Episode 3

Peter Parker

My phone had been buzzing non stop for an hour or two but I decided to ignore it. I don't care what they think right now, all I want to know is why is my life so shit. It all started when I got bit by that god dam spider and my life has been slowly going downhill from there, now I'm sleeping in some strangers bed after being taken here by my bodyguard who I still barely know and who is apparently dating a small time superhero called daredevil. What could be better.

Matt Murdock walked in and sat in a chair near the bed. His eyes were closed and he seemed bro be focusing.

"Your injuries have healed and your good to go and be Spiderman." He said

"Great, and you know my secret as well." I said

"Could be worse, your could have told it to an expert cat burgler who has a contract on your head, oh wait. You did. I've been there and trust me, it's not worth it. My advice, keep it a secret before something bad happens."

"Sa lot of bad stuff has happened to me. I don't need this lecture about keeping it a secret."

"You have no idea what can happen, if you think this is bad then you haven't seen anything." Natasha walked in and kissed Matt on the cheek.

"Thanks for this." She said.

"No problem Natasha, MJ, you can come in." Matt took Natasha's arm as he head him out.

"Hey tiger." MJ said

"Hey MJ"

"You talked to anyone yet, like Gwen or anyone."

"Only Aunt May, I couldn't talk to the rest."

"We've got to tell them your okay, how are things with Felicia?"

"I don't know and to think I was starting to really like her."


That night

Felicia sat down next to Peter and started to get to know him. To her surprise they actually had slot in common, he loved science and she had always loved building things she built all her own gadgets. Peter was also a big movie geek as was she, it was really the only thing that she could use to relax.

"I'm surprised how much we actually have in common." Peter said.

"Why, don't you have any faith in yourself."

"Your the daughter of wealthy mother who runs a company and I'm just some poor guy from Queens."

"Well, I like to take pleasure in the little things in life."

"But still, you like Star was?"

"Yeah, who doesn't." Felicia leant in and kissed Peter and he returned it passionately.

Flashback over


I jumped slightly when my phone vibrated. I looked at it and found a text from Peter. It said to meet him at the spoon. Finally, I was worried sick about him and I have been trying to reach Harry and MJ but nothing came of that. Why is everyone so secretive all of a sudden. Peter has been like this for a while but not MJ and Harry hasn't been like this since he was on the Green. I will have to find out about that. Oh god what is wrong with me.


Peter told me that we were going to the silver spoon café to meet with his friends and that we needed to come up with a story that gets him out of all this trouble he is in.

"Have you got any ideas Natasha?" Peter asked

"Leave it to me." I said. Peter didn't looked convinced but he went along with it. I kissed Matt goodbye and got in the car and drove away. Peter went in the back and had some sleep leaving Mary Jane and I to talk.

"I thought you said Peter wouldn't be any trouble." I joked. Mary Jane laughed.

"He's only as much trouble as Matt." She joked back.

"Fair enough, so what are you two then?"

"What do you mean?" Mary Jane asked.

"How come Peter trusts you with his secret and not his girlfriend."

"I found out accidentally, I looked in his book bag and saw his costume. What about you and Matt."

"I met him when he was in hiding, he fell onto my balcony half dead. I patched him up and helped him save a kidnapped child and we kept in touch. He asked me out and I said yes."

"Romantic." Mary Jane joked

"It's the best you can get in our line of work."

"What line of work is that?"

"Honestly, I'm still trying to figure that out myself, I am only 20 you know."

"Wow, It's weird. Your not much older that is and your doing all this."

"Peter has done more to help people than I ever could."

"Yeah, I should know. He's saved me more than once."

"Wow, he really is a hero."

"To tell you the truth I was always interested in superheroes especially Spiderman and daredevil." Mary Jane looked down and blushed

"Then your lucky to know the two best superheroes in the business, your lucky you didn't know Matt from before though."


"Well, when he was in the black sweatshirt and joggers he got injured slot and he was miserable slot of the time but he got better as we started to get to know each other."

