A Warframe fanfiction series (Lemon) that utilizes many existing and non-existing elements from the Warframe universe. Gore, guts and butts abound on this adventure. (Also spoilers for those that have not completed the Second Dream or the War Within quests.)

-Quick side note here. Rather than attempt to butcher the languages spoken by the factions in the Warframe universe, I'll just write them in an already translated form, save me the hassle why not. For those that care, before update 10.0, Grineer actually spoke fluent English.

-As of 05/29/17 another take on this chapter has been done because I'm hard to satisfy. Enjoy this slightly tweaked version.

Chapter 1: David and Goliath

Just above the dwarf planet Eris, a lone Tenno Liset floats dead as a medium sized Grineer vessel dubbed The Vur'ka approaches from a distance. Inside the hull of the main deck, the commander of the Grineer ship stirs as they come within boarding range of the Tenno.

"Bring up the frontal harpoons and reel that ship in. I do not wish to play kavat and murska any longer." Beckons the Grineer commander to his crew as they begin to mobilize and man their stations. One of the navigation officers runs from his monitor to the commander's chair and sends a plea to his superior.

"Commander Tul'Ruk! You cannot do this, that ship is harboring the plague. It will surely-" Before the navigation officer can finish his sentence, he is swept off his feet by a hardy blow from the hand of Tul'Ruk's mighty gauntlet. The commander, who is now standing a daunting 3 meters high, stomps his way over the fallen officer and to the large viewing panel at the ships front. He turns his head to gaze at the groaning officer.

"I could care less for your little lives, the death of my brother on Saturn will not go unpunished. These Warframes are nothing more than Corpus machines and must learn who their true masters are." He motions for two nearby lancers to drag the downed officer away and he then proceeds to pull up a holographic monitor. A visual of a guardsmen appears and the two commence an exchange of words.

"Rath, I want you to assemble the other wardens and head down to the docking area in sector 3. It has been quarantined, so the Tenno will have nowhere to run."

"All the Wardens commander? Would not a small squad of heavy units be enough?" Asks the Warden Rath.

"No! The Tenno are not to be underestimated. Bring the lifeless husk to me at once. The child is of no use to us however, it may die. Is that understood?" As Tul'ruk barks this order, he glances to his right gauntlet arm that was once flesh and bone. The Warden Rath nods affirmatively and the transmission ends.

A squad of six Warden guardsmen led by Rath is standing idle as their unit leader unlocks the door leading to the docking bay in sector 3. The circular door turns green and opens horizontally as the troops storm in and take position around the door. They lower their weapons in horror as they discover all of the docking crew has been eviscerated with entrails and remains strung all over the walls. Before they can investigate and search for the Warframe, they appear and surround the Grineer unit. A great battle erupts and the Grineer warriors spring into action. Among the fighting, a small figure escapes through the shadows.

Rath catches a glimpse of the movement behind them and gives chase to the unknown intruder. He drops his Amphis without realizing as he stumbles though a corridor. He is bloodied and torn from the clash in the docking bay. The Guardsmen slumps against a storage container as the screams of his comrades echo behind him, he can feel their anguished cries growing louder inside his flesh.

'Inside my flesh? It is too late then.' He thinks to himself as the blood pours from his wounds. The mysterious little figure stands a few feet away in the darkness of the poorly light hallway. Rath sees the person and growls in frustration.

"Curse you Tenno! I damn you to the void for this agony!" His words turn to shorts gasps and wheezing as he hears them coming towards him. The figure too hears the sounds approaching and runs off around a corner. A low roar emanates from the back of the dying Grineer's head, its words are steady and plain. His conscious begins to fade as his eyes shut.

"We have you now..."

"We have your brethren..."

"We will have all of you..."

Aboard the Tenno's now vacant ship, the Cephalon Sudo reactivates from the electromagnetic pulse sent from their captors. Sudo scans the ship for the operator but finds no traces of any living being, only the abandoned Warframes. The abandoned Warframes? The operator has left without a Warframe thinks Sudo as he begins to panic for the safety of his squishy and highly vulnerable operator. The Cephalon quickly establishes a link with the operator via communication of a neural implant.

"O-operator where are you? Why have you not taken any of the Warframes with you? ARE Y-YOU ST-T-UPID?"

"Oh Sudo am I glad to hear you, well except for that last part. I've been trying to contact you since the Grineer fried the ship's systems." Says the boy.

"Yes, last thing I recall was detecting an unknown vessel approaching and... wait, are we? No. Impossible! We are inside the Grineer ship? Oh this is most problematic!"

Uh, yeah that's not all, we've have another problem besides the Grineer and its spreading faster than I thought."

"The specimens collected were, released manually I see?" Sudo points out.


"WHO S-S-SAID YOU COULD- why would you do such a thing operator?"

