Been wanting to write a Dinah/Lucy fic for ages. Whipped this up quickly and it probably shows.


The sweetest fruit could not compare to the taste of her soft lips. Pink and pouting. They shaped to form a smile on her cherubic face. Light blonde eyelashes fluttered against the smooth skin, the baby blue eyes expressing warmth and love. Strands of blonde hair hastily shoved behind both ears as whispers are shared. The hot, hissed breath, widening those baby blue eyes.

They confer about the mysteriousness of their School, pressing small kisses to each other's lobes, as they wonder. The march to Assembly, caused their hearts to ache. Wanting to express their fears was risky, but the ache to tentatively brush hands and plant sweet, nurturing kisses onto cheeks, was too much to handle.

The Autumn leaves swirled in a gust of wind, as the Town Library's doors opened to welcome two more visitors. The elder of the visitors allowed the other to weave a path towards the back of the building, both of them plucking books from the shelves they passed.

They settled down at the back of the Library, books stacked high in front of them. The minutes melted by as the stack dwindled, the facts reaped from the pages failing to make an impact, as the elder visitor continues to be distracted.

Pink lips brushed against her earlobe.

She wants to taste the sweet fruit.