"Seems like you were a real help, I hope Peter gets better. I know he seems fine but he worries too much and puts everything on himself. He always comes to school covered in cuts and marks. I just can't understand it."

"Matt's the same he is always covered in blood and dying. Most people do it because they feel guilty and want to help or at least Matt is."

"Thanks Natasha. This really helped."

"No problem miss Watson."

"MJ, call me MJ." That made me smile.

Peter Parker

I was woken up by Natasha and MJ when we reached the spoon. I climbed out of the back of Natasha's car and prepared to let Natasha take care of the situation. I wasn't one hundred percent confident but Natasha had a way of dealing with things that made me trust her. I don't know why but she felt like the one person who could deal with all this.

We walked into the spoon and found Gwen, Molly, Flash, Liz, Randy and Sally all sitting in a booth waiting for us. Natasha, MJ and I sat opposite to everyone.

"Who's the babe Parker?" Flash asked. I wish Shame Shuan was there.

"I'm Peter's bodyguard." Natasha said coldly

"Hey how much does she cost Pete." Flash winked at me

"I work for the government, Peter is a valuable asset to several government organisations. That is why he keeps disappearing. His work is dangerous and top secret so I can't risk anyone finding out."

"Why are you telling us then?" Gwen said.

"Because You lot have came very close to discovering Peter's secret before and this is to stop you finding out anything that could get you killed. Miss Watson has found out his secret and is under my protection."

Natasha was handling this very well. I thought everything was going to be fine and then my Spider Sense went off. I grabbed Natasha's leg under the table to signal that there was danger, she flinched and started to wiggle in her seat finding a good place to hide a flashbang grenade. Unfortunately, Flash noticed.

"What you doing to your bodyguard there Parker." Natasha looked awkward but then switched to annoyed. Neither of us spoke as everyone looked at us. They didn't notice a man in a brown trench coat stumble in. He looked drunk but Natasha and I saw that he had a pistol in his pocket that was pointed at my head. He didn't fore though so I took the chance to walk towards the man. I pretended to ignore him as I walked of the spoon and into an ally. The man followed me. He took out the gun and prepared to fire. Just before he pulled the trigger a billy club knocked the gun out of his hand. I turned and saw an evil grin on his face. He took the club and inspected it.

"Hey, remember when I used this to kill your girlfriend. Remember the good old days." That was when daredevil jumped down and attacked the man. They exchanged several punches as I ran down away and changed into my costume. I heard Daredevil and Bullseye going at it so brutal. I climbed up into the roof of a nearby building and saw Natasha taking everyone to safely, thank God. Now it's time to help Matt.

I shot two lines of webbing either side of Bullseye and pulled myself towards Bullseye kicking him in the face. He leant against the wall and pulled out his two front teeth and threw them at us we both dodged the attack but I was to distracted to notice a playing card go for my head Daredevil jumped in the way getting a card stuck in his eye. Daredevil collapsed to the floor screaming in pain. I ran at Bullseye and went to punch him. He dodged under my punch and punched me in the ribs and throat. I tried to say a really funny quip but it came out raspy and pathetic.

"Aww what's the problem can't speak, no funny one liners." Bullseye said.

"No, it's just that your not worth the effort, I mean your more pathetic than shocker and that's saying something." I webbed a nearby trashcan swung it upwards and then down onto Bullseye's head. "I didn't think it was possible but you actually look better covered in leftovers. Bullseye went to take the trashcan off his head but daredevil kicked him in the leg breaking it. Daredevil climbed onto of Bullseye and let out a flurry of punches onto his face.

"Hey there DAD that's too far." I shot a web line at Daredevil's back and lightly pulled away Daredevil walked away willingly. He pulled the playing card out of his eye as Bullseye laughed. I webbed him to the floor and covered his mouth with more webbing. Daredevil climbed up the side of a building.

"Tell Tasha that I'll see her back at our place." Daredevil said as he left.

