Mission: Urgent

Captain's log, star date 6062.4. We are going to be later than expected in reaching the enemy probe. The Enterprise has been having engine difficulties, which caused the inertial dampeners to go down. Knowing the urgency of our mission, I had at first determined to continue on, despite the challenges that the situation posed to the crew.

The first sign of this trouble was detected at 0900 hours, when a slight change in course caused the ship to be subjected to a violent jolt, throwing all bridge officers to the deck. I immediately contacted Mr. Scott, who informed me of the difficulties he was experiencing in engineering. He assured me, however, that he would do his best to have it repaired as soon as possible.

As our mission to the destruction probe is of the utmost importance, I decided to keep on at warp speed. But when the ship shook again, I received an angry communication from Doctor McCoy, asking what was going on and why we weren't fixing it. It appears that the motion was not only harming the patients who were already there, but bringing new ones frequently. I understood his plight, but when this difficulty was weighed against the extreme importance of our mission, it was clear that we must press on with all speed. I told the Doctor this, and he did not respond graciously.

I was not feeling well myself at this point, having hit my head on the corner of the helm controls and sprained my wrist jamming it on the deck when the ship jolted. Sulu even suggested that I go down to sick bay myself, and informed me that I had a bump on my head about the size of a phaser. But I could not even consider it - I had a job to do, and I meant to do it.

Doctor McCoy continuously called me, and at one point, angrier than ever, actually insisted that, quote, "either you're going to get those inertial dampeners working this instant, or you're going to stop this ship at once and not start again until they are working." At first I was inclined to argue with him, but he was so firm and my head was beginning to hurt so badly and he made such a good point that I at last gave in and commanded Mr. Sulu to stop forward motion. Then I gave Mr. Scott orders to repair the dampeners as quickly as he possibly could. I might have gone into sick bay at this point except that I didn't think it wise to show my face to Doctor McCoy. He might give me an even bigger bump on the head.

At last, several hours later, the repairs were finished and the doctor gave me his permission to set out again. I really can't understand his frustration - I did my level best to remain calm and controlled with him and everyone else, even with a lump on my head, a sprained wrist, and the knowledge that if we didn't reach the enemy probe within 48 hours, the entire earth was going to be blown into bits. He was just overreacting.

At any rate, I can only hope that we still reach the probe in time. If we don't, the first thing I'm going to do is march down to sick bay and shove Bones's medical scanner down his irritating throat. Until then, I think we're all in agreement that it's best to avoid him. Everyone seems a bit subdued after what happened. But we've been in worse difficulties than this, and we've always gotten over them before.

Now I'm going to go put some ice on my head.