"Look I had no other choice, my Excalibur was in need of repairs and the other Warframe was in construction. I promise I'll come back for the ship, but we're not going anywhere till I find some new fuel cells." As the operator finishes his conversation with Sudo, a turn around a corner leads him to three elite lancers arming their weapons. He stares at them as they stand perfectly still in their aqua colored armor.

"Tenno skoooooooooom!" One of the Grineer repeats, as the three open fire with their Grakatas and Hinds. The Tenno takes cover behind some crates and unfastens his Braton assault rifle. Without his Warframe his flesh would be torn to shreds at the Grineer's high impact weaponry, so he reconsiders this little skirmish. He manages to hit a soldier, but the sturdy ferrite armor is only grazed by the operator's poorly aimed shots. He curses his luck and prepares to head back the way he came. As he blindly fires over cover again, he finally notices the beeping grenade that has landed just next to his feet. Without the increased awareness of his Warframe, he is unable to react quickly enough to lob it back over.

"Oh, fuck me!"

Without much thought, the operator leaps over his cover to find the hot muzzles of Grineer rifles and submachine guns aimed at him. As the grenade goes off, the closest Grineer bashes his head with the butt of his rifle. The Boy's body goes limp and one of the other soldiers throws him over his shoulder as they head to the ship's lower sector. To the holding cells. They arrive at an intercom just outside of their barracks on the way there and one of them decides to radio the main deck of their finding. The oldest looking Grineer that was shot, tells an officer of the small package they have intercepted.

"Gah, useless fools. The Commander desires Warframe heads, not the weak bodied children that control them!" Yells the officer.

"But Officer Kra'lek, surely Tul'Ruk would wish to speak with him no?" Asks the old Grineer.

"The Commander is occupied at the moment, kill him and return to the sector 3. There has been an outbreak of- " The officer's transmission ends abruptly as the lights in the hallway dim repeatedly. The oldest Grineer waves to his two allies to ready themselves. The operator slowly begins to awaken without alerting his non-attentive Grineer watchers. The three Grineer argue for a bit and then come to a decision. They toss the presumed unconscious boy into the barracks and lock the door from the outside. The faint footsteps of clanking boots growing more silent, reassures the boy as he stands up to rub his aching head. Why they did not simply execute him is bewildering, but this is his chance to continue his search of the vessel for the fuel cells. The barracks of the lower sector is quite a spacious room with a row of benches going down the middle all the way to an exit at the far opposite end and is complimented by various closed doors on each side.

His first realization is that he is unarmed, his second is that he is inside a Grineer barracks. He decides to search the lockers around him, but to no avail as they are all locked. He begins to wish he had not consigned his Kubrow Sparky to the Lotus. In the corner of his eye, he notices one room is green and unlocked. Perhaps there is a Grineer inside or something of value that will help him escape his predicament he wonders. Cautiously he approaches and as the door opens automatically, the boy rushes in with a fighting posture. Fists raised to his opponent who slowly turns to face him. A heavy gunner preparing to dawn her impenetrable armor stops to address the intruder. The operator leaps towards the Grineer with the fury of a one-thousand chimps. The gunner was completely caught off guard as she is on the floor and pinned by the Tenno. The operator quickly grabs a marelok from the holster on her thigh and aims it toward his enemy's face. His hesitation to pull the trigger is due to the human-like visage of his Grineer foe. Some of the most wretched and deteriorated members of her kind have fallen to his blade and guns, but never has he come across a more docile looking specimen. As he sits on her abdomen, weapon in hand, he murmurs some words just audible enough for the gunner to hear.

"Whoa, you're a big girl." Says he without realizing.

"Kill me or release me! Do not waste my time with foolishness you filth." Retorts the pinned Grineer.

"Oh, uh, sorry-I mean shut up you! You're coming with me. I'm sure you must know where I could find some fuel cells."

"Disgusting abomination! Why would I help you?" The large female Grineer angrily proclaims as she is motioned up to stand by the operator.

"Either help me or we both die. The Infested are here..."

Her frown remains, but she seems less inclined to kill him now. She turns slowly to reach for her armor, but is stopped by the small operator.

"What! You wish for me to leave without any protection?"

"Yeah I just don't think letting my enemy wear bullet proof armor is a good idea you know? Now get moving!"

As the two leave the small room, he checks the Marelok. It is empty.

Now the sweat begins to pour from the boy as the giant before him could easily tear him apart, regardless of his training. She stands around 7-feet-tall from head to toe, with cybernetic forearms. She is strangely voluptuous for her kind, as evident from her curvy and womanly figure. The female may be taller and larger than the boy, but her smooth skin indicates that she might only be a few years older. She is unlike other heavy gunners that are robust and posses muscular frames. She actually has hair for starters, a short messy bob cut of dark orange that covers her right eye slightly. Her pigmentation is a typical splotchy coloration of Caucasian appearance. As a Grineer, her eyes are black with the exception of her bright green irises. The female's current attire is a rather tight dark colored suit of some rubbery looking alloy. Her armor lying on the ground, is too bizarrely unique, but the operator pays no mind to it.