I walked away and changed into my normal clothes and met up with my friends. They were waiting down an ally. Natasha had a gun out and comforted everyone. She was keeping everyone calm thankfully but it didn't last long when I walked towards them. Natasha ran towards me and looked panicked. She looked me over and when I convinced he I was fine she let everyone come over to me. There was the barrage of questions from everyone about if I was okay, Gwen was annoyed that I walked into danger.

"What were you thinking, you could have died!" She was yelling MJ put a hand on her shoulder but it didn't work.

"I was thinking how do I keep all of my friends safe so I distracted him long enough for someone to help." That made her stop talking, in fact it made everyone stop and their mouths dropped.

"Wow Parker, you would do that for us, risk your own life?" Flash said.

"Yeah, even for you Flash." Everyone thanked me and I made my excuses and said that it wasn't as great as everyone said I was and then Natasha drove MJ and I home.


Ha, dumb fucking hero's left me here and now I know it. That fucking kid is Spiderman. Peter Parker is Spiderman. Ha this is perfect. I cut myself loose of the webbing that Spiderman pinned me with and pulled out my phone. I searched for the number of my employer and found it.

"Hello Bullseye, what do you want."

"Oh nothing, just to tell you Peter Parker is Spiderman."

"Well this is very interesting information, thank you for bringing this to my attention."

"I want a payment."

"Of course you do but we need to ensure that Peter Parker is Spiderman before your payment."

"What do you mean, isn't my word good enough."

"I apologize but no, it isn't my advice is to sit back and watch the show. You should enjoy this."

Peter Parker

After we dropped MJ off Natasha drove me home. The car ride was mostly quiet. I had told her about what Matt said, she looked worried but trusted that Matt knew what to do.

When we arrived at my house it was surrounded by police and an ambulance. Not again, not again, not again. I sprinted towards my house, I didn't care if anyone notice how fast I was running, I just needed to know. I could hear Natasha run after me, she was fast but not as fast as me. Tears were streaming down my face as I ran but I didn't care I just ran. Gorge Stacy stopped me and gave Natasha a chance to catch up. His face was full of concern as he looked into my eyes.

"Peter, May's fine. She had a heart attack but the ambulance got here just in time. Her friend Anna Watson called the ambulances." Gorge said in a calm voice.

"Then why are there police?" I asked.

"There is evidence to show that your home was broken into." Gorge said. "That's why we're here." Natasha Knelt on the floor next to us, that's where we all were, she was rubbing my arm gently and I couldn't do it anymore. When Gorge let go I grabbed Natasha and hugged her. She had been my only sense of safety for the short time I knew her. She had helped save my life and I just climbed to that idea. Natasha hugged me back and patted my back and promised everything was going bro be alright. It was at that point I broke down. Everything bad that happened to me over the last few days came out. I had lost harry, I finally realised that Eddie was beyond help, I had been in hospital, lost cat who I had grown to really like and now I might loose Aunt May. I cried into Natasha's blouse I was shaking. She picked me up and took me to the car and drove me to the hospital. I had been in this place too much recently.

When we got to the hospital I was told that Aunt May was in surgery so Natasha and I sat there not talking but she held me and comforted me until I fell asleep.


I have no idea how long Peter and I were sitting together when I called Matt. I told him what happened. He told me that he was coming and hung up before I could protest. He walked in as Peter fell asleep. I was playing with his hair and treating him like a child but it was what Peter seemed to leave. Matt was quite and kissed my on the forehead and then stopped. His ears pricked up and he walked of and told me to follow. I gently placed Peter down and followed him.

Matt walked quickly with his cane sliding from side to side clearing a path for us. Several people tried to stop us but I flashed my badge and that stopped them. When Matt came to a door he barged through. It was meant to be used for surgery but there was only one person with a needle. When the man looked at us he pulled out a gun. I did the same but quicker and shot him in the leg. I walked over to him and kicked the gun under the bed and arrested him. The man would have protested if it wasn't for the bullet I his leg.

