rated M for language and some suggestive themes in later chapters

Once again though, sorry for using this section as advertising, I'm the only story in the FT/AOD section so it's pretty hard to catch people's eye