She begins sensing the weight of the his stare and so she peeks from the corners of her eyes to see the tiny gun wielding shrimp of a Tenno warrior. He is a fairly small thing even for an operator, standing at just barely 5 feet high. He has a lighter skin tone with a simple short brown pompadour parted to the right that enhances his brown eyes. His outfit is a blue and white standard transference suit with the hood left open. The boy's body is not bulging with muscles, but he does have a well-defined figure. Her gaze meets his eyes and she quickly averts her peepers to avoid attention. The gunner does notice as she finishes lifting the lock down, that his weapon has lowered slightly. What really puzzles her though, is that his facial expression has altered from fearsome to a gawking entranced state of complete amazement.

'Is he trying to insult me? What could this pathetic worm be staring at?' Thinks the Grineer with the barrel of the Marelok at her back urging her forward.

As her thoughts are clouded by paranoia, the operator's mind is quite focused. Indeed, his full attention is towards the swaying of the female Grineer's hips and posterior as it wobbles in front of him. Her heavy-set chest too captivates him as it bounces and shakes with her every motion. Her thick lips and green eyes mesmerize him with every word and glance. As an operator, he is quite young and has never really had a chance to understand certain concepts since recently awakening two years ago. In truth, he has never been given any guidance on such matters besides the combat wisdom offered by his Cephalon Sudo or the Lotus. There was one instance at the Orcus Relay where Darvo was discussing the mating capabilities of some Warframes to Clem, for the purposes of creating "exotic items" he claimed. The operator did not understand exactly what was being hinted at back then besides the obvious, but it made no sense. Warfames mating like Kubrows and Kavats, how silly thought the boy.

All these thoughts were swirling in his head until the operator accidentally stumbled on some tubing. He is relieved to have stopped himself from falling, but takes a gulp of air when he notices what stopped him. His hands have sunk into the thick, squishy behind of the female gunner, who is now scowling menacingly.

"Care to explain yourself back there?" Asks the Grineer.

"It's not what you think! I was walking and, um." Says the operator, unable to speak clearly. His hands continuing to knead the enormous behind.

"You little runt! Cease your perverse actions at once!"

The tall girl turns around quickly, only to be faced with a Marelok at point blank range. She starts to chuckle lightly upon seeing how much the gun shivers in his hands. Her robotic limb lands on the pistol, followed by a crunching sound of metal. Pieces of the weapon fall to the floor as the Tenno looks up at her with a nervous grin. The Grineer lets out a roar before she nabs him by the throat suddenly and lifts him off the ground. The boy is puzzled as to how she realized the gun was unloaded, or maybe it was the hesitation present in his eyes that made her act.

"You know, there is something peculiar about you. You are not like the other Tenno I have encountered. That is why it really is a shame that you must die!" The gunner teases. The operator's neck strains as the intense pressure crushes his windpipe. As his world shifts to black, the entire ship shakes violently from an explosion. The two are tossed apart from one another and land on opposite sides of the corridor they have been walking down.

The Grineer lands just at the edge of a large door. As she pulls herself off the ground, the circular entrance reveals a horrific sight. Infested of all sorts turn to face the Grineer. Charges and Ancients overwhelm her. The operator, only some distance away, witnesses the scene. Her body will be torn to bits as the monsters rip and gnaw at her flesh. He tries to leave as the gunner cries out for help, from him surprisingly. Regardless of the fact that she tried to kill him moments ago, something in his gut tells him to turn around.

He takes aim with his right hand and supports it with his left. Within moments, a sudden spark of blue energy transforms into a surge of power blasting out from his palm. The Infested are knocked away temporarily as the Grineer female is on the ground with lacerations and other minor wounds. He immediately hauls the Grineer to safety behind the door, which he manages to lock by triggering the alarm. But he can't just leave her here, the Infested will not be slowed down for long. He decides to take her inside a locked storage room they passed not too long ago. It is a great undertaking for someone so small to move someone so large. Reaching the door to the tiny storage room though, another problem arises. He finds that doorway was constructed for someone of his stature because the girl's wide hips prevent her from being pulled in. His only option he thinks is to pick her up so that she enters standing; rather than being dragged on the floor laying down. The boy is careful to avoid her wounds and grabs the female from the front of her torso, placing his hands on her shoulder blades. It did not occur to the small Tenno that from this position, the female's buxom chest is smashed against his face. A very shocking and foreign sensation runs through his system and prompts the boy to lay her down as quickly as possible.