When the man was arrested I called SHIELD and got May Parker transferred to one of their privet hospitals and gave her several armed guards. When I told Peter he hugged me again and thanked me.

"Peter, May will be fine don't worry, she has the best of care." We stood there in each others arms for a long time. Peter was finally able to relax.

Not long after Mary Jane called Peter. I answered and told her where we were. She brought all of Peter's friends and we sat there. I answered some questions but we mostly just waited for Peter to wake up.

Peter Parker

When I woke up I was surprised by all my friends but most of them were sleeping. Natasha, Matt, MJ and Gwen talked quietly being the only people up. I slowly sat up surprisingly Natasha.

"Hey, how you doing Peter." She said sitting up straight. I looked and found that I had given her no space but she didn't seem to mind me falling asleep on her.

"I'm better, thanks." I said. Natasha gave me a hug as I stood up. MJ and Gwen also asked how I was. When everything had claimed down Matt had told me to follow him. Matt lead Natasha and I to a private place where we could talk.

"Peter, I have to tell you something that you won't like. Someone is targeting your friends and family. From what I can tell it's not because your Spiderman but you are in danger. You need to lay low okay." Matt said

"What, I can't do that, I can help." I was starting to get annoyed now.

"Peter, they might attack again so the best thing to do is to protect everyone here. Natasha and I will find who did this. I promise." I looked at Matt and nodded as much as I hated it, he was right. I walked back to my friends as Matt and Natasha left.

Matt Murdock

Natasha followed me up the stairs and to the roof where I had our costumes. I threw her bag at her and we both changed. I could tell Natasha was looking at eye. Peter told her, I didn't want her to worry, she was. I could tell. Her heart sped up when she saw it. It wasn't as bad as she thought.

"So what do you think of Peter?" I asked, her heart skipped again.

"I like him, he's a good kid and some asshole is doing this to him." She said. He heat sped up when we talked about him.

"Stop pretending your that much older than him. What is he 17 and your only 20. I'm surprised he got to you this quickly. It took me a while for you to let me in."

"I guess you made me grow a heart and stop staring at my ass, we need to stay focused." Natasha joked as she kissed me.

"Come on Nat, we have some time."

"Mathew Murdock, are you jealous of Peter Parker "

"you do seem to spend a lot of time with him and you did leave me to take care of him." Matt said.

"Oh God you are. For fucks sake Matt this is a bit hypocritical don't you think. I saw how you were around Karen." Natasha's heart rate went up she was angry but she was trying to hide what about.

"I found him sleeping in your arms."

"Because his aunt is in hospital and he was upset."

"I thought you said this would be just another job. Not another case of you falling in love again."

"Fuck you Matt, just because you want to fuck anything that moves doesn't mean everyone else does." Natasha prepared to swing away.

"It's reasonable to think that you love Peter since your acting the way you are, the first day you meet him you bring him to my apartment and let him know all our secrets."

"You didn't hide the fact your Daredevil, you didn't have to say anything."

"What makes him so special?"

"Nothing, he's just a good guy. Come on let's be the heroes we are supposed to be and help him. What do you have?"

"I can do this by myself Nat, goodbye. Spend some time with your boyfriend." I said that and swung away. I hate doing this to Natasha but it's the only way I can think to get her to leave me alone to face Bullseye and the kingpin. I know she'd hate me even more for thinking of her like a child but this is the only way I can think to do things. At least this way she's angry and not upset.

It didn't take me long to find the kingpin. I found his penthouse and dropped onto the balcony and waited. The kingpin was out so I had to wait for what seemed like hours and then several heartbeats. One was heading right to me. The man crashed through the glass door and knocked me off the ledge. I heard another man with a Texan accent, he fired two blasts at me messing with my senses. I knew there was a street light nearby I just had to focus and listen. Several people screamed and then I saw it a street light just below me. I threw my billy club, it latched onto the light and allowed me to carry the momentum upwards. Now I had to time this right. Someone w as closing their window and I threw my billy club through the gap in the window. I climbed up and lady the club there as I climbed up onto the balcony.

