This is a direct sequel to my story A Crown and A Captain. If you haven't read that yet I highly suggest you do because you'll be lost otherwise.

As the green tinged purple smoke cleared she coughed, annoyed, and took in her new surroundings. The room she found herself in was brightly lit affording her a clear view of what appeared to be a receiving chamber of some sort. As she scrutinized every detail almost everything she could see stood out as unfamiliar. There were no candles waiting to be lit once darkness fell, the furniture was made of materials that were unlike any she'd ever seen before, and even her new clothes were bewildering.

She tried to change her wardrobe with a flick of her wrist. When nothing happened after the second and third try she admitted defeat. The little imp had been as good as his word: they had truly been transported to a land without magic.

For the next hour she stalked the room, cataloguing every new discovery and fighting against the small bouts of dizziness as she did.

Suddenly a rapping knock sounded at the door.

"Madam Mayor?"

"Come in," she commanded.

Land without magic or not she had cast the curse with the intent of getting what she deserved. Being the ruler of whatever situation they had found themselves in was a given.

The door opened to reveal the fool of a man she'd kept as errand boy and spy for the better part of two decades. He hadn't been one of her flying monkeys in some time but there was still something quite simian about his appearance. For a moment her dizziness hit a peak and her vision blurred in and out of focus. She gripped the solidly constructed writing desk behind her until it passed. When it did she quickly understood what had happened.

The man in front of her was Oscar Diggs, the purported Wizard of Oz, but he was also Walsh Baum the appointed sheriff of the town the curse had created. The vertigo she'd been experiencing was her mind assimilating the changes that had been wrought by the curse.

"Ma'am, you wanted the reports of damages and injuries sustained from the storm?"

"Yes, and?" she answered authoritatively, knowing any sign of confusion would be seen as weakness.

"There's no structural damage that's been called in, a miracle considering how much rain and wind that storm brought," Walsh said with a shake of his head. "As for personal injuries there's only one. A man was taken to the hospital as soon as the storm cleared out. He was unconscious and he'd lost a lot of blood but the doctors say he's going to live."

"What caused the blood loss?" She asked, feeling a smile threatening to unfurl as a thrill of anticipation ran through her.

"Uh," Walsh seemed to balk at her eagerness for his answer. "He lost his hand, the doctors said it looked as if it was cut off but he was found down by the harbor tangled in rope. There was no sign of his hand anywhere near and no blood trail leading down to the docks. Until he wakes we won't know for sure exactly what happened."

Losing the fight against her grin she clapped her hands together, "Then we should be there when he does. But first answer me one, tiny, insubstantial question."


"What is the the name of the lovely town we find ourselves in?"

"Storybrooke," Walsh answered bewildered. "Mayor Viridans are you feeling okay?"

"Storybrooke," she repeated, ignoring the idiot before her and the gut churning dizziness. When it passed her smile was wide once more, "It sounds like the perfect setting for my happy ending."

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