Finally in a safe haven, he begins applying his only spare medical unit to treat her. The large girl's cuts heal and her bruises disappear quickly. All the while the operator weakens as he has not fully learned to channel his inner Tenno abilities. The Grineer is at full health once more and gradually rises off the floor, her ears catching the sound of a thud next to her.

"Rrrrrgh, what the? The little Tenno? Did he bring me here? My wounds, they are gone as well..."

She lets out a sigh of annoyance. While she thinks of how simple it would be to kill the boy now, it occurs to her that he could also have just as easily left her to the Infested. But he is a warrior of the Lotus, a descendant of the Orokin, and is designated an enemy to the Queens. Does the same not apply to her though, an enemy of the Tenno? Her green eyes lower to her cybernetic hand and curiously examines it. She forms a fist and takes a step towards the sleeping operator. The Gunner kneels next to him and winds back her right arm. The metal fist strikes the target before her, leaving a notable dent in the ground. She slams both hands on each side of the boy's shoulders and leans over his body to come face to face. A yell pierces the room, followed by frustrated cussing.

Several minutes pass before the operator awakens, his brown eyes squinting at the single light bulb dangling overhead. He finds that he is unable to move due to sturdy metal chains binding his hands behind his back. His head swivels to the left to see a sizable imprint of a fist in the ground only inches away. Even more strange, there is litter all over the place as if someone has been rummaging through the storage room. In fact, that someone is still here as the sound of items being tossed below him demands his interest. The boy crunches his stomach to get up and instantly hits an obstacle. A soft and, meaty obstacle. It is the Grineer female bent over in front of him and searching a locker that, he has bumped into.

"Oh!" The large female yells startled and bangs her head on the top shelf of the locker. The boy looks over the enormous bum to see the Grineer's robotic hands twisting the metal doors of the two adjacent lockers and destroys them. Her face rotates slowly to glance back at the nuisance that dared to touch her backside. She parts her orange hair so that both her eyes lock onto the cowering Tenno. The little operator gets on his feet to apologize, but another rumble through the ship knocks him forward. Since his hands are still bound on his back, he fails to prevent himself from effectively mounting the female caboose before him. His face and body are flat on her arched back, just barely reaching her shoulder blades due to his small frame. The female gunner is stunned at how aggressively forward the timid tiny Tenno is being she thinks. Of course once she feels the nudge from his manhood against her womanhood, she becomes furious.

"Pervert! How dare you assault me, even after I spared your life!"

"N-no I swear I'm not trying to- wait, I saved your life too didn't I?" The boy cries out.

"So you think that gives you the right to mate with me then? Is that it?" Protest the female.

"Of course not! I would n-never take advantage of a girl like that!"

The female seem unconvinced as her lips twist into a snarl. The little Tenno tries to deliver a resolution through panicked and stuttered words, but the only thing she understands is the swelling bulge knocking on her basement door.

Meanwhile, on the far side of The Vur'ka the Infestation has consumed a vast majority of all the Grineer as the ship's integrity begins to falter to the corruption. The monstrosities have reached the main deck and are attempting to break through as the commander and his remaining subordinates prepare for the inevitable breach.

"Stand together Grineer, the vile beasts are upon us. Their screams ache for release, we shall deliver them from their madness!" Confidently states Tul'Ruk himself. While his blood lust rages, his crew trembles at the horror that will soon take hold. The massive blast doors to the main deck is slowly being torn open by the hording masses of chargers, ancients and even brood mothers. Only less than five Grineer of varying ranks remain, along with their commander. They try to form a defensive perimeter around the commander's slightly elevated seat. Their efforts are futile and serve merely to delay their deaths. Though Tul'Ruk manages to crush a few Infested beneath his custom power gauntlet, the crew cannot hold out any longer. The swarm only grows and all but the commander is devoured. Tul'Ruk pounds the ground to send a shock wave, knocking them all away as he makes a slow retreat.

"Incompetent fools, unworthy of my power! Tenno, I will find you and make you pay for this. I will destroy it...yes. No one will leave my ship alive!" The commander yells as he bashes through Infested and heads towards the engineering level of the ship. Unknown to him or anyone, a great evil manifests itself in the bowels of the vessel.

The Cephalon Sudo manages to reestablish contact with the operator. To his relief the boy is alive.

"Operator, what has happened? The Grineer brutes must have surely ambushed you, such cowardly beings they are. You must escape and return to me at once! I think I can divert the reserve energy from your Warframes to travel to Eris at least."

"Yeah about that Sudo. I don't think I'll be going anywhere just yet."

"What! Why not operator? Are you unable to move? Are you injured?"

"Um, something like that..." The boy says bashfully. He tries his best to ignore the glare of the plump female squatting over him.