"Hello Devil." The Texan said. I recognised him as Spiderman's villain shocker. He fired another blast which I dodged and leaped towards his legs. Ox (another enforcer) grabbed me and threw me to the other side of the room. I crashed against something expensive and sharp. There were several shards in my back. Ox charged at me again. He was dumb and easy when you knew his weakness. Just before He crashed into me I jumped up, grabbed a light and used the momentum to swing and kick Ox in the face sending him backwards. Ricoshay fired himself towards me I dodged to the left, grabbed his leg and swung him into a wall. Shocker fired several blasts at me which I dodged as I slowly got closer to him I grabbed two of the shards in my back and stuck them into Shocker's gloves Green sparks started to burn his skin. Shocker threw of his gloves as I picked him up by the throat and pushed him against the wall.

"Why are you interested in Peter Parker?"

"Why are you?" He asked in a thick Texan accent. I hit him again and again but shocker wouldn't say anything.

"Well done shocker, I am impressed on how you took charge of the situation however you are no longer need. Daredevil, I believe you are looking for me." Hammerhead said as he walked into the room.

"Not exactly but you will do for now." I said as he dropped shocker and focused on hammerhead. Hammerhead went to charge at Daredevil but someone fired an electric bolt at him making hammerhead go on one knee and yell out in pain.

"Hello honey, I'm home" Spiderman said as he lowered himself next to black widow otherwise known as Natasha Romonav.

"Spiderman" Hammerhead said with pure hatred

"Awww hamster, you remembered me I'm touched. Oh can I call you hamster or is that a silver sable thing." Hammerhead grumbled.

"Time to die bug." Shocker said as he fired a blast at Spiderman.

Third person

"How many times do I have to tell you tex, Spiders aren't bugs, they're arachnids but I guess it's hard to get things through that bedsheet you call a costume. Spiderman said as he kept out of the way and onto a wall. Black widow sighed and shot a blast at shocker.

"How did you get here?" Daredevil asked.

"I know you two well, I know you're just trying to protect me so I followed you." Black Widow as she spoke.

Then Spiderman's spider sense told buzzed in his head. Then he saw Ox throw ricochet at himself. Spiderman dodged it but ricochet bounced around the room. Daredevil stepped into the middle of the room, picked up a chair and started to swing it. Before he could stop himself, ricochet bounced right into the way of the chair sending crashing headfirst into a wall. Ox charged at Spiderman but Black Widow jumped into the air and wrapped her legs around Ox's throat and threw him to the ground.

"You know this is much easier that I thought it would be." As soon as Spiderman spoke three bullets were fired at their heads. The group dodged them and looked towards the where the bullets came from. It was Bullseye on the opposite roof. "Sorry, I guess I jinxed it." Spiderman said.

Daredevil walked out onto the balcony as more shots were fired. He grabbed a broken chair leg and deflected the shots. Four of the five hit the floor but Daredevil sent the last one right at Bullseye's head. Daredevil knew it wouldn't have the power to kill him but it would hurt which was good enough.

"Bullseye" Daredevil said as he smiled and walked in to join the others. He walked up to Black Widow and kissed her. Spiderman turned around and looked at the floor.

"I'm sorry Nat." Daredevil whispered in to her ear when they broke the kiss. The group were about to leave when a large man walked in wearing a white suit. His name was Wilson Disk and he was the Kingpin.


Thanks for reading and I just want to say sorry for not uploading sooner but I will make it up by writing a few side stories to flesh out the characters and story. They will be a Daredevil and Kingpin story, Daredevil and Black Widow story and a black cat story. They won't be major additions to the story and you won't have to read them. The DD and kingpin will show how they first met, the DD and Black Widow will just be them living their lives and the black cat story will explain more about "that night" and what she